Daily Reading #1D

Disease organisms, and organisms evolving into disease organisms, is a major drive of evolution :

Mysterious Infection Linked To Water Targets Healthy, Fit People In Our Area

All governments are the centralized, rule-based organizations that can easily be gamed by anyone willing to cleverly ignore the rules. This is the case of the Mexican Mafia :

I spent several hours this AM looking for new video sources, people with interesting thoughts. I hope it is just a bad time in vlogging history, that the election is over-stressing people’s minds and preventing interesting through, because the landscape is dismal. I have looked at least 30 different channels, using Youtube as a springboard from hexen?? Most of them are very partisan, only the libertarians seem to escape that. Partisanship cripples thought, obviously. It is easier to find blogs with intelligent comment. All, so far, of the best vloggers I have watched so far have some kinks in their brains that I find simultaneously anti-factual, anti-rational and anti-wise. Maybe all the writers do also, and I just haven’t found the strange points, but they are obvious faster, at least, in the vlogs.

Much more interesting are the new organizations, e.g. BoilingFrogsPost, e.g. :

and ZeroHedge, which is publishing several stories every day that summarize information from many sources. The web is their AP, the many different sources trying hard to get their bits of insight into the public eye are crowd-sourcing the important info. Wikileaks made that easy to see what was going on. Now you can see that the web is a new info ecosystem. ‘Social media’ is a prominent part of that because smart phones made it easy. The flaw of the msm is their pov that they originate news via reporters calling people, talking to people, inspecting documents, and that is the only legitimate way.


One of the hot topics is interpreting Comey’s sequence of actions. My take is that, whatever the actual, it will be spun by Comey and others as “In an intensely divided electorate, first he elicited great support from the left, then used that to defeat criticism when he reversed his decision. The 1st decision on Clinton’s guilt was a clever setup to make the 2nd, objectively true, verdict stick”. And that he did it in the only way possible to ensure she did not become POTUS while the FBI put the total case together. The evidence better turn out to be very, very good, to make that credible.

That opinion is weakly supported by the reports of 5 separate FBI investigations of Clinton and friends :


More strange stuff, not something Comey would have chosen to remind everyone of :


How elections are stolen, really, really, hard evidence, Diebold is organized fraud, very clear that Bush won the election because Diebold machines are easily manipulated :


This is a fine piece of work :

Oxycontin from Purdue Pharma, continuing deaths and continuing lobbying by Purdue to prevent restrictions on its use :



Cost of empire is killing the empire, just like always in history :




I think that attributing this to the Israeli Ynon Plan is the best explanation for the original motive, tho bankster, etc. interests may be additional motives :

How Putin Derailed the West

I called this also : the dynamic of heated elections, MSM controlling most of the candidates’ exposures, and limited debates keeps 3rd parties down, absent a big story. They needed to use 9-11, and only Jill Stein has mentioned the need for a new investigation :


View story at Medium.com

CIA is not honest with Americans in American’s interests. It lied about exposure of US troops to chemical agents in Iraq. That sickness was real, too many people had the same problems and too many MDs agreed :



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