Daily Reading #20

I linked to blackboxvoting a few days ago. You may have assumed all votes were counted as a whole number tally — wrong. This is the reason they have been fixing the polls, you can allocate votes to approximae those, don’t need to predict how many people voted and still can control the outcomes with precision. Memphis, TN found this, because their votes were obviously being stolen, of course.  If, given these mechanisms, you believe your vote is NOT going to be stolen, you must explain the mechanism’s existence, proper uses of these capabilities.

Were I going to hack the election, I would want a lot of noise in the background, other explanations for anomalous network packets showing up, process that should not be executing, etc. It is no trick at all for a script kiddy in Iowa to appear to be coming from a server in Russia or anywhere else on the planet. Finding systems to springboard from is the first thing a hacker does, and experienced hackers link through several to maximally hide their origin :


“Mass rejection of corrupt politics as usual” is the answer :


What does it take to bring Hillary Clinton to justice? – Pepe Escobar :


The daily bad news. Go read some, no kidding, ordinary office mail from one pov, and then every now and then, you are blinded by their cynicism shining through :


This is lovely, the FBI is using the Wikileaks documents to pursue their investigations of Clinton. Anyone who would run so aggressively for President with so much baggage has more than a touch of Hubris to the Power of Dunning-Kruger.  However, there is no ‘office of the special prosecutor’ now, any ‘special prosecutor’ will work under Justice Dept control :

Hillary’s High Crimes & Misdemeanors



Reddit’s group is very active in looking at the Wikileak documents, they produce many insights, which standard news organizations scan for their articles and overviews. As an example, look at the timeline they provide. Zerohedge does that as well as Guardian and LATimes (all old stuff from the LATimes, they didn’t want to cover this, you can tell by the first sentence ‘theft and discosure of emails by her aides and advisors’ which ‘US intelligence agencies say were stolen by Russian government hackers’ ):



This is the larger thread, which you can’t read and do much else :

This is another of the many things that government cannot prohibit, but people should not allow themselves to do. Here a symptom of our failing democracy, and the extremes the Status Quo has driven people to. One suspects this App is easily gamed, however, and very likely intentionally so :


Armstrong anticipates a rise in civil unrest of Clinton is elected, the other side of the many stories I saw yesterday (the DNC’s day’s talking points, of course), that Trump was bad for the stock market. Also, the FBI leaks that Clinton’s server was verifiably hacked by at least 5 different foreign intelligence agencies, a good indications of how easy it is to cover you tracks, because EVERYBODY hacked Hillary’s server, it was an unprotected Windows server, not even behind a firewall! :

Clinton Foundation Being Investigated now by IRS, FBI & Intelligence

A friend sent me this, the essence of Trump’s speeches. Good video editing, the best kind of propaganda as it is largely true :

This is worst-case-if-true for Trump. I am split between ‘it isn’t getting MSM attention because it is worse for Clinton, as Bill (and now also Hillary, if you believe the most-recent FBI leaks wrt the 650K emails) and not believing it because Trump seems to me to have been careful about being blackmailed, something anyone in any position of wealth and public prominence surely has to attend to. OTOH, Epstein certainly sucked a lot of people into his scheme, certainly part of Israeli intelligence, blackmail is what intelligence organizations do and people like Epstein and the pimps working for the CIA (Dennis Hastert case illuminated them) make the blackmail possible. Also, there is no hint in anything I have read about Trump’s sexual satisfaction needing rape and hurt, and his habits are certainly well-known enough we would know :

The Trump – Epstein Rape Lawsuit

In fact, so far as I can see, Trump really appreciates adult women. However crudely expressed, I find that hard to fault. Even his expressions of his appreciation were pretty standard, it seems to me. I heard them often, have mostly been around educated people in my adult life.

Washinton’s Blog is another good alternative site, publishes some of their own writing and posts many others, as does zh. They don’t have anything good to say about Hillary, also not Trump. I rather suspect many of them have decided to vote for Trump, which you know because of the 13% undecided + the fact that Trump or Clinton is going to win, which forces most votes in most states.  If Hillary is going to win in your state, many will vote Stein or Johnson to deny her your vote. If Trump has a chance, they won’t take the chance of Clinton winning.


Either the polls are screwy, or MSM is even worse than I thought, because the avalanche of bad news for Clinton has changed the polls very little. When Trump does something stupid or outrageous or has major bad press, the polls show him falling in subsequent days. That is not symmetrical in the case of Clinton. It is impossible to believe that a person with as many obvious and large ‘issues’ as HRC can stay out of jail, much less be elected dog catcher, much less President of the US. OTOH, 538 is not as optimistic as it was. Also, it should be noted he has been wrong about Trump the entire year :



Also, the polls are not consistent with comments and commentary on rather Progressive web sites such as NakedCapitalism, they are not fans of Clinton, just the opposite.  They don’t quite conclude they have to vote for Trump, but it is also difficult to believe any of their readers will vote for Clinton. Read their comments, there are comments criticising Trump, links to many of the same articles I see on ZH and WRSA, but no Clinton defenders any more. Also, their comments use the term ‘false flag’ just as much as ZH or WRSA. That is the political convergence that is happening :


The one poll # I think explains a lot is the 13% undecided. If there are so many among voters, there is no predicting the election from polls. If not, if it is some artifact of the polls, people who say “I can’t decide” whereas I tell pollsters to go away, both of us because we don’t trust anyone associated with any political class. And, of course, it could be part of MSM and minions covering up what would otherwise be a blow-out loss, except for the fractional voting adjustments mentioned above.

This seems more a process of insulating Clinton from last-minute revelations, pre-positioning her “Russia did it” defense. Be assured that their ‘unprecedented effort to counter ‘their’ cyber meddling’ is not good for you or your civil liberties.  It also is a ready-made excuse for hackers detecting the vote fraud mechanisms in place in 91% of the US vote counting systems. The election will be stolen  :


Foreign policy advice from an Israeli-Neocon master at FUBARing the world :


Another point about NakedCapitalism, they link to many ‘alternative’ news and opinion sites :

Fact Check: Trump Is Right that Clinton Might Cause WW3

Commentary on the election from The Saker, a very rational and knowledgable analyst, imho, of course, who agrees with me that a vote for Clinton is a vote for war :


This kind of critique only became prevalent AFTER Erdogan started talking to Russia :

Turkey and the Next War


This should work in the ME, if the US and Israel would let it :


This is the best advice US foreign policy can do, not very good, imho.  However, I include it because of this clever phrasing in their point 3 — [we have been successful in] “protecting the homeland (no successful attack against the US since 9/11 directed and carried out by a foreign terror organization);”.  :

I can think of reasons for this, both exonerating and incriminating. However, never give power or $ the benefit of any doubt, they are guilty, of course. The rigged polls support that interpretation :


And here comes the false flag op they need to move the election to Clinton :


Yet another analyst concluding the trends to war are very real, and the new US doctrine of ‘Nuclear Primacy’ are stupid and dangerous. Obviously, our leaders have better bunkers than we citizens do, and have over-estimate the capabilites of the ABM systems, which only work about half the time in carefully staged tests where everything is known ahead of time.  Israel’s “iron dome’ doesn’t intercept all the missiles in a very small theatre against much less capable missiles than Russia will use if our idiot leaders do get WWIII started :




From NakedCapitalism this AM :

Cenk Uygur: WikiLeaks Reveal Hillary Clinton As “Living Embodiment Of Corruption” RealClearPolitics (furzy). Note RCP skews right wing, so you need to read past some of the noise. Lambert and I lament that we are having to link to sites we’d normally not use because the MSM is refusing to touch or greatly underreporting some important stories.

Curtis is too simple here. The rest of the problem is that the entire Left had bought into the idea of the government managing the economy, and the government was largely run by people of a Progressive mindset. So this is a failure of the Left in active management, not just the activists failing to oppose on the streets :


Europe is struggling to get out from under the corrupt EU structure, just as Americans are trying to end our corrupt Federal government :



Good article. This election marks the end of many publications in MSM, not just the NYTimes. The Times and some others will be bought by Bezos equivalents and run as their own propaganda organs, as the WaPo now is :


Indeed, easy money is perfectly consistent with over-leveraging and the consequent liquidity problems that will bring down the financial system. There is no end to leverage in big trading firms and banks, so a Fed that wants to prevent financial crashes is obligated to continue providing liquidity == ever-cheaper $ :

Absurd Notions: World is Running Out of Dollars

Doctorow should add ‘transparency’ to ‘free speech, privacy and fairness’ as a focus of the Internet, is correct to ignore copyright :


Montana Supreme Court says ‘jury trials for civil forfeiture cases. I think there will be much pushback on gov power this election and following.  Just filled out my ballet, there are a satisfying number of things to vote against :




When we have our FUBARed system of government back inside of Constitutional limits, maybe our courts will be able to come to obvious conclusions also :


Friends of mine were involved in research into spinal cord damage and treatments. The procedure was to expose the spinal cord, and drop a ball bearing through a tube from different heights onto the spinal cord to produce defined damage. Sadly, the control group of ‘no damage, just spinal cord exposed’ was as disabled as the various damage groups, because the surgeons were used to operating on humans, not animals. I watched humans doing surgery on humans, thought they were ham-handed Klutzes compared to the care we used in animal brain surgery:


These are all extrapolations from MODELS, not reality. The output of models are hypotheses, not reflections of a known future state.  Given that it is far more likely, again hypotheses from MODELS, that we are entering a cold climate period, this is nonsense and is costing science credibility. :



This is the context, which I found by accident. In the last 2.5M years, the ice sheets have expanded and receded 30 times. Do the models reproduce that sequence? They claim to do so, the 2nd link :

How do climate models work?

To me, the evidence was persuasive that the ‘hockey stick’ was intentional fraud by Michael Mann et al :


The basic assumptions of oceanic ecology are wrong, again :


Scientists call for breaching dams to save Puget Sound orcas

Things Windows people don’t know :


The entire world is being transformed into ‘the precariat’ :

Uber in Pakistan: A Lesson in the Flaws of the Sharing Economy

This is an excellent argument for ‘full context in all dimensions’, which is hard to do and doesn’t work anyway. So governments should not have a foreign policy, but people and other entities may do as they wish in a free society :


“The rulers’ absence of commitment to the rule of law negates the obligation of the ruled to obey.” This country is headed to a shooting revolution if we do not return to Constitutional law. Shooting revolutions are disasters for everyone involved :


Simply unbelievable reasoning, and an important aspect of ‘above the law’ that leads to revolution :


The Indictment That Made Bill Clinton President


Using Tor a) selects you for further scrutiny in places like China, and b) doesn’t protect you from the US government, which will identify you within 6 months if you use it often *which accounts for the child pornographers being caught), both of which put the proponents of Tor in a conflicted position. Note this guy thinks that ‘freedom == ‘right wing ideology’ :


This is a fun read, modern life has so many povs mixing in such interesting ways. The NPR stations played nature sounds for years as a standard AM feature, I used to hear them on my way to work (when I still listened to NPR, not for years, National Propaganda Radio now. The last sort-of-opposing-goverment story I heard was the Texas bail bondsmen profiting by electing judges who set bail for everyone, resulting in so many destroyed lives.  That still goes on, everywhere, but not often discussed on NPR, I think.) “The album sold briskly and was written about in all the papers. The San Francisco Chronicle noted that a local freeform radio station played Teibel’s ocean for two weeks straight during a strike. Listenership improved.” :


Then I listened to humpback whales singing for a while. Interest needs referents, I think, couldn’t listen for long.



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