Daily Reading #24

This is so like the US Presidential election :

Given how much money the Gulf States and SA have put into the Clintons, of course they prefer her as President, the bought and paid for President :


Everyone comes to this point of decision, and I think most go with Trump as the least obviously and immediately terrible :


What Hath Trump Wrought?

CHSmith is a wise man, imho. His writing is a constant stream of positive ideas, not just critiques of the Status Quo :


Julian Assange’s statement on the US election and Wikileaks’ role. “We publish material …” exactly what MSM could have done, had they decided to be information conduits instead of enforcing political conformity :


I don’t believe there is any biometric method of IDing individuals that cannot be easily gamed, including finger prints :

All it takes to steal your face is a special pair of glasses

A ‘time crystal’ is a lovely concept, indeed Wow! :


I don’t know what is going on here, but 300K military for an attack on Russia is not credible. 3M might make Russia worry, but 300K is laughable.

NATO places 300,000 troops on high alert, ready to attack Russia over fictional “cyber attacks” and “propaganda”

No kidding, if interest rates go up, gov budgets, corporate budgets and individual budgets have a big problem. Wow, you mean nobody saw this coming? So far in history, now government that has put itself into this kind of impossible-to-recover-from situation has turned away from hyper-inflation as a remedy :



I have seen several articles on the drift of Egypt out of the US-Israeli-Saudi ME alliance. US foreign policy is failing, badly failing :


Last Round.

This trivially-hacked voting machine is used in 13 states, and the output is consistent with the large-scale fraud fractional vote counting system. This is obsolete, of course, fraud was never designed-in.  The common file format that allows the standard counting system is designed-in, that is the problem. The only way around that is open source software and verified-clean hardware designs and manufacturing processes :


Edward Snowden shows how easy it is to HACK into a US voting machine with a £24 memory card

“Soros money is funding some of the loudest voices who deny that voter fraud is a serious problem.”



The FBI could have reviewed the Wiener emails, 650K in 8 days. Comey is still wrong in his judgement, in everybody’s opinion except for Comey and Hillary’s people. I have yet to see one intelligence professional indicate there is ANY interpretation of the security laws that allows her to escape jail :

Yes, Donald Trump, the FBI Can Vet 650,000 Emails in Eight Days

Freedom House has downgraded Israel to ‘partly free’. The Israeli side of the Israeli-Neocon political group, the Likhud, is losing power also. Ilana Dayan is a class act, reading Netanyahu’s statement about her on air. :


Good for animal rights, at least the rights of our fellow humanoid apes. The more chimp and bonobo behavior I read about, the less significant I find the differences between us. We were once lesser then them, and evolution has twists and turns, we can’t rule out their descendants surpassing ours in the future :


I don’t think I have linked to this video. I have not seen confirmation, only a few other videos discuss it. So, the guy seems real, any agency wishing to increase death-by-gun would drop guns in black neighborhoods. No news coverage, why is that ? It would normally be something hyped by the progressive media, even if not true or otherwise verifiable, normally, but no mention anywhere. The ATF was willing to allow guns to be bought in American gun stores and shipped to Mexico in Project Gunrunner and Project Fast and Furious. Many people, including some in the US and at least one in US law enforcement, were killed with those guns. That was clearly a propaganda campaign to increase the support for gun control laws. Mike Vanderboegh, the founder of the III% Patriots movement, produced the proof of that and publicized it :


People working for government outnumber manufacturing employees by 10M :


This is somewhat interesting because it points out that Marx emphasized individual activity in creating the individual. “Producers change too”. But otherwise, this is an academic prescribing how to reorganize society, and claiming his version of socialism doesn’t require force. Well, except for workers’ councils and neighborhood councils. If an economy is not coordinated by prices as a fundamental reality, then it must be coordinated by coercion. Marx was not a fool, actually quite good for an early economist and sociologist. If his supporters had advanced in their thinking as fast as other scientific and philosophical areas, we would have to read so much silly theory. If you want a future, go build it. Start doing something, evolve by incorporating the very best ideas. The evolution of organic farming and permaculture has far more to teach everyone than any socialist theorist :

What Is Socialism for the Twenty-First Century?

Wired is just another part of MSM defending their version of meritocracy, which means rule of their class of people. This article carefully conflates anti-semitism with ‘right wing’, conveniently ignoring the fact that Breitbart, their example, was himself Jewish (or at least raised by Jews as a Jew, he was adopted) and the site is very pro-Israel in all its thought. Good propaganda, much of the article is true including their version of my “MSM is a COINTELPRO op in the heart of our system”, but the frame is MSM all the way. Anyone who disagrees has been taken in by false info, there is no possibility of legitimate political or social differences in their frame of reference. Thus the coming Civil War, imho :



Just another bureaucratic measure that ultimately further entrenches a crony-capitalist system :

California’s ballot initiative to control drug prices has the pharma industry terrified

This is the same thing, although within the administration, wrt banksters. I think the biggest effect of Trump will be his appointments, and those are an early measure of how much the standard oligarchs control him :

Whether Democrats or Republicans take the election on Nov. 8, Elizabeth Warren wins

This is, I think, a good illustration of independent journalism relative to MSM. I agree with most of this, except I value peace and freedom above all, and so Trump is my choice :

View story at Medium.com

This is complete BS. Obama is one of the worst presidents, a complete CIA shill, and AGW, etc. are all fraud :


Emotional conflict in anyone who thinks :


Assange’s case is exactly the consolidated power that US Founders equated with tyranny. Who could doubt he would be arrested and extradited to the US, by Britain or Sweden ? If Trump wins, Assange will be a major factor. Otherwise, the emails are a continuing source of scandal for Clinton :


Religious extremists are not a civilizing factor, not for any religion :


The US is behind Poroshenko, of course :


As a measure of how FUBARed the world’s economies and economic structures are, the effect of the US election on other currencies is good. This also links Russia’s oil output to PEMEX’s failures :

Despite what Everyone Thinks, Biggest Threat to Mexico’s Economy isn’t Trump but Pemex

If the WSJ did actual journalism, they would point out that our NSA already has logon credentials for all equivalent US products, e.g. MS Windows, all of Cisco’s routers, Google, Yahoo and Facebook internal access to all accounts, … :


I find it a bit strange that Apple can’t sort out fake apps. The advantage of their ‘closed ecosystem’ is supposedly increased security :

How many such scandals do we have to endure before criminal foresnics labs are made verifiable? :


Trump has been good for America, as this election has produced more thought and introspection than I recall :

The American Conservative Presidential Symposium

The American Conservative Presidential Symposium

There are many povs one can take wrt Trump’s media coverage, but ‘proTrump’ is certainly not one of them. If making a profit covering Trump in an era where MSM is in decline is ‘proTrump’, OK but so much of the coverage was so negative, or if ‘white nationalist presidential campaign’ means ‘promoting policies that focus on the well being of current Americans’ (but Trump’s audiences are not monocrome and Clinton is white and white women are her biggest constituency), OK, but really you should include enough of that background to make a convincing case. This is simple labeling, it doesn’t encompass enough of the world’s detail to be worth anything except as an example of how not to do intelligent political coverage, exactly what he thinks he is critiquing :


This is an exit poll, as wikipedia will quickly tell you.  This is an after-the-election poll by telephone, and indeed those are the problems produced by oversampling. An exit poll is standing outside a precinct voting place, recording every person who exits with personal characteristics (age, …) and asking who they voted for, and their answer. That can be extended to more personal info, but your response rate will fall as people pass you buy.

Unless this guy is an idiot who doesn’t know about wikipedia, this is the beginning of confusing everyone about exit polls and their meaning.  Why would someone do that, I ask myself? Perhaps because exit polls are the very definition of checking the accuracy of the vote count ? :


Nate Silver continues to make excuses for his poor predictions. I continue to predict that a lot of commentators will need excuses, will append evidence as it appears :



I think MSM only amplifies retired General officer’s opinions when they are promoting war. Comey did not make a decision in line with the laws, it was a political decision, he benefited, the person he appointed to handle the Clinton case benefited.  His decision IS corrupt, so corrupt even the FBI would eventually notice, were they allowed to investigate :


Perhaps it is the press release or the editor’s changes, but a twin study where one twin became psychotic and that those who became psychotic frequently used (they say ‘abused’) cannabis does NOT prove that the cannabis caused the psychosis. They claim “we also tested the hypothesis that symptoms of psychosis caused cannabis abuse, but the hypothesis was less suited to the data. therefore, it appears that cannabis abuse can be a cause of psychosis.” There are no facts mentioned in the article that support that claim of ‘less suited to the data’. In their studies, one twin used much more cannabis than the other and then became psychotic, the other did not. The implicit claim is that makes it a test of cannabis’ direct effect, genetics and other factors held constant ‘the outside risk factors’ the article mentions. But, of course, identical twins are not identical genetics, and for even more reasons than we now know, and certainly are not identical in environment or preferences or other aspects of their background that can affect brain physiology and mental health. There are not enough identical twins in the universe to control for all of the variables. It is hypothesis, likely .05 level with a low N (low N because how many identical twins have one psychotic member, and so low p value because low N). None of these caveats are mentioned. Crap article, poor science, and Breitbart’s editors have not a clue about science :


I had never tried a ‘live stream’ before. Everyone can have their own TV channel ! Very likely the future of our civilization, as it is also obviously the newest way of displaying your plumage. Not just guys. Talk radio, person to person. Something to wash dishes by, peel potatoes by, but really interferes with thinking. But I think peoples’ grasps of reality keeps getting wider and deeper, people, averaged over all of humanity, are the wisest we have ever been. As historical documents, awesome research material forever. The streams of articles posted on the major news aggregator web sites is another. Oh, yes, our gate keepers will all prove to be dishonorable, biased to favor their own interests, corrupt.

This guy could be reading from my prediction yesterday, we agree on too many things to learn much now. I shall sample a few others:

Hexenhammer had 3300 viewers, RT has 12800. Another source of amazing historical and social insight, Google-youtube must be affecting the election amazingly by the possible choices it represents. Recall this :

Google’s Search Algorithm Could Steal the Presidency

RT has Larry King? Why would I go to RT to see him? They are expecting to take over from the networks, want to be seen as normal? He is more sensible than I recall, have not watched him forever, not anywhere. 15:08 late afternoon here. King is backing up on the predictions of Clinton’s wining. RT says ‘may be an upset’. Hillary has a tin ear “I was humbled to vote for myself”.


I watched some other live streams. More detail than I can care about, tho it was going Trump’s way, it seemed to me. Hex was as interesting as any of them, more interesting than the standard news, anything I saw on MSM.

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