Daily Reading #2C

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-1-24-55-pmSmith is very good, this discusses Fischer’s “Long wave” and Turchin’s new book, the institutional, built into the population impediments to a normal economy :


This is fun, the inside story of how the Clinton campaign tried to cope with Trump as the opponent and how they helped select Trump as their Republican opponent, because he would be easiest to defeat, they thought. So they told MSM to take Trump seriously, and thus the early publicity. Hilarious :

Private corporations can do whatever they wish in limiting speech using their services. But it is really dumb. End Milo’s account. I only learned who he was after the election, and the Streisand Effect is going to do them all good, as well as someone producing a better version of Twitter. Idiots, same as all of Europe trying to control speech to control thinking. Easier than engaging and debating, not effective at anything but keeping their words out of elite’s sight and allowing them to believe everyone thinks their way :


The important thing about this story is that Bangladesh, a Muslim nation, has a woman as Prime Minister. So much for Muslim’s inherent treating women as second-class citizens.  That is entirely Arabic :

Why the Bangladesh Government Is Pleased Trump Will Be the Next US President

The Riots happening around the nation are practice, Soros and the oligarchy tuning their organizations.  It took a long time to get serious in the Ukraine, in Egypt, etc. Standard Deep State tactics. Soros is a layer of coverup for, very likely the CIA. I don’t think that is conspiracy theory, Soros acts identically to CIA and State Department many times, there sure is coordination between them :

Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch



The author of this should be embarrassed. No kidding, change eventually wins over everything. Sure, demographic and economic change had a lot to do with this, also bad polices for 4 generations of increasingly-Progressive administrations. This is far too simple, all the answer is in the ‘white working class’. No it certainly is not, I know many people who voted for Trump for what I consider reasons based on facts and logic. My friends and family mostly have college degrees and mostly voted for Trump. Not because they liked him, but because there were too many things about Clinton personally and policies they thought wrong to very wrong. And meanwhile, yes ‘the white working class demographic is shrinking’ relative to the total electorate. Do yo supposed people voted their economic interest, rather than race or subclass identity interest? Or perhaps the reason all of the minorities voted against Hillary is because they were voting their common economic interests? Stupid stuff, although he is correct that Trump will fail, as this is not a system that can succeed, the nation’s future is determined by debt far more than demographics :


Gee, Democrats are considering how a woman worth $100+M (some years ago, I wonder how fast her portfolio grows in that position?) could represent the people they claim to represent, the working poor. The reason she can’t be unseated is that the Congressional positions are ‘bought’, people make pledges of how much money they will raise for the position, to be used for members’ elections. Pelosi is rich and comes from a rich state, it is easier for her. They can’t change the rules, so long as they select people that way, and can’t change the people, until they have other rich folks to run. Precisely why they are so late to be considering it, after the loss :


‘Obama coalition, how to save it?’ is equivalently dumb. That coalition guaranteed the loss :

More of the same idiocy, ‘given our identity-determined culture’ is a bad assumption, look at all the minorities supporting Trump on Youtube ! Both parties need to get rid of their ideologues :


It seems to me that the bank stock that would fall in value are the competitions, in keeping with the 2008 problem experienced with Bear Sterns’ sale to JPMorgan and the subsequent liquidation and sale of Lehman Brothers. Those companies were not friends of the people in power :


The future of automation. Once the robots arms were developed and the basic move and picks and tool uses were developed, specializing it to a carpentry shop would have been easy, so it didn’t cost much to enter this market. As always, testing is the big cost. Nevertheless, expect there to be more and more general shop rigs like this, and for them to get cheaper and cheaper :


This documentary just uses standard news stories and connects the dots over the years. She doesn’t go far enough, the CIA is responsible for all of the poppy coming out of Afghanistan and is converted to heroin in Turkey, NATO through Belgium and on through the world. Chris Stevens was almost certainly CIA. He always had the standard political officer’ title for a CIA officer in State and was the diplomat in contact with Al Qaeda. CIA interface, is morel ike it. In sum, our government and elites are up to their eyebrows in corruption from the cash flow of drugs, everywhere. Nobody who gives a damn about poor people would ignore the stupidity and evil our drug policies have done around the gd world. Baptists and bootleggers have kept this insanity going forever, now the many anti-drug people, all produced by the government’s incessant anti-drug propaganda over the years and the many modern moralists who profit from the drug laws (they run missions serving the poor downtrodden who are bankrupted by the drugs’ illegal==high prices and get gov money to do so) and the many police agencies living well playing the game all support the banksters and politicians who are getting rich. Just another politically-supported cartel, different victims. This has all been known, theme and variation, infinite number of repeats over 3 generations, and continues and continues, people go on suffering around the world so the Bushes and Clintons and other CIA stooges could become billionaire Presidents ;


The country’s trajectory of diminishing civil rights won’t change either. Left or right, Progessives don’t care about Civil Rights, Freedom :

President Obama Leaves Behind a Deplorable Civil Liberties Legacy

I hope this guy is wrong, but it shows you the pressure Trump will be under to keep money cheap for Wall Street’s benefit :



Yes, Progressives tend to be the new version of Puritans. But this guy thinks that the oligarchy is rightest, including MSM. I agree, but you note that didn’t prevent them from all supporting Clinton. Yes, effectively rightest because  :


Fallout from Clinton’s wing of the party losing. The Republican mainstream lost also, and I hope they all are scourged for their inattention to voters :


This is BS propaganda. Why did so many accept “Trump’s Dark Vision”? ‘steady gains in employment and wages’ is a lie you can only believe if you don’t think about gov statistics, compare 2 successive years, understand the methodology. They wonder why MSM’s status is so low ? :

Johnathan Pie does some good stuff, an intellectual version of Saturday Night Live, funnier imho. Amazing rant  :


Amazing bow shot. Makes the guys shooting deer from tree blinds look a bit lame :

Once you start looking, they are everywhere.  As a skeptic, I see no reason he showed us his first shot, of course, but still impressive :


This says says that commercial equipment for precision shooting is now very excellent, the shooter’s skill is the difference. So the military selects the talented and skilled and trains intensively, their advantage over civilians. In addition to the many military snipers in civilian life, who don’t much like the government afterwards, what with the many problems their fellow veterns have, do recall the new sights that take care of very much of the skill in estimating difference, adjusting for load, wind, temp, air pressure and humidity. Decent shooters with a video game to practice with will as first-shot effective as a military sniper. I think our elites should defuse our social-political issues. Think about the kind of a police force it takes to guard a one mile radius, but that is now a standard range. The circle gets a lot bigger at 1.25 miles, 1.5 miles, … Next level of tech will be ultraviolet wavelengths to see the air currents, and/or using the astronomer’s methods of adjusting for the atmospher’s twinkle to estimate air movements. Add that, and a video eye on a high powered scope, no human needs to be near it, and it can wait forever. That won’t be the only tech that is combined with accurate rifles and intelligent scopes. There is no protecting against that kind of thing. Really, we shouldn’t do anything to foster development of the kind of people who would use that technology, because the tech is inevitable. The gun is the relatively hard part, they spent more on developing each of these guns than a tech team would charge to develop the automation part of that weapon :


I don’t think anyone should piss off gun people. 3800 yard shots are beyond awesome :

OK, that was a .338 Lapua Magnum. 3/8th minute of angle accuracy, less than $7K. That caliber means they are making their $ from the military, those cartridges cost $10 each last I looked, so you have to both be rich and reload to shoot one. .416 Rigby would be one of the next steps up, but these guys are going with a .375 Cheytac 350 grains at 3K fps, the next military sniper rifle.

For 3800 yards, 4000 yards and 4200 yards, developed  different rifles. Now again for the 4500. This is their local gun company and shooting community and everyone’s advertising. Extreme precision for handloads, also. Lots of money in all kinds of armaments :

Again, the civilian market is producing stuff the military wants. All of America’s WWI military weapons were developed for the civilian market. I think many of the 2nd ww’s also, but at least some of the stuff the military developed wasn’t very good.

In any case, Hill Country Rifles is going for 4500 yards now, 2.58 miles :


I get a daily email from the Global Warming Policy Forum, Benny Peiser’s group. I was a skeptic on AGW long before I found them. Today’s links include three that you won’t read in the NYTimes. John Ioannides, now at Stanford, was concerned with medical research’s irreproducibility, did an analysis that showed approximately half of all research papers in peer-reviewed journals were incorrect.  That was due to .05 probability as a cutoff for papers being published, the average researcher’s tendency to keep testing the data until they find a significant result, and the fact that nobody publishes negative results. That doesn’t require fraud, a different issue. The problem of reproducibility is now a big concern in every area of science, except for climate science (which obviously also has a fraud problem). This points out that most of the IPCC report are not to peer-reviewed literature, and so Climate Science very likely doesn’t even get to Ioannidis’s 50% level :

As Many As Half Of Global Warming Alarmist Research Papers Might Be Wrong

I noted this a day or so ago :

NOAA: U.S. Tornadoes lowest since 1954 – during the “hottest year ever”

Greenland Blowing Away All Records For Ice Growth

And found this just now. Will be interesting to run their model over all the climate data :


Just found this. ‘Hottest year on record’ is bit inconsistent with the rapid accumulation of ice. Not impossible, but the inconsistency should have been noticed by the IPCC, and the climate models would be more convincing if they had predicte it. Also, “global temperature 1.2C above pre-Industrial levels” means what, exactly? :


I preach “randomer” and “more wild-assed guesses” as the best source of experimental science. This is the kind of thing you would find, altho not found randomly itself. Of course we would have found it doing things at random much faster than we actually have found it :


This makes it clear why it is OK to prosecute Clinton : hers were actual crimes, acts of theft and harm to individual people, who can be named. Blasphemy is OK, so long as God himself prosecutes it, not when preachers are standins :


Vice and Vox stories on prisons :


3 states have more than 20% of their blacks disenfranchised because of felonies. So many people in prison for violence with longer sentences, but prison doesn’t fix that, it just takes them out of the population until they get too old to do crime and doesn’t reduce the crime rate anyway, but we continue to keep them even after that. If you want to fix the crime problem, you include people in a non-criminal society with paths into a good future. Watch “The Wire” for a realistic view of all that. FUBARed society :


Animals are changed by city life in ways that affect physiology, mating patterns, … Suppose people also ?


Review of Bernie Sander’s new book :


Interesting commentary on people’s choices in Colorado, from a very left pov arguing “least of the evils” and no criticism of Clinton wrt Trump. Voters are stupid, by this analysis :


Foreclosures as an indicator of Trump’s win. Anyone who considers the property title problem and MERS and the finance industry’s effects on property values has to be appalled by our government’s inaction. Obama is largely responsible for the. Governments that don’t provide prompt justice lose credibility :

Guest post: the foreclosure vote

Nate Silver says some sensible things about exit polls being biased badly in demographics, and so not much good for grasping what went wrong with Clinton’s campaign :


Good article, India has their own version of a ruling class isolated from the reality of most of their people. I certainly hope that Treasury Secretaries around the world learn from the Indian example, you absolutely cannot remove $100 and equivalent bills from commerce, it will quickly produce chaos. The explanation is that Modi is a political science graduate, a soft non-science that allows you to believe a lot of very contrary-to-fact stuff. Indians need to stand in line for at least 2 hours to convert $60 from the old currency to new, in an economy in which 97% of commerce is done in cash.

“As in any irrational system, it is not reason and morality that will have convinced them to scuttle their hypocrisy and limited vision, but the violence and pain that they themselves will suffer.”:

Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban – Part II

Now we get to see Australia try the same experiment, in a variation of India’s :


I think the banks don’t quite get it. If no cash, why would I need to deal with a bank at all? BitCoin-equivalents can handle all the payments, Internet load equivalents can handle most loans. The big corprations ditto, it doesn’t take much more effort to arrange $100M loans in increments of $100K than correspondingly lesser amounts. Same as countries : If no cash, do they think nothing but bank transactions will replace it? They are able to monitor spending and income and taxes poorly now, and so wnt to get rid of cash. But cash replacements already on the horizon are easier and cheaper than checks and CCs and will make them less able to monitor all that.

Also, no eliminating big bills will not force people to deposit them back into the bank. They will go to a coin store or stamp store or fancy X market and make a cash purchase, trade those goods for bitcoins, etc. The price of gold in India (they have been holding down the supply, of course) has gone through the roof for this reason.

Nationalism doesn’t need to be hyper-patriotic stupid :

National Populism

If Presidents can’t be impeached for actions prior to taking the office, Trump is unlikely to be impeached. More unlikely to be impeached than elected, and the same reasons. If Trump follows through intelligently (far from a given) people who now support him will go on doing so. A shooting revolution is still on the table, nobody wants to believe that. They didn’t want to believe Trump could win either, and nobody wants to believe that bad economic times are upon us. This says both left and right must re-invent themselves. Imho, begin by discarding all prior beliefs, think it through again, the base definitions and concepts, their tools of through, are hopelessly out of date :


Excellent way to begin the revolution, ‘faithless electors’organization trying to unseat Trump in the Electoral College.  Also a good way of showing people why the EC is important in a well-run Representative Republic with democratic elections :

Faithless Elector Update, 15 Nov 2016

I am very impatient with articles like the following “Multiple nations within one nation fight for control for their tribe”.  Except, we just saw an election where that wasn’t at all the dynamic, Clinton lost because so many minorities who normally supported the Democrats left them. A democrat could have won, but not by being in the pocket of big business and allied with the globalists AND fielding a candidate who was a serious criminal, lied about everything, so obviously disdained the average person AND had so consistently favored wars that killed so many ordinary people. Few people who voted for Trump, data is in Nate Silver’s article above, thought the guy was qualified to be President, they were just more afraid of her and her policies . Anyway, piss-poor analysis, or more likely an inability of the author to separate analysis and PR in their own mind, so they believe their own propaganda :


The financial system is in the process of deciding who takes the losses on sovereign bonds from first world, major economy, nations, including the US. The US’s bonds are the subject of the article, it is unlikely they are the only sovereign bonds being sold. Everyone sees that these are competing in the market with any new bonds the various nations might wish to issue, and thus the price of soverign bonds will decline. Thus both the down market and the sales : People have been predicting this time forever. I think this is a continuation of the trend that started a year+ ago, the financial system is not stable, when the price of bonds falls, entities have to pony up more equity to backstop trades, collateral. These sales are getting that equity, cash is increasingly king in the finance business. Entities do not sell assets into a down market unless they believe the asset will be worth less in the future, or need the cash. This is likely both :


The status quo doubles down, but it won’t help :


I don’t see it quite as negatively as the author, as it seems to me Google and Big Tech have very different interests than the cable companies and telcos, who currently control the FTC :


“The US is the glue that held societies together” is such BS. ‘Controlled other countries empire building by not allowing competition’, perhaps. The narrative is wrong ‘Islamic extremists attacked the West’, no, the US and allies funded a bunch of crazies for various reasons, and the thing about crazies is, you don’t entirely control them — they are crazy :


I am getting behind in the reading, because I am watching videos as new sources of info. Not reading the breadth of stuff I need to read either, still too focused on the gd election and results and thinking about where it is all going.

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