Daily Reading #27

Charles Hugh Smith with policy advice for the new President :


Paul Craig Roberts with operations advice, how to avoid assassination and coup :

The Working Class Won The Election — Paul Craig Roberts

No, media mocking and jeering political opponents are never enough, it always escalates to serious repression :



I am so pleased that ‘data science’, especially when applied to PR problems like elections and governance, has been badly bruised by the election and polling and media. Nate Silver is nothing new, although his technology is. Already you see it happening again, the reasons for the loss translated into a new theory of how to win next time.

I was just now being very impressed with NakedCapitalism as a clear seer in our political system. It has taken me a long time to adjust to their Progressivism and the peculiar use of language that sometime causes, but they largely deal in reality.


They have a very nice set of links morning and afternoon, with some commentary, I go through them every day. (Their link list form is what I should use, and would, if I cared how it looks. This is my notes, in an open notebook, and if someone wants to use them, please do. If you have comments or criticisms, please do. )

I was just reading some info on the various gun control measures that got through state ballots via Bloomberg money. They never stop.

It reminded me that I had long thought that ruling classes all develop a death wish, because they all do such obviously stupid things. A current example : Even considered in purely power terms, which is always the way they solve all disputes of civil power, sheriffs and such, the idea of taking away firearms from the people who own them and believe owning guns is their God-given human right is awesomely stupid, tactically and strategically.

Assad must go! Who must go? Goodbye Cameron, Obama, Hillary. Merkel, Hollande you’re next

This story makes no sense at all : they are afraid of Trump having ubiquitous surveillance, but not Clinton ? No kidding, Clinton didn’t have good internet security for her email, Podestra, etc. also. But surveillance is not security.


This is the ‘why do we trust politicians with surveillance’ story, except they seem to think we have elected a Tyrant. Wrong definition of Tyrant, imho. Tyranny is consolidated power, the President has had that for a long time :


Rational view of what a Trump admin will be like, I hope. Very optimistic, as I don’t think the economic problems are solvable :


“Infrastructure investment” is the same Keynsesian BS that has driven Japan into 20 years of no growth. It won’t work in the US either. Already, we can’t pay back real dollars on any of the debts, Fed and many other governments need to borrow continuously to make ever-larger payments with ever-reduced dollars. That ends in hyperinflation, it is inevitable, and a rational society would fix things first. How, I have not a clue, probably nobody else does either. Defaults are inevitable, and the defaults of soverign nations are very large events in the financial world, tsunamis that ripple. When that starts, not much of anything will be repaid as a consequence of those ripples :


American is going through its very own cultural revolution. Religious devotion to an ideology will do that to you. The only people who send their kids to one of these schools is someone they dumbed down last generation. This is every dystopia you have ever read or seen, education camps learning the new catechism. Another of the things that propelled the Trump victory :

TRENDING: Universities work to purge male students of their ‘toxic’ masculinity

This is a predictable endpoint to the suppression of maleness in a society :


Meanwhile, as ours goes rapidly in the opposite direction, how an old culture does it :

How Japan Prepares Its Children for Independence

The history of the world according to archaeology is still changing in the large scale, a result of genetics, more digs, and better tests of age. I think they were too focused on the last ice age, after which so much evidence arose of humans in North America, Europe, …



This video series was worth watching, solid science, big picture and all of the cataclysms of climate, geology and astronomy that FUBARed the geological records. Human-kind were more human in behaviour much earlier than thought and very mobile, in the New World, 60K years ago. Agriculture to 23K years ago, 9500 yo very large cities. Humanity in this phase is a recovery from the meteor that produced the Younger Dryas. That archeology is good, but his discussion of the Great Pyramid doesn’t fit with Wikipedia. OTOH, the  Wikipedia entry doesn’t have much archaeology, either, it reads more like a tourist brochure. The Great Pyramid is associated with Cheops because of some graffiti in one place?  :


The Younger Dryas is an issue in AGW theory, but I don’t recall the details, who is using it for what.

Support: comet impact may have triggered the Younger Dryas period

The entire race-based view of the world, both left Progressive and all of the attempts to justify closing our culture off to other cultures and ethnic groups are fatally flawed at the base of their facts. The ‘White Race’ has developed in the last 10K years, following 6M years of evolution of the human species. We took a long time, 100s of 1000s of years, for every major stage of our evolution to achieve the next milestone, tools, fire and cooking, bows and spears. We know what genes account for our skin color and exactly why, Vitamin D vs ultraviolate radiation damage to tissue. We can’t rule out some genetic change that has favored NW Europeans, but it can’t be too significant compared to 6 M years of common genetics, not in 6K years, and, given the larger population outside of NW Europe, there are probably other changes favoring other groups. Any advantage will not be one-directional :

This article is terrible, dumb premises and arguments based on them :

Carl Schmitt Is Right: Liberal Nations Have Open Borders Because They Have No Concept of the Political

Soros repeats his Color Revolution plan here in the US, ours is Purple. How can he not be CIA?Madsen is a solid journalist and they have occurred so often it is easy to see the pattern :


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