Daily Reading #2B


“IDIOTS react to President Trump!”. Vulgar, but also true :

Karen Straughan is very good, another of the new commentators who are making MSM and our entire status quo look inadequate, incompetent. I saw the one of hers below first, but it isn’t as generally interesting. Impressively well spoken, very excellent sentiments :

And another. This guy does the right-wingnut much better than Jon ?? :

A black commentator, another of the many very critical of our Status Quo :

There are a ton of opinions on California leaving the Union. I think it is an excellent idea, the consequences of bad ideas are much more obvious in smaller arenas. Cal can’t even fund its own pension fund, and has a budge dependent on the Federal Budget, the very definition of a Progressive State.

I just went looking for the list of Federal Tax Gainers to back up that assertion.  Wikipedia page  is for “Federal taxation and spending by state”, but doesn’t lend itself to those comparisons or to ordering the hogs at the trough. As an analogy, that is much too harsh, yes I mostly agree. OTOH, things are driven by cash flows, promises and events. Good title for a blog.

Tax Foundation says they have that study, but the link only takes you to a plea for $ to update their data. Oligarchs don’t fund that kind of thing any more. So Ronald Reagan-era, you know.

This has the info, actually, no click-bait ad for the one after :



That makes clear I am wrong about CA being dependent upon the Federal gov, we rank 46th most dependent.

Intentionally hides the information of Federal spending within a state compared to taxes collected within that state.

Youtube continues to provide an infinite list of ‘you will like this’ videos. Here is a very coherent commentary from a “Men’s Rights Activist’. A woman, of course. I had only encountered MRN once before that I remember, also on youtube, it seems to be big among blacks in 30s and 40s blacks, our society has more major political-social divisions than I can keep up with, no matter how much I read. Anyway, our next generation of leaders are very promising, like this woman, so clear thinking and plain speaking, love the Democratic rep from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard for the same reason. There is about to be a big change in our Status Quo’s values toward plain speaking and clear thinking, I predict, tho we will have to replace the Status Quo to obtain that great good, of course. :

…wherein a die-hard feminist vomits red pills everywhere… – YouTube

Electoral college was necessary for the union.  Without it, the rural states would never have combined with the states with large cities :


We liberty-minded keep telling everyone what the solution is. Very complex highly centralized systems CANNOT work, there are NO examples of large-government countries working for 2 successive generations. This discusses only one aspect of the problems :


400M accounts hacked from AdultFriendFinder, which manages accounts for Playboy and many other porn and sex sites :


Harvard Business Review sees Trump as an expression of class differences. HBR can’t be non-left in its grasp of things so sees sexism as the root of Clinton’s problems rather than the fact that she was a worse candidate than Obama (who promised to end the wars then, same as Trump), but got some of it right. :


It must be clear to everyone that the many anti-Trump protesters are paid by Soros and other Clinton-oligarch interests. Soros-CIA-State Department did this same thing in the Ukraine and pieces of it in the other color revolutions. Our Deep State is now doing it to us here in the USofA, what I have been telling people for some time. The Soros connection has been reported in many places, Gateway Pundit where this came from thinks Guiliani as Secretary of State is a wonderful idea. I think he is a terrible idea who should be prosecuted and in jail along with Clinton :


“The Liberal elites failed those they call ‘primitive ordinary people’

Another prediction of Trump’s inability to change anything. Not given the admin members I hear discussed, unless these people are inside hard critics of things as they are because nothing is working. But more likely, the cash flows and events in motion will drive them exactly direction as each of the prior ever-increasingly-badly functioning administrations and the economy they shepherd into being :

Will Trump Do What Reagan Couldn’t?

The tone of the WaPo article on the subject is hopeful. Of course, that is it’s job, making the current administration look good, making government acceptable to the people :


Just learned all kinds of things by accident in dealing with links. That is my standard mode of learning, because I spent my time looking at maybe-important unknown unknowns, learned quite a number of other things about cultural currents.Stuff shows up on Youtube long before it shows up in any print I see. Only so much time, so much life, put up with the messy web site, or don’t.  It will get better, but slowly. Also slow down, I have to go back to writing stuff, the election was an interesting digression, but the stuff behind the next political trends, that is what is important. That takes longer, and always goes along with writing, because otherwise I can’t sort out the threads.

I would only have to predict another dozen or so elections in a row to become famous ! Like Nate Silver! That and the IgNobel prize, a proper goal for an effective social engineer.

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