Daily Reading #26

Trump’s Geographic Landslide
My wife just said she saw a cartoon with that map and the statement “Trump has better coverage than Verizon. Do you hear me now?”

The advantages of government with wide support from many povs is the reason for the Electoral College, rather than deciding the winner by a simple majority of votes.

Donald Trump is a triumph for the common man over the broken elite

Charles Hugh Smith gets it right “Different standards for the 2 candidages, legalistic for her, morality for him, media blew it”  :

Who Lost: A Biased Media, Pundits, Pollsters, Political Parties, Warmongers, the Corporatocracy, Pay-to-Play Grifters, Neoliberals

I agree with Smith ”

Glen Greenwald gets it right : “Only the pollsters and the MSM were stunned.”. Someone could have asked me, for example.


For many years, the U.S. — like the U.K. and other Western nations — has embarked on a course that virtually guaranteed a collapse of elite authority and internal implosion. From the invasion of Iraq to the 2008 financial crisis to the all-consuming framework of prisons and endless wars, societal benefits have been directed almost exclusively to the very elite institutions most responsible for failure at the expense of everyone else.

It was only a matter of time before instability, backlash, and disruption resulted. Both Brexit and Trump unmistakably signal its arrival. The only question is whether those two cataclysmic events will be the peak of this process, or just the beginning. And that, in turn, will be determined by whether their crucial lessons are learned — truly internalized — or ignored in favor of self-exonerating campaigns to blame everyone else.

As does Michael Moore :


Why Some of the Smartest Progressives I Know Will Vote for Trump over Hillary “Even on Wall Street, a powerful Sanders contingent so hates what Clinton stands for—the status quo—they’ll pull the lever for almost anyone else.” 16 June 2016

Yves Smith runs NakedCapitalism, which has been very anti-Clinton from the beginning. Her commenters walked right up to preferring Trump through the entire campaign. Wikileaks, the emails showing how corrupt the DNC was, had a large effect on that. Powerful message, imho, and I saw echoes of it in may other Progressive writings.


The turmoil would have been worse with Clinton, tho maybe not so immediately :


Eric Zeusse, more of the same, why our elites are wrong, have been :

Huffington Post Continues Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

CNN;s Jake Tapper, a mild version :

First Brexit, Now Trump … What’s Next?


View at Medium.com

Yes, I have commented that Trump keeps winning, so he either has excellent runs of luck, or he is a lot smarter than most anyone gives him credit for :


To me, our elites have a death wish, obvious for 30 years. You can’t run a society with those values and methods. My reasoning has increasingly been problems of scaling, you also can’t run a society of rules in a book, AIs interpreting them. People aren’t like that, reality isn’t like that, the nature of nature works against systems of those characteristics. Systems of those characteristics don’t meet the requirements of a complex civilization, and our elites have FUBARed our system for ordinary people, increasingly for themselves also. Groupthink prevents seeing it, and every elite goes down the same way, Hubris beyond hubris.

But we still have not reversed the major problems coming at us, financial collapse and hyperinflation, the messy business of winding down a failed nation and getting a replacement started. It has failed, this is all the process of facing up to the fact that very little of the borrowed money will ever be paid back. That is mathematically certain, gov, corporate and private. Our elites include Trump, who carry on the facade that things can carry on as before, just fix some tariffs and immigration processes. No, all that is symptom of the fundamental problems.

A Trump Presidency will carry on the borrowing, will favour blue collar employeed at the expense of everyone else, as the tariff that makes their wages go up make everyone else’s purchase prices go up. The Free Trade isn’t the problem it is that cheap credit and managed trade, favouring the big guys. It is trivial to fix the tariff problems to produce genuinely-free trade, but Trump won’t do that.

So Trump’s admin will be just another variety of crony-capitalist centralizer, an old-fashioned version compared to Clinton’s. First-day discussion of cabinet picks are as awful as Clinton’s would have been.

The way forward in our civilization, IMHO, is devolution. Go form whatever city-states you think you can sustain and will allow a good life for its citizens.

Yes, Mr. Guilani, there are ‘deep and disturbing issues there’ in 9-11 False Flag Operation, which you were part of, and which disqualify you as any part of any government :


“This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution.” Not likely, we just staved off the need for shooting immediately. Trump’s discussion of cabinet members is not revolutionary, to say the least :


Lots of people telling the Democrats the mistakes they made today. Common points are rejection of the war policy and surveillance policy, rejection of the corruption, rejection of the Status Quo mis-rule and crony capitalism :


More Wikileaks, from a comment on ZH, the story of Clinton’s providing $ and other to Republican candidates via allies. Trump was intended to be a disruption to the Republicans, something I always had heard:

… and here it is folks … Hiliary and her democretards were “picking” their opponents and has backfired like a fucking Titanic sinking …

… here are their Pied Piper (or the straw men) candidates (according to the DNC’s 15407 Strategy on GOP ) … >>>>>> 1500407 Strategy on GOP >>> https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails//fileid/1120/251

… source: see attachment from wikileaked email >>> https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1120 >>> 1500407 Strategy on GOP >>> https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails//fileid/1120/251

… and the DNC’s pied piper candidate “Donald Trump” ended up sinking their sorry asses … 😀


Polls are hypotheses sold as fact for PR reasons, propaganda reasons. Nate Silver is a variety of PR, not knowledge of the future. He depends on the polls being correct, I never thought they could be  :



This is Reuter’s explanation :


Nature documentaries are not real! I can never be cynical enough, no matter how hard I try :


Social media controls opinion, same as MSM. Big companies do that centrally, comment streams do it person-2-person. :

Standing Rock pipeline protest was absent from Facebook Trends

The Balfour Declaration certainly FUBARed the ME, likely its intent, divide and rule tactics :


If you think of these as ways of transferring public $ to NGOs, businesses and players of politics, you grasp the essence. They certainly have not reduced the number of poor areas in our country, they have increased continuously over the last 30 years :


Nice bit of history made by hiding files so we don’t know the dirt our security services have done :


It seemed to me that fear of Clinton’s wars drove a lot of the pro-Trump sentiment :

2016 Wasn’t a Foreign Policy Election, But It Will Have Foreign Policy Consequences

Freedom advances slowly :


The beginning of our time as a very poor nation, responsible for our own retirement financing. At least Jacksonville is being up-front about it, most states will just cut pensions and the Federal gov will cut SSI, those by inflation :


Another clever cheating method. Emissions engineers are not the only clever engineers with incentives to game systems, so we should suspect many standard tests, e.g. medical equipment, to have equivalent modes


The poor will always be with us. We don’t plan on that :


The fact that info security is now nearly impossible is a major factor in our very complex human systems, transparency is inevitable, no person or group can expect otherwise, long term. Open information, freely available, will require ethics to match, eventually, and anyone gaming the system must expect to be caught at inconvenient times :

Truth is the enemy of the state

More State Department stupidity in the ME :

US Hawks Gamble on Turkey’s Invasions

Yes, there are no perfect rules for any complex situation. In correcting the last set of rules, they made the problems that lead to this disaster. The choice is not ‘better rules’.  The choice can only be ‘transfer all the information needed to make a good choice, adhere to ethics that allow your world to work, transparency’ :

This focuses on the wrong problem wrt choice of methods of governing. What kind of government is much less important than the scale. Anything can work in a band of 30 people, nothing works with 30M :


New problems with every new technology, and the info techs ripple throughout our social and business relationships. So far, it seems to me, our society is doing well with Twitter and Facebook. After all, we elected Trump ! :


Just to remind everyone, DuckDuckGo.com doesn’t save your searches.


DoubleClick’s DB has been merged with Google’s, their advertising is now personally identifiable to you and you to the advertisers. They did it in the usual sneaky way, opt in for existing users or default with -opt out for new users. This goes along with all the big sites wanting your cell phone # in order to send confirmation of accounts and changes :


The next escalation in the ME is underway :

The U.S./Turkey Plan For “Seizing, Holding, And Occupying” Syrian Territory In Raqqa

Everywhere the economy falls, street robbery and then kidnapping follow :


About every week, I find another reminder that another serious disease is trying hard to infect the rest of us :


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates the prevalence of multidrug resistance in new and retreatment cases to be 2% and 17% respectively, but a new study found the real incidence was 6% in new cases and 35% in retreated ones.

This is interesting, but there is no way to check for anyone outside the system. A peer reviewed article would be nice :


I don’t follow much of the detailed finance and stock news. However, if this is not a bubble, with its historic PE ratios in the face of a very long stream of disastrous economic news, what is it ? Likewise, I keep seeing stories that no inflation of significance is on the horizon, that hyperinflation is out of the question. OK, how does this debt overhang, of a size that can never be repaid, get paid back or otherwise diminished to the point that normal economic activity can resume? :

Grantham on a world without bubbles

3 Things: Distortions, Earnings Missed, You’re Crazy

Now things hot up in ND at the pipeline protest. All arguments are on the side of the protesters and Indians, it violates treaties left and right, unless you think Eminent Domain extends into Treaty land ? :

What Everyone Is Missing About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests


The first splits in LEF orgs and governments :

Deputies From Wisconsin And Elsewhere Leave North Dakota, Refuse To Return As Millions Join Movement

Stuff that happens when you restrict trade :


‘Poor minorities’ has been replaced by ‘diversity’. That allows money to help poor minorities to go to Middle Class activitists, the ones who made it previously, to help the poor minorities, maybe, after a while :


Ann Barnard is a well-known conservative on the religious end of the specrtum so I rarely read her. This is interesting commentary on her reporting trip to Aleppo :

NYT Admits Key Al Qaeda Role in Aleppo

Considering the example of Hong Kong shows why this is idiocy : nothing predicts an economy, except people’s drive coupled with good government, minimum government. China could destroy its future by going to war, civil or outside or both, … and 40 years is barely enough to recover from a major war in modern times.


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