Daily Reading #2E

Obama is on pace to increase US debt by $2.4 Trillion this year. What did that? Borrowing to roll over debt doesn’t increase the total debt, that was most of the borrowing previously.. The debt will never be paid back, and the rapid rate of increase means there is some change of state coming, we are on our way to hyperinflation. The inflation has to be fast if it is to wipe out debt, or lenders will increase the rate to keep up :

Obama on pace to increase the debt by $2.4 trillion this year

Charles H. Smith is very good today, PC and identity politics as political control of the lower classes :


If you want a good view of the reality vs MSM’s constant anti-Trump messages, this is a must-read. A good analysis of Trump’s campaign messages on minorities vs MSM’s version of ‘openly racist’. It makes the excellent point that there can’t be more than 50K ‘organized hard right’ or even just ‘white supremacists’ in the US, so that is too small a group for any national politician to try to attract, especially when it has so much downside. Trump didn’t do that, and there are no hints that Trump is racist, just the reverse, he went after minority votes, fairly successfully, by the metrics. Nice discussion of all of the points of everyone,   :

You Are Still Crying Wolf

And another very good one, An interview with Bannon, this from Hollywood Reporter. NYTimes can’t get in to see the Trump people, I guess :


This is another take on the ‘fake news sites’ list from Merrimack College, read a few comments :


There is much advice to Trump, this from Eric Peters, an auto dealer, intelligent opinions :

On The Razor’s Edge

Israel’s Netanyahu’s gov approves a bill to ban the Muslim ‘call to prayer’. It isn’t passed yet, but should get a great deal of attention in the US media, but doesn’t :

Israel approves bill banning Muslim call to prayer

Peter Dale Scott talking about Trump’s probable Presidency :

Who Will Pull the Strings During Trump’s Presidency?

Great quotes on lying :

Lies, Liars, and Lying

This is very good, I agree 100%, important to watch. Why is there no major college who advertises that it doesn’t do any of this shit? They could charge more, because parents must be afraid of sending their kids to such an environment. More reasons Trump won.

Jordan B. Peterson is someone I should know, what a great resume:


I decided to watch a few of his course videos, ‘Maps of Meaning’, but haven’t gotten back to it.


While surfing, this is good. Egypt’s liberalization pains. This is happening in all the Muslim countries, and African, and Asian, … If we kept our hands off, the changes would be much smoother and not so against ‘our US interests’, if anyone can define those. The description of the Stasi’s evolutionary problem is excellent, after that, just OK. I didn’t read Part II, empty Psychology theory :

The Stasi, Freud and Egypt’s predicament (part 1)

This is a good analysis of all the ways the D’s have gone wrong and Trump has capitalized on the wrongness :

Trump, Empathy & Epistemic Closure

You Are Still Crying Wolf

I copied this from NakedCapitalism :

Donald Trump and the New Morlock Nation (Google webcache). DNA Science Blog. “Being smart, it seems, no longer matters.” There’s that word again. You’d think that the party of smart people would be smart enough not to lose the Presidency, the House, the Senate, most of the state Legislatures, and most of the Governorships. #JustSaying.

Much detail on the florida electorate and voting patterns :


I know Nelsonville, OH. We used to drive through it every time we went S on Rt 33 to Athens or West Virginia. Not rich part of the state. This story kills the idea that racism drove the vote for Trump :


This is a good analysis supporting the view that Trump was most likely to defeat Hillary, probably none of the Republican candidates could have beat Bernie. P

View story at Medium.com
Eliminating Net Neutrality is the first step in censoring it, banning web sites. That will ultimately produce a replacement internet, but that will take some time :



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