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One of the big messages of this campaign is the importance of social media and alternative media in shaping political opinion. I see evidence everywhere, including comments on all of the web sites that allow them and traffic statistics, which you can see here :

Top commenting sites

–Written while watching election coverage :

Watching Young Turks, sad folks blaming the loss on the DNC for so biasing the primaries to Clinton. Exactly what I Told my Progressive friends was going to happen, they had no idea how badly Clinton would do against Trump. I note that hex has 10% of YT’s audience.  Youtube isn’t doing so well as a broadcaster at this scale, drop-outs in the stream.

YT’s people are so trying to interpret it as anything other than ‘anti-establishment sentiment of the voters’. Right.

The sequence in VA was pecular : on the NYTimes map, Trump lead until the last few %, and hex said those were precincts from red areas in the west, but Clinton took the popular vote in that last bit of the tally. That would be a suspicious pattern, if repeated in other states. Further, if the margin is < 60K, suspicion will be strong it is the felons that the governor just allowed to vote. (I approve of that, but it is not the kind of thing you do in the 2 weeks immediately before what will be a very close election, not if you want to be trusted.) Also suspicious is the NYTimes not calling FL or NC, 99% of the vote tallied in FL, 90% in NC where Trump has a 5 point lead.

NYTimes just called CA and NM, Trump 172 electoral votes, Clinton 168. FL, etc. still not called. That is intentional, voting is just closed in the West.

Young Turks just said they have more viewers than ABC. Love it. They want, however, to think Clinton has not yet lost. They declare war on the DNC “the building has to be torn down”. “If Trump wins, all nightmare scenarios on the table”. Relentless blaming it on sexism and racism in our population. BS. It is a rejection of that Progressive worldview, the PC view, the view of the elites running the centralizing power, and doing it very badly. Moving power to the center is always a bad idea, it is the root of our current problems and a symptom of failure.

West Coast polls closed 1.5 hours ago, no concession speech from Clinton yet, tho NYTimes says Trump won in several articles/blogs, although without formally calling the last few states. Clinton would need to win an improbable number of states that are currently showing Trump leading, but the election is still stealable.

2 hours after West Coast polls closed. PA 98% of the vote counted (how do they know?) and Trump leads 1%. MI 82% Trump 1%. Hate to go to bed before a concession speech, I so want to gloat.

Overall, the polls were biased, even at the end, toward Clinton by 4+%, average. Trump won by historic margins in many states.  The Turks and the NYTimes were lamenting that Clinton would win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College. I don’t think so. Her wins were narrow except for coastal states, her losses wide even in ‘battleground’ states like Ohio.

AM reading

No kidding, the pollsters did a lousy job and/or MSM distorted their findings. I read insider accounts for both campaigns saying Clinton saw her loss coming and Trump knew exactly where to focus his campaigning, so it was not entirely problems with the pollsters identifying and contacting likely voters.

I doubted the polls from the beginning, entirely to the many disconnects between MSM claims and other indications of voter sentiment, Trump supporters’ enthusiasm vs Clinton’s, and the loss of all balanced views in MSM. Worse for Clinton, the media stars who are most hated by people who opposed the Progressive/left/centralizers of power were strongest in supporting Hillary. I never understood that, it was obvious they couldn’t be helping her, and obvious they had no way of grasping that, groupthink had taken them over. Likewise, the Republican Party had lost touch with middle America, mainstreet, had been taken over by big money, same as the Democrats. ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ did a good job of describing what was happening in flyover country. Clinton only won 17 states out of 50.




Retail sales, NFIB sales, Election comments


This is Yves Smith, a good Progressive, being very critical of Clinton and the Democratic Party, and for the same reason I am down on the entire Status Quo, they don’t listen and are not competent :


A reader’s comment  : “The big question to me is, take over the hollow shell of the Democratic Party, or crush it with a new party. Is it possible to take over the Ds — as weak as it is now as a party — without being corrupted and co-opted? I now hate my former party to such a degree, I find myself recoiling at having anything at all to do with it. But given all the institutional constraints, it still may be smart to try; the answer is above my pay grade, as they say.”

Comey appointed McCAbe to handle the Clinton investigation. Corruption :





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