Daily Reading #2A

Charles is rational and insightful as usual :


Scott Adams is hopeful, and proves a measure we can used to estimate how good Trump really is in messaging :

More good video blogs :

There are quite a few LGBT+ videos supporting Trump.

Russell Brand is quite intelligent. The left has no grasp of anything economic and always centralizes, so their programs build bureaucracies which produce people like the Clintons as candidates, very reliably. But “build a world that doesn’t produce the conditions that produce a Donald Trump” is a good understanding of what has gone wrong :

Interesting that the hard left grasps what is wrong with Democratic politics far better than the moderate professionals. Michael Moore told them they were going to lose the week before the election, the others were not so public, but Pie yesterday, Brand above and Pilger here. “There was nobody to vote for” and discusses the greatest buildup of US and allies military forces on the borders of Russia and in the Pacific around China since WWII :

Trump’s economic plans are bunk, of course, especially in the fact of the end of this cycle of borrow&spend. So, 2 years on, the lousy economy will require distraction, either war or show trials. That is when Clinton and Banksters start getting attention. We can hope for the 9-11 malefactors also :


Love it, all the people laughing at Trump :

These people are all Progressives, but at least GG is a real reporter with a Constitutional and Civil Rights basis. Their view is that Trump’s takeover by the Israeli-Neocons and MIC is inevitable, the wars and drone attacks will continue. Mike Pence is a radical, hard Christian right, and will be running Foreign Policy along with General Flynn, another Israeli-Neocon. More betrayal :


So now a disastrous Trump presidency begins, probably. Even if Trump were Ron Paul made dictator, he would be able to do nothing but correct the conditions producing this disaster, correcting the conditions would take much time :



5-minute video: Will Trump/Pence continue .01% rogue state lies, looting, wars, or fulfill their promise of Truth? Will ‘We the People’ demand Truth no matter what ‘leaders’ do?

Citizens’ Grand Jury for 9/11, War Crimes Tribunal for US torture: ‘We the People’ either express citizenship for .01% arrests, or devolve to work animals for rogue state Wars of Aggression, bankster-looting, constant lying

“The good news is Clinton lost, the bad news is Trump won”. Trumps major problem will be managing the economic contraction. He doesn’t say it, but ‘infratructure investment’ is just another way of saying ‘central planning’, which does not work wherever tried and is how we got here :

What Now?


FAIR critiques MSM, in detail :

Polls Showed Sanders Had a Better Shot of Beating Trump–but Pundits Told You to Ignore Them

There are very many people doing standup for political effect, good at it :

The Electoral College should not be abolished. More Hex :

Deal with reality, because reality is always dealing with you whether you acknowledge it or not. The US Israeli-Neocons have been disconnected from reality for 30 years :


I am glad India is doing the experiment, perhaps the US will be able to avoid this stupidity :

Government’s Demonetisation Shock Has Hit the Poorest the Most

Decision to Demonetise Currency Shows They Don’t Understand Capitalism: Prabhat Patnaik

The Danger of a Bigger Black Economy Based on Invalid Currency is Emerging

Foreign commentators see us clearly. This is good, discusses Trumps’ impending betrayal of his core voters. I saw more than a few in the Patriot community who promised that their support would reverse at the first sign of any switching. I think there are overlaps of Sanders supporters and Trump supporters who could cause some fuss :

The Deepening Crisis Plaguing the US’s Political Parties

Trump’s voters were not standard social conservative :

Welcome to the Hightower Lowdown!

Again, a data-driven marketing campaign fails, they can’t be better than the data and analysis. ‘Algorithm’ is an incorrect use of the word, I think. ‘400K simulations a day’ makes it more of a statistical simulation of a model, like the traders use on futures trades :


There were 4 ancient Kingdoms, Greece, Egypt, Assyrians and Anatolian Hittites (who were not the Biblical Hittites according to the film, but not Wikipedia). The Hittites built an enormous and impregnable city high in the Turkish mountains, were not part of the normal ME commerce, and disappeared from history until archaeology re-discovered them. If you don’t do trade, then you have to base your empire on warfare and extraction from the conquered. Citizens were controlled by duty, discipline and obedience with lots of death penalty for anyone who wasn’t loyal to the King. Military empires all die, of course, it doesn’t matter how strong the walls or how strong your military. Civil war got the Hittites, eventually, starvation, and the isolated capital was abandoned ~1200BC. Video is the standard TV over-ly dramatized script, but the archaeology is solid (although just because the language was Indo-European, doesn’t mean it was not an ME culture), relative to Wikipedia, etc.I didn’t read all the Wikipedia article, too much detail :


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