Daily Reading #1E

Not much reading today.


This is the same thing as is happening in E Aleppo, innocents are killed wherever armies contend in cities :

This is What Will Happen to Mosul After ISIS is Evicted

Can The American People Defeat The Oligarchy That Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts

Just what DOES Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Division DO Anymore?

NSA has been the world’s chief hacking organization, this names 300 of their targets :


If the alt-right is defined as focused on race, the alt-right media are NOT responsible for the change in politics. There are a few overt racists on many pro-Trump or Patriot sites where I read comments, but are largely ignored or voted down by the rest :

Rise of the Alt-Right

Charlie Hedbo was very likely a false flag operation, of course, as were most of the other ‘terrorist bombings’. Those keep the supporters of the security services in power, exactly their intent. They are doing so by FUBARing the societies they exist within. In the US, the ‘lie that American police are filled with racist murderers’ is the left’s interpretation of the facts that a) the police kill far more people than necessary as a result of their training, funded by the Federal government, b) blacks live in high-crime areas, thus a lot of police activity, and c) police unions have great political influence within their departments, so police are NOT often charged and very rarely convicted of their misdeeds. In the context of a bureaucracy, nobody need take responsibility, and police literally get away with murder. But it isn’t racism, the black cops work the same as the white cops, both good and bad :




An example of the many advantages of reading widely and randomly. Had I not read this, it could have been years before I learned that there was a porn-genre of Karaoke! Perhaps here is a reverse-Rule 32. Blues bars used to be this mix of people :


The ‘green revolution’ is over-hyped, of course, and has problems of sustainability, in addition to which Russia now has its wheat-producing areas under effective management and is now exporting more wheat than the US. Better laws in India greatly improved their production :

Putting Wheat in Its Place, Or Why the Green Revolution Wasn’t Quite What It’s Made Out to Be

The Colorado River’s water is over-promised :



More evidence of the bushy hominid family tree :


No kidding, centralization doesn’t work, a fact long known, and one our government cannot understand because its entire model of governing depends on centralization :

The infinite information problem and state centralization

Discussion of accents of English from around the world. Languages evolve in words and accents, rate of evolution is the number of cultural influences * number of people, so the rate of evolution of English should be highest of the big languages, as English is spoken by more people as 1st or 2nd language than any other). Not Chinese, which is actually 5 separate spoken languages, although Mandarin is becoming a 2nd language throughout Asia. Interesting that both French, with more speakers in African than in France, and Portugese, with many more Brazilians and Africans than native Portugese, are more important than their native countries would warrant.



The impossibilities of the governments 9-11 stories are endless. Obviously, the cell phones with their passengers were not made from the airplanes that hit the towers, nor the non-airplane that did not fall into the hole in the PA field :

If you think gun control laws are sensible, it only means you haven’t studied the data :


This is the BS that Progressives tell themselves. Trump has nothing to do with ‘white identity’, and everything to do with financialization speeding up the internationalization of supply chains, meaning jobs moved out faster than new jobs were created.  Now Trump will increase import duties to protect domestic manufacturers, just another step in centralization of power, another negative-sum political game.  Those are how we got here, and harm consumers in a different way. Best is simple rules that put pressure on their exporters to reduce import duties into the country, e.g. our import dutiy on goods from China is the higher of [ 5% or the highest duty on any US good going into China ]. The trade treaties have been bad for the American workers, the elites want more of them, etc.  Nothing to do with race, and Trump is making that point, which is the reason so many minorities are supporting him :

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