Daily Reading #29

I got a note today, proud! :

I just want to tell you how thankful I am to be on your mailing list. It's
an island of sanity in the sea of barf post-election. 

I thanked her, saying it is rare that anyone says I am sane.


This is good, everyone should read it :

Poor Liberals, Nobody to Blame But Themselves

Poor liberals, for years you have toiled in vain for the betterment of humanity.  Martyring yourselves for the greater good, you have attained a new level of sophistication and moral superiority, the likes of which we may never see again. It makes me weep such tears of bitterest woe, seeing your saintly queen of benevolence, fail to be anointed Queen Mass Murderer of The Planet Earth.

This is true, Trump will have terrifying powers, the same as they excused with Obama :


This is the standard NYTimes Israeli-Neocon BS about Russia, NONE of it true or not a cause for concern. It cannot be known who hacked the DNC, there is substantial evidence it was an inside job. Russia’s moves near the Baltic States is a response to NATO’s provocations, etc. It doesn’t mention Victoria Neuland and the US-sponsored overthrow of a legitimate government in the Ukraine, etc. Propaganda, not analysis, is what this editorial is :

This is the reason for the NYTimes editorial, Israeli-Neocons are unhappy with the situation in Syria, Syria is not being broken into a mess, so Israel is not so dominant in the ME. Do read it, it is info you won’t ever read in the NYTimes :


Clinton’s progress through life is one long series of conspiracies, so I don’t think the Pied Piper Strategy is ‘the real Clinton conspiracy’ :

The Real Clinton Conspiracy that Backfired – The Worst Candiate in American History

Styxhexenhammer666 is good today :

One month, NOAA is bleating about extreme weather due to AGW and ‘warmest year, ever’, and the next produces actual measures of minimal extreme weather that show the Sunspot cycle is having the predicted effects. We face a cold spell in Earth’s climate, not AGW :

NOAA Tornado data: 2016 ‘one of the quietest years since records began in 1954’ – Below average for 5th year in a row



Economics is responsible for most social problems, beginning with the idea they understand anything at all :

Why You Should Blame The Economics Discipline For Today’s Problems

Chris Arnade on small-town America’s opinions wrt Trump, “Supporting Trump became a way of supporting the local community’ :


If you’re obeying the law, you’re contributing CEOs’ astronomical salaries

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Victory

All Presidents have been worse than their predecessors and have never fixed the problems their predecessors created, what I have been saying forever. ‘Our society is entering a space between stories …’ requiring great empathy :

Episodes in Recent American History

Socialists don’t buy the ‘class and racist’ explanations, Clinton received 10M votes fewer than Obama 8 years ago, Trump received the fewest votes of any candidate since 2000. Trump, who lost the popular vote while winning the electoral vote, received the least votes of any candidate from either party since 2000. These figures are even more striking because of a drastic increase in the population of eligible voters: 18 million since 2008. Lots of detail, a good read, big changes in the electorate’s choices in every category :


Far larger in number than the vote for either candidate are the 99 million eligible voters who abstained from the 2016 election or voted for a third party. This is a measure of social discontent and not of apathy. In other words, while Clinton and Trump received the vote of 26.6 and 25.9 percent of eligible voters, 43.2 percent chose neither.

Among those who did vote, Trump received the votes of just over 27 million white men, about equal to the 27.2 million white men who voted for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012. As for women, 35.5 million voted for Clinton in 2016, a significant drop from the 37.6 million who voted for Obama in 2012. Remarkably, just 30 percent of women eligible to vote cast ballots for Clinton in 2016, compared to 47 percent who did not vote.

Clinton also suffered significant losses among African-American, Latino and young voters. In 2012, Barack Obama won 16.9 million African-American votes, over 3 million more than Clinton’s 13.7 million. Just over 9 million Latinos voted for both Obama and Clinton, despite a significant increase in the Latino voting population over the past four years. Among people aged 18-29, Clinton’s 13.6 million votes is roughly 8 percent less than Obama’s 14.8 million figure from 2012, despite a similar growth in this age demographic.

As a percentage of votes cast, all racial groups swung toward the Republican candidate in 2016 compared to 2012. However, white voters showed the lowest swing to the Republicans (1 percentage point), compared with African-Americans (7 percentage points), Latinos (8 percentage points), and Asian-Americans (11 percentage points).

He says ‘apathy’, I say ‘no good choices’ :


Gee, now they recognize that all of that above resulted in problems interpreting the polls, even when they were trying to be honest, which Clinton’s people were not :

The Devil in the Polling Data

They don’t say it, but I always thought that presenting Clinton as a sure thing would reduce her partisan’s turnout :


This is after-the-fact, if-we-had-only-known analysis, useless. You can’t pick out one factor after the fact and say that was most important, all the people who didn’t bother to vote, etc. are equal factors with the 107K votes. That shows the race, as executed, was close, is all. As for ‘wrong ‘message’, they tested all of their messages for effectiveness, so the ones they used were the best they had :


A Divided and Pessimistic Electorate




Gee, you think people respond to massive injustices like the Banksters remaining free ? :





The feminist view. Ideology is always stupid :



The left is still saying things like “Trump was an idiot, how could she lose?” No, Trump was much smarter than they understand, his messages wiped them out, and “Drain the swamp” will take down Clinton and cronies yet :


The fight who controls the spoils in the Democratic branch of the Status quo, framed as ‘who has the better message’ in a very non-standard election cycle. This won’t work either, of course :


Some of the people who have served recently do not have a positive view of their experiences, do not think they contributed positively to the civilization :



The countries that Clinton took so much $ from while she was Sec State :

5 countries Hillary Clinton supporters should move to

Trump’s Presidency Could Upend the Way Silicon Valley Works

The torture program was part of covering up 9-11, making it seem as if there were big bad terrorists everywhere, rather than US patsies in a few places. Any Bush or Obama or Silicon Valley or NY bankster people in a Trump admin are a bad sign :



Another of America’s firm allies is no respecter of human rights :


They knew arming the Jihadists was a bad idea, everyone told them so :



The future evolves from the past. Clinton Inc turnaround, leading America’s “Purple Revolution”, funded by Soros. Exactly as with the Ukraine, they pay protesters and bus the hard boys in from ?? :

The Concession Speech aka Meet The New Clinton Inc.




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