Daily Reading #2D

Styx is good today comparing the alt media with MSM. I listened while doing something else, he is just right for that :

“There are no markets, every price is manipulated”, Plunge Protection Team fixed everything after Hillary’s loss. I have no idea who Rob Kirby is, but he sounds rational to me and I haven’t seen a better explanation for Wall Street’s data. A gold trader, not a gold bug, just an economist looking at the big picture. Short sale of 8,000 tons of paper gold only drove the price down $70 / oz! It isn’t working any more, the fiat money isn’t working any more. Compares US regulators of banks unfavorably to the German regulators that has Deutche Bank in trouble, but he says all the big US banks are the same, just more forgiving regulators. They are as amazed as everyone else by how long they have put off the collapse, ‘it is now very, very close’, they will drop it on Trump because he is anti-globalist and thus their enemy. More comments on MSM vs alt-media, populism, … Sadly, he is wrong about Trump reopening the 9-11 investigation. I agree that Trump has to push prosecutions or he will lose his base. He thinks globalists are pushing the marches and riots and that the addition of a financial crash with economic consequences + MSM, they can get rid of Trump. Worked in the Ukraine :

If you do searches through any topic on Youtube, following Youtube’s suggestions, it takes very few links to get from what you think is rational to videos by people who you don’t think are rational. If it discusses GOLD, one more is enough. As a measure of how close to the edge of acceptable thinking a video is, that is a good one. I never thought about that psychology.

I think I am different, although definitely a contrarian. Mine is a Scottish engineer’s stake in the ground of science as the basis for all understanding, a Computer Scientists’ understanding of systems and heuristics, and a philosopher’s thinking about the basis of knowledge and wisdom, and knowing it doesn’t take many arguments away from any of those standards to make really bad decisions, our leaders do it all the time.

Anyone who needs evidence that McCain has lost contact with reality, WaPo provides it. It has been a while since the US was on the side of ‘fighting tyranny’ :


Trump is trying to eliminate Puritan ideology. Thierry Meyssan’s view, a nice summary of how Trumps message has foiled the identity politics of the Status Quo and their MSM, e.g. ‘at least a third of the minorities voted for him’. Also, good words for General Flynn :


The entire alt-media are asking “What about the NYTime’s fake news?” :


China’s debt problem will affect the entire world, and political instability will be their fate, same as the rest of the world :


Political consultants have learned that “Donald trump does messaging really well”. Their Denver meeting had a funeral atmosphere :

Counterpunch has one good article out of 10, such a mix :

Why the Trump Protests, Like the Wisconsin Uprising, Will Fail

Trump May Kill Netanyahu With Kindness

Whitehead – “America, you have been played. You lose every time” :

The Worst is Yet to Come

Clinton’s shifting position on student loans in bankruptcy is another factor that cost her the election :



Democrats stopped attending to rural voters. One of the big differences between me and all the people around me is, I grew up on a farm. That is becoming rare. There is a major difference in values between me and non-farm people, I can’t specify it, but every now and then at a party I will meet someone I like a lot just from a short conversation, and it will turn out they grew up on a farm. Age is not the big variable there, there is still a flow of people out of rural America into cities :

Analysis: Democrats Turn Their Backs on Rural America

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Politically Unstoppable — Even Under President Trump
Lockheed is now lobbying his transition team. History’s most expensive weapons program. Thus, the US follows all previous empires into the oblivion of military spending :


Social media is means of understanding and of guiding public opinion. The Army, CIA, NSA all are at work to use them. Ultimately futile, as people adjust to the propaganda and they can’t control enough sources unless they control the network. Even the Chinese have not controlled their network sufficiently, people’s opinions still get through, and the number of anti-gov demonstrations has been very large in recent years, tho not much reported in US media :


Who is assassinating Al Qaeda officers? :


Leaks everywhere. Windows is such a force for transparency ! :


I haven’t listed the articles of background science I read, e.g. :

The importance of culturing the uncultured, delving into the microbial consortia in the human gut

Either this is wrong, or the paper from Global Warming Policy Foundation a few days ago was wrong :


It was discussing Greenland ice. Still, the two sides are cherry-picking the evidence. The AGW side is, I think, by far the worst.


This is molecular engineering, genetic engineering.  The above was impressive, this is the step after that, in 20 years, all crops will all have much more-optimal photosynthesis. That will reduce needed crop land. This is a radically new approach, it seems to me, and looks like it will be successfully transferred back into crops, but the genetic engineering tools are not there for inserting and coordinating this many genes yet, I think. So maybe artificial systems first :


This is another of the half dozen papers every year that blow away the climate models by showing they have left out a major fact. The paper shows that the oceans are a major source of methane, the surface waters are super-saturated, and the new biochemistry that produces the methane. The entire ocean is filled with bacteria producing methane, and the AGW people expect me to be concerned about cow farts.


The US looks really bad on the world stage, and we make anyone opposing us look good by comparison, make our opposition’s media’s job really easy.  I don’t like the drama they use, but the story is pretty straight wrt US interventionism. You look at the pictures of Aleppo and all the other ME cities we have helped destroy and have to be impressed with the propaganda that has kept our opinions short of total outrage :

Abby Martin is one of the plain speakers who is rising in our alt-media. She has a Youtube channel. Not for the first time, I realize that Youtube has ended the Status Quo. Abby is wrong about AGW :

Someone new who is intelligent, rational, scientific. I found Jeff Holiday from one of Karen Straughan’s videos. On one of the first ones I watched he went after Stefan Molyneux for what I thought were excellent reasons, his ideas on IQ and Race. Molyneux is smart, just not deeply scientific enough to base his opinions on the correct science. Genetics doesn’t know everything, but the knowledge I see so far is that we don’t have much of a clue about the genetics of IQ, the known variables all have <1% effects and do not vary across ‘races’, a dodgy concept from a genetic view.

Here Jeff Holiday goes after John Oliver’s failures of factual basis. It has come out in the Podesta Wikileaks emails that the Clinton campaign encouraged MSM to cover Trump so as to give him an edge over the Republican candidates they thought would be harder for her to beat :

Holiday refers me to Some Black Guy. Good people coming along. This is on the topic of Social Justice Warriors and examples. Makes you want to reach through the video link and strangle the idiot woman :

Very good discussion of political beliefs, including PC and SJW’s. Left-wing authoritarianism exists, PC exists. Authoritarian personalities are associated with a biological anxiety level.

This analysis started with the SF longshoreman, Eric Hoffer, in his book ‘True Believer’. He was an observer, natural philosopher.  These people are doing the science to prove his thinking. You view the world through your temperment. The tempermental traits that tilt you to conservativism also make you work harder, so you make more $. OTOH, the opposite means you start more companies. Good discussion. :


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