Daily Reading #23

NakedCapitalism labels this the best Pro-Trump article. ‘Ungrateful Bastards’:

The GOP’s ‘Ungrateful Bastard’ Caucus

Did Russia Hack the Election? A Short History of CIA Election Sabotage. Support Newsbud, a very promising group of investigative reporters from around the world :


If you do not grasp the reality of 9-11 False Flag Operation by the CIA and the Mossad, you will dismiss that statement and Paul Craig Robert’s thoughts as crazy conspiracy talk. If you agree with ‘crazy conspiracy talk’, it means nothing more than that you have not looked at the evidence.  Nobody who looks at the evidence has any doubt at all about 9-11 FFO by CIA and Mossad. Knowing that very many people will hang if they are ever brought up on charges strongly biases my estimates of how extreme their decisions might be. After all, 9-11 FFO was pretty extreme, really ballsy, but it worked so far. But is now failing, increasingly so :

How the Oligarchy Has Prepared the Groundwork for Stealing the Election

Yesterday I read an article saying that our Deep State would be crazy to allow Hillary to be elected, they controlled Obama and will control Trump just the same way. Well, maybe not. Among other things, it isn’t the same as having someone in Citibank select your cabinet and appointee positions in agencies. Trump had some real outsiders as advisors, early on, must have scared everyone. Fresh looks at agencies, regulations, … could upset some apple carts.

Charles Hugh Smith does his usual excellent thinking. “America’s Ruling Elite Has Failed and Deserves to Be Fired” :


Ron Paul has a good view of what is wrong with foreign policy. If Trump used him as an advisor … :


Yes, the liberal mind has been closing :


There is still a certain amount of bitterness in some sections of our great nation wrt Janet Reno and the FBI’s killers, recently inflamed again by the assassination of Levoy Finicum :


This is ignorant to the point it is coverup of the voter fraud likely to be implemented, it does not mention the software that does exactly what they conjecture “If an attacker, leveraging a Microsoft Access spreadsheet vulnerability, for example, could plant malicious software on a tabulating machine via some form of removable hardware or phishing attack, it could cause a major delay in processing results or require laborious recounts.”


This software :

Something else not much covered in the election, Obamacare :


Diving Into the Medical CPI: Are Your Medical Expenses Up Only 5% from Year Ago?

This is true, except for things like the Senate and Electoral College, which are good designs of government in the Constitution, but does not touch on whether the system is also rigged against Trump.  Of course it is, and many initiatives are in process by both major parties to steal the election, precinct to nation :



Jacobin is seriously left progressive. Like NakedCapitalism, they don’t have much use for Clinton :


NakedCapitalism pushed this with a comment saying “Daily Mail, but mostly right in this article. But yes to using the RICO statutes, the Clintons are an ongoing crime organization. A revelation to me that a President cannot be impeached for crimes prior to office!!, so if Clinton is elected, we are stuck with her for 4 years, IFF she doesn’t commit more crimes. So becoming President is her best route to staying out of jail :


I found this just after I sent yesterday’s links. “Accused pimp calls federal case ‘unfair,’ citing billionaire’s lenient deal” :


I think this is not true, and I also don’t think Clinton will win FL, except by fraud. But, of course, I could be as wrong as Nate Silver, and neither of us would know the reasons before the fact. Any advantage my vantage point has is due to breadth of view. Any advantage he has is due to depth of view. We are both vulnerable to other’s selecting the data, I have better cross-checks than he can have, unless all the polls are sharing their raw data with him, so he has bigger samples and knows more of the biases. He doesn’t have that info, I doubt anybody except for NSA has that info :


This says I am wrong about FL.  We will see :


Alternatively and obviously so, a cynic could assume they all have copies of each other’s files as self-defense :

This was an incomprehensible-within-the-law decision originally, as the law does not require intent, contrary to Comey, and this changes nothing :


From which we learn that the CIA controls Al Arabiya, probably through some State Department grant ‘fostering democracy’ :




the above were all a result of scanning news.google.com. I haven’t done that for some months, part of abandoning Google and also the fact that it is a filter for a few points of view, mostly seriously Status Quo. There are NO positive articles today on Donald Trump, every article mentioning him, judging from the headlines, presents the most negative aspect possible. Google’s selection of headlines must be more biased than even most MSM is, which is considerable.

So, I am not missing much by skipping news.google.com, but gain far more breadth of view using my viewing time elsewhere.


This is Murdock, WSJ and Fox covering their bests, they know what is rigged, being among the riggers who see themselves losing power :


This is Trump’s son-in-law’s publication, which is not so biased imho pro-trump as CNN, for example, is anti-Trump :

Bernie Sanders Abandons Clinton in Final Week

Google’s news really should have linked to this :

Dave Chappelle Defends Trump, Rips Clinton: ‘She’s Not Right and We All Know It’

The beginning of tomorrow’s drip, drip, drip, as every DNC or Podestra email opens a possible thread of detecting links to the Clinton’s many violations of law and decency. More evidence of MSM outsourcing tasks such as writing questions to the DNC :




I Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System And In The Rule Of Law In The United States


A suggestion that whoever wins, the election will be long-contested :

The Fat Lady Has a Sore Throat

Keeping the market high through the election was key to a Clinton victory, but the result has been another bubble waiting to burst, and realization of that is a larger negative :


AS a preface, I should say I do support what the Governor is doing, as imho people who cannot be trusted with full citizen’s rights should be in prison or mental wards, and everyone else should be full citizens, I do not approve of the government being able to create partial citizens, to respect only some of our Bill of Rights for classes of people.

Given that, are they counting on a bloody revolution to save them? If Clinton wins VA by less than 60K votes, people will not trust the election result. Management that wants to be trusted is open and makes sure the information that is necessary to hold it accountable is available to anyone who asks. This is the opposite, this is people who don’t expect citizen’s trust to matter in their future. This again brings up Soros’s claim-statement of a few weeks ago, that the Electoral College has been bribed, the election is in the bag for Clinton. I would strongly discount this as a possibility, except that ruling classes very often have bad judgement when it comes to giving up power :


“Revolutions dawn when an appreciable number of the ruled realize their rulers are intellectual and moral inferiors.”

Much More Than Trump (Repost), by Robert Gore


Ruling classes are so reluctant to give up power, no matter how bad the situation they have created becomes. Blood is the first refuge of the incompetent :


Lest you forget, Clinton is the candidate of the War party :



20M Americans have felony convictions. This is what the VA gov is trying to fix. CA’s prop 64 is a major reform of the cannabis laws :


This is the small part of the story. The rest is ownership and editors filtering reporters and stories. MSM was respected when only the reporters were beguiled by hospitality, but that hasn’t been true for 20+ years, all during which MSM as institutions has lost credibility.  Add in a PC-politeness, and nothing difficult gets discussed anywhere. Nothing is worse for a society than loss of simple, clear, direct exchange of views at all levels, in all circumstances :


I didn’t read this, it is the standard Progressive defense “look how much better things are now than 70 years ago!”. But the very programs that produced those successes, or claim to have done so, have mutated and now threaten the society. That aspect of government is not discussed, so far as my quick scan shows. They discuss market failures, but not government failures :


China is centralizing power in the face of adversity, now more control of Hong Kong. Centralizing is exactly the wrong response, same as what is happening here in the US :


Relative sent me this, a refutation of the AGW theories, they don’t account for the historical record and their modern surface temp data has many problems. AGW is like Keynesian economics, hard to kill because it fits the politics.  You can’t model systems with chaos in them, both economics and climate have chaos. Shortest climate cycle is 60 years, so we have not verified any model, and they are all increasingly wrong wrt reality for the last 20 years :

Evolution of the Russian economy, farming is doing well. I read an article earlier this year about Russians importing breeder pigs and cattle from the US and Europe. I think the US and Europe will come to regret the sanctions and the price umbrella those gave Russian farmers :

Russia’s boom (farming) economy

Special Forces in Syria — frustration, it hasn’t worked, FSA is a criminal racket. Divided goals, military fights ISIS while CIA overthrows Assad, produces conflicting tactics and stupid policy, weapons, training and protection for jihadis :

This is thinking about next-generation ecommerce systems, software to allow communities to organize themselves from the block level on up. Evolution from bottom up must be the form of any solution, otherwise any answer will duplicate the problems of the existing order. Overall, this article has good understandings, but too ideological wrt resource uses and a particular view of the future. I don’t think you can predict much in any longer term, so you have to focus on evolving your world and merging the best of everyone’s ideas in that evolution. Judgements must be based on the only firm data you know you have, profit and loss, science and local conditions. Anything else allows ideology into your judgements, part of the problem of groupthink, killer of civilizations :


My wife says she couldn’t do it this fast. They were all trained with full automatic weapons :

The online war between open-sourced opinion and suppressors of those opinions by paid minions :

Reddit Users Declare War On Hillary’s Paid Internet Trolls

The only people still passionate about gun control are the hard Progressives :


Yes, models are important in science. However, the discussions tend to focus on the successful models, and to forget the very many models that had been proposed, but ultimately were found to diverge from experimental results. Models are hypotheses and generators of hypotheses :

Crosstalk: How Models Reveal the Secrets of Biology Without Making the News


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