Daily Reading #28

This is very excellent. Johnathan Pie, I didn’t know him, had seen one of his before, him doing the POed newsman. Nice schtick. He says it much better than me:

Very funny, I guess, the alternative is to have taken it seriously :



The patriot blogs are very pleased with Trump’s win and his rolling back gun control, not so pleased with Trump himself :

TRUMP™: Everything and Nothing has Changed



A Visit to Trump’s America

Goodbye Hillary Clinton, you won’t be missed!

Standing Rock and Donbass: a tale of selective grief

A Good Time to Review Bush’s War Crimes



Our professional military is very casual with civilian’s lives, this is the conversation on one routine day, drone pilots and sensor operators deciding to drone some trucks in Afghanistan. We don’t get much view into this kind of thing, rarely even when they do it so wrong and kill so many civilians with provably zero insurgents. Judging from this dialogue, their analysis of events and their meaning, we know there are many, many more :

How Drone Pilots Talk

Electoral Integrity Project ranks US elections as some of the worst.

Some elections were rigged, of course, there is very good evidence, and all candidates see it when it goes against them :


This drives me crazy, it mis-uses the term ‘exit poll’ as did another article I read recently.  An exit poll, according to me and Wikipedia, is a single question, anonymous response, ‘who did you vote for?’. Quick and easy, less possibility of response bias. That is the gold standard for knowing whether there was vote fraud. So this discussion devolves into showing systemtic errors in the conventional-questionnaire polling for particular candidates, while not capable of assessing the real error rate. :

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders: In-depth Report on Exit Polling and Election Fraud Allegations

Make Inflation Great Again! Is Trump the “Inflation President”? Spotlight on Bonds, Oil, Gold, Attitudes

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