Daily Reading #22

Just found this on wrsa. This story gains specificity every few hours, and the internet posse is on the case, e.g. reddit’s The Donald. Not just toast, char :


None of the Wikileaks emails or other documents have been shown to be fakes, so why would they start now ? :



Scott Adams agrees with me that Trump’s “Argument for America” is a fine piece of work. Great minds … :


I see the world this way also. Trump’s total argument about the future is much better and much more believable than Clinton’s and his base humanity is less in doubt. And have predicted this for some months, I always thought that there could be no news or breaking stories, barring false flags, to shift public opinion her way, all of the news would be bad for Clinton, drip, drip drip. That dynamic was inherent in her entire career, she was hugely hubristic, had consistently bad judgement, she did not have advisors she heeded, none willing to tell her she was being stupid. Her judgement was likely always favouring more money and power, she could not be moderate in the pursuit of those. Clinton was not good enough to win, and the entire facade that she was a certain thing, nomination and election, was very wrong in this year of rebellion. I said the Democrats were vulnerable more than a year ago, their story had delivered nothing to the minorities in recent years, immigration (a net positive, imho) was harder on minorities than even the white working class and far less positive than for the upper class Democrats :

Really black char. This is a connection developing over the last day, Clintons as sex trafficers.  Look at the interaction between the various players : a bunch of internet people have been working through the wikileaks emails. Yesterday, one of them finds another sex-with-children link to the Clintons in Haiti. A few hours later, Wikileaks repeats the important links in that Reddit thread in a tweet, which I and others interpret as a stamp of authenticity. Wow, MSM is so obsolete. Either the Clinton campaign is paralyzed or believes it won’t get into MSM, and so will not have much effect, no response so far Sunday afternoon :

Just now, the first links off of news.google.com. This first is a serious attempt to discredit the story, of course, by citing the Boston Marathon bombing, a faux attack hyped to beyond belief by the police and MSM, to discredit reddit :

Is Hillary Clinton Involved In A Child Sex Trafficking Ring? That’s A Real Conspiracy Theory Going Around Right Now

This is the 2nd link from news.google.com, brings up the point that Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms Silsby, etc. Thus the question has not been answered as to the reasons for the connection. Clintons are not reliable, the explanations have to be better than so far supplied, or we should assume the reverse, on the maxim of never giving power or $ the benefit of any doubt.

Really black char, not just toast. All of the projections are still using the polls, but we KNOW the polls are not very good this year, many more people are indicating ‘no preference’ or hanging up on them or are not visible to the polling system. The actual vote, imho, will be far stronger for Trump than the polls project :


Old-fashioned electoral fraud is alive and well, it isn’t all high-tech :


It is very difficult to know, even after the fact, what caused what, so articles like this are ‘cherry picking evidence’. OTOH, the past does predict the future, sort of, and everything must be considered in a full-context analysis of alternatives, e.g. voting. There are certainly clear cases where the output of thinktanks predicted the future, e.g. PNAC’s statement that a ‘Pearl Harbour’-equivalent event would be needed to push the US into a war in the ME. Thus, this seems relevant to me, no kidding, Clinton is supported by Nazis, strongly supported by Nazis :

Why Hillary Clinton Will Appoint Old World Nationalists to Cabinet Positions

Very clearly, control of politicians via blackmail is a normal part of our political system, the CIA-Deep State :

All-time most ridiculous ‘crisis actor’: President Bush’s gay male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, acting as White House ‘objective professional media’ to pimp US Wars of Aggression


Measures of a declining civilization :




Restoring America’s Economic Mobility

This is both a measure of a declining civilization and a common dynamic in all academic areas, it has now infected science and medicine faculties and is the reason for the AGW nonsense, High Energy physics’s big projects at the expense of everything else, and so few finds of new physics, new chemistry, etc. Biology has escaped the trends, at least in areas dominated by new technology, e.g. genetics and how that influences everything else, most of biology :


Farming cannot be treated as a factory operation, it is a very complex small business that requires thought specific to <everything> to do well, sustainably. You might not believe this. If not, watch Gabe Brown describing how he is the most profitable farmer in his county, meaning he is adding more value with his investment choices, time and materials :

Restoring America’s Economic Mobility

Elitists around the world have FUBARed their societies, by many measures of civilization :


There are no longer any honest companies ? :


The Coming Plague of Poverty Among the Elderly: Clinton’s Plan For Gutting Social Security :

The Coming Plague of Poverty Among the Elderly: Clinton’s Plan For Gutting Social Security

This is correct about the misinfo, and it isn’t just the internet, MSM will be full of misinfo, as usual. However, it is wrong wrt ‘vote hacking’.  That is taken care of via the reporting software, if you haven’t read blackboxvoting’s site and watched the video, you must :


Black Box Voting book: FREE

I would like to believe this, but the problem is ‘what fraction is in charge?’ of different pieces of the criminality. If the oligarchs are in charge of stealing votes, PCRoberts is likely correct. But 9-11 was an incredible bit of hubris, they believed they could hide a false flag that large long enough to avoid the political fallout! The people who did 9-11 will hang if normal politics returns, they cannot allow peace. Clinton is that Deep State’s representative, also, and she has her own war crimes to avoid the consequences of :


I agree with this analysis, but the issue is all small businesses are being crushed by financialization. A nation’s future evolves from small operations, the centralization we have experienced has ended our system’s dynamism :

Want to Understand Trump’s Rise? Head to the Farm.


Yes, propaganda is now a normal part of governance in every country. Fixing that is key to the advancement of civilization in this country :


The propaganda rewrites history to bias your political opinions today :


Saudi Arabi’s money and American power seem to be losing influence on Egypt. Putin is reorganizing the political alliances in the ME, and our government can’t do a damn thing about it. Good for Putin, the world is better for his efforts :



Around the world, the spirit of rebellion is increasing :


I think, very likely, the rising Moslem ‘fundamentalism’ is the same problem as everywhere else, people use the tools and methods and institutions they have available to them, and Muslims are facing the same problems as people in all other parts of the world, the result of too-powerful governments ignoring their interests and biasing everything to the rulers and the wealthy :


This is positive, not even Google can do everything wrong. Another thing Google does right is allow me to use their cache to avoid Wired and other such sites’ restrictions on my viewing them with adblock enabled :


I think electric cars are intelligent if and only if a) an area needs to deal with air polution or b) if you want a very fast car over short distances. Otherwise, they are not cost-effective relative to gasoline or diesel. Further, other varieties of internal combustion engines are improving quickly in efficiency and emissions, likely faster than batteries in performance. Electric vehicles can only exist with enormous subsidies and the propaganda that makes people think they are virtuous when they buy them. So far as I am aware, no electric car recharges in less than hours, they make no sense at all for long distance travel, and ‘electric super highways’ are DUMB! :


This is a good review of the results of the various anti-prostitution laws, a subset of the laws against various private behaviors, all of which enable the police state, the growth of the intelligence forces and mafias. Social control, civil liberties control, civil suit control for damages (the Catholic Church’s experience indicates that is effective, as it will be some generations before another Bishop fails to report a priest’s abuse of children to at least the parishoner’s judgement, as the last failures have cost the church 10s of $Bs and hastened loss of parishners and priests). The laws assume victims, but there are no victims :



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