Daily Reading #21

This is a very anti-establishment message, ‘failed and corrupt’, and it is winning :

zh labels this “The smoking gun”, yes, everyone knew the Clinton Foundation was not operating ‘in compliance with the law’ from the beginning, acting as a political organization, not a charitable organization. Nobody doubted that, of course, but here is the proof that the insiders were aware of the fact, and did not or could not change it :


Insanity of the day, which makes sense if you carefully don’t equate ‘breach of Russia’s backbone networks’ with ‘attack’. OTOH, US law considers ‘unauthorized login’ an ‘attack’ punishable by the full force of law.  I wonder what Russia’s laws are :


Russia’s obvious reply, the US is doing exactly what it accuses Russia of having done, on no proof, and “Why the rush to war?” :


This guy makes a lot of sense, intelligent talk radio format. His interest in the occult was an interest in one of the smartest engineers I knew, a good friend, so I have to excuse it, tho <yuck, so anti-science>. I need to tell you, I generally agree with him :

Hillary’s problems of ethics continue to be revealed. Drip, drip, drip :


Pilger’s interview with Assange has a good overview of the drip, drip, drip details. If Assange projected a warm and fuzzy image, he would engender more sympathy with his illegal incarceration by the US, Britain and Sweden, a conclusion the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention came to and anyone who looks at the situation agrees with. He is working for the American people, whatever our government thinks. ISIS and Clinton both are strongly supported by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, Qatar, et al, while Clinton’s State Dept allows the largest arms deal ever, $80B with SA. She takes money and runs a US foreign policy that makes no sense at all, favors ISIS beyond all :


These ‘facts’ are all over alt-media, everyone claims to have a friend in the NYPD who knows the story and told them,no way to know their truth, but the stories have a common set of claims, the kind of checkable, verifiable facts the Clinton campaign could refute easily, e.g. “Hillary Clinton was on Epsteins sex island 6 times, Bill more than 20”. I am not sure who could be persuaded to testify who is any more believable than the principals, but … Maybe the pilots, depending on how much time they spent having fun on sex island, of course. Reading versions over the day, it seems to me that there are new details, the kind of things a reporter would check, so maybe reality.

Really, knowing the Clintons, the 650K emails certainly contain enough info wrt massive corruption, and likely sex crimes, to put the whole bunch of them in jail for life. Very bad thing to elect her, instant major political crisis, a big need for war :


Trump will not have the best trade policy, free trade is essential to hold off crony capitalism :


Again, the polls are lying because the election will be stolen. Trying to be as cynical as I can be,it is never enough for this government, my prediction is that the election will go to Clinton ( of course stolen why else have the tools they do?, and 9-11 etc show they think they can control the political consequences), but narrowly, and the counter media will be full of stories of fraud happening, questionable results in the losing states, a few precincts tip everything. At the same time, the exit polls will show a landslide for Trump, but there will not be enough good exit polls to show the general case. So another problem election, same as Bush-Gore, and maybe Bush’s 2nd also, but this one in a political-social-economic division much like that before the civil war :


Another reason to doubt the polls is the future market, which have much research showing how they work and why they work so well. So if Clinton is elected, a divide by zero singularity, nothing is predictable :



The future after a contested election and President Clinton will not be peaceful :


The average view from anti-Clinton writers is not hopeful, whatever the outcome of the election. SLL is mild and rational on that spectrum :

Elections Are Also About Issues, by Robert Gore




3 of 4 people in this video are speaking sense. Only the Clinton supporter can’t do that :

Scott Adams brings up the fact that Trump doesn’t drink or do drugs.  That alone makes the law suit against him and Epstein less likely to be true, as nobody who is that disciplined about drugs is likely to rape a 13-year-old, absent some other kink, which we do not see in any of the other info about Trump :


Progressives don’t generalize their values :



RSN doesn’t have very good comments, but this was a good discussion of reasons for the polls beign so volatile :


Clinton will lose in a landslide, unless fractial voting adjusts the votes. That can only be known by good exit polling :


The beginning of a trend to voluntary associations running the world, I hope ?:


Yet another disease trying hard to become established in our populations :


From drudge. I can’t imagine any experiment where the experimental measurements interfere more with the thing being measured, but maybe I am not creative enough :


What could go wrong ? Also, how will this help? It is not like our governments don’t have all of our id info available to them, and identities are still stolen :


The beginning of Erdogan’s problems in trying to impose a hard dictatorship on a mostly-free country :


The sad results of Clinton’s wars continue :

Over 240 Migrants Drown Off Libyan Coast Due to Bad Weather

Another measure of how bad our schools are, and the problems of the society in general, SSRIs, …  :


Our culture has not accepted the fact that the two sexes have different cultures with different modes of expression. The article talks about dangers of rape, but there are no studies showing lewd expressions lead to rape, that is the argument wrt pornography, and is wrong :


I have been following youtubes recommendations, certainly see a range  of info and opinions. This is, I believe, a correct view of the impact of ice ages on human evolution, but they have all the details of humans and human interactions of the time wrong, or at least wrong in general, because we KNOW that people have had a much wider range of behaviors in human hunter-gatherer societies, and the newest genetic evidence suggests the populations were small and very inbred. Stupid inbred societies turn strangers away, and eventually exit from the living via excessive homozygosity adding more constraints to their existence, but the smart ones include their genetics, at least. You don’t have to be very friendly to include a stranger’s genetics, although it helps. But even more, information. Life was terribly boring when you rarely ever met or talked to more than the 30 people in your hunter-gatherer band. You had to be nice to get information, the most valuable thing in surviving. So I think people were generally nice, if possible, nature selected us for that. Not because we are good, not because nature is wise and certainly we aren’t. Rather, selection selects AGAINST poor traits more stringently than it selects FOR positive traits. This is true in a world in which most of your environment are fellow humans with normal human tendencies. Beat your wife in a primitive culture, and her brother puts a spear through your back or she puts a knife in your heart while you sleep.

Another interesting point in this, in 5-6, it repeats the idea that learning to knap flint takes years. A professor I saw in the last few weeks that says it is trivial, apes do it, students can make a blade in their first hour of class good enough to butcher a goat, but the precision of the end result, how much cutting edge per pound of flint, is what improves with practice and with the more advanced knapping techniques. Individual skill and talent enhance those, as they do everything else.


I very much agree, there are not many journalists emulating IFStone :

The Descent of the Left Press: From IF Stone to The Nation

$50 Trillion Sideline Cash Conundrum?

Yesterday I watched videos on the ice ages. Whole different perspective relative to AGW. In the last 2.5M years, there have been 30 episodes of glaciation with associated loss of species and entire populations of humans. The last glaciers receded 30K years ago. So far as I know, there are no such caused by higher temperatures. On the whole, I think there is more evidence of the earth entering a cold period compared to a warm spell, a phase in a regular cycle of warm-cold, rising melting glaciers producing rising oceans in warm periods, the reverse in cold :

Then I found this series. ‘Mathias Rust’ was the name of the kid who flew the light plane into Russia, landed in Red Square in 1987.  Interesting family 8), but not very good documentary if measured by info density. Videos are good for points of view, text is best for info transmission, videos give you much time to think about relationships relative to text :

Cultural evolution using PIE as the example. General criticisms, but the 200 words and assessments underlying the model and paper being critiqued would make it easy to show specifics from those generalities, the exact reasons the model came to the incorrect conclusions they highlight.  They didn’t, tho I believe them overall because of the cross-checks of evidence from other areas of study, linguistics, genetics and archaeology. So, another model was constructed without sufficient attention to validating it, especially the assumptions underlying measurements of viral evolution as compared to language evolution :

The “Secrets in the Dust’ series seems to be the story of early archaeologists, Germans so far :

I have been trying to move away from Google as much as possible, have started using DuckDuckGo.com as a search engine. DDG doesn’t keep lists of your searches, as well as not being Google. DDG is doing better, I don’t normally need to use Google now. E.g. this is the first thing it brought up on my search for ‘Darius Persepolis founding tablets’ :


I cannot find info on the gold tablets, add ‘gold’ to the search terms, and it produces this, which also informs me they are properly called ‘plates’ :

Most of the discussions are attempts at indirect validation of Joseph Smith’s gold plates as a proper medium for the heavens, well used through history. No kidding.

When I repeated that search with Google, more than 3/4 of the first 20 were the same, somewhat different orders.  All of the first 5 were the same. However, I still haven’t found what they say !

I conclude DDG is a good-enough default search engine, use it in my chromium browser, just because I know chromium reports it to Google 8).

This is very good propaganda, but BS. It uses many true facts about the failures of our elites to bolster the anti-immigration platform, with the usual lies, e.g. “they don’t learn English or integrate” which is factually untrue in 1000s of examples around the world, especially including the US of A, among whom the only people who have not integrated in 400 years of history are the Amish and Hutterite groups. ZH indulge crap thinkers to gain page clicks, imho :


I didn’t watch all of this, it is a low info-density documentary with lousy film, discusses all of the evidence for drugs among the other luxury goods as early international trade. Cocaine and nicotine in Egyptian mummies, opium in deep-sea wrecks, etc. Interesting :

This is clever technology in a constrained world :


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