Daily Reading #1C

There are no longer any un-trusted people in the upper echelons of government. Can we even imagine a bureaucrat who insists on adhering to the letter of the law when it is against the interests of their bureaucracy?


Charles Hugh Smith is one of the more rational commentators on the web, and this is an interesting pov. Indeed, ‘deep state’ is many different interests that know different aspects of many different things around the world, just as fractured as any other Mafia. They have many serious thinkers among the cowboys, just like real societies, as seen in Mafias around the world. I have commented that serious comment from many directions was giving people an OK to not favour Clinton, it has been one of the trends against her from the beginning of her run for office. The anomaly isn’t that the opinions existed, it is that so many MSM publications echoed them. MSM’s major effects are as a frame and a filter, they don’t need to allow any item or pov. :



Halloween Nation

Peter Thiel is trained as a philosopher and lawyer, it must be the philosopher that produced his engineering-like approach, he focuses on reality, uses straight reasoning from the facts. “We are voting for Trump because we judge our leadership to have failed.” Nice speech, I normally can’t listen to them at all, hate the lies in every other sentence. Normal political speech patronizes and panders. Man may be setting himself up as the first gay president? :



“Deal with reality, reality always deals with you”.  The modern technology allows average people to out-PR the central powers as distributed by MSM, e.g. “Epic agitprop” is worth looking at. World needs more of it. And read the comments, interesting unconfirmed ‘facts’ about the Wiener emails containing a great deal of incriminating info :


No intelligence or legal professional had any doubt that Clinton should be charged with and convicted of violating secrecy laws with her private email server. She clearly did to hide the Clinton Foundation and its role in her life. The media didn’t want to ask the right people, and allowed the American voters to remain in ignorance until this late in the game.  Now everyone has been screwed by MSM’s corruption, and none of the political parties look good at all :

The Coming Constitutional Crisis Over Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate

This indicates that the problems faced by the FBI and the open discussion of an on-going investigation in the email case are due to the total system complexity, laws + courts + bureaucracies :

The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash

This repeats the idiocy that ‘there was no case against Clinton’, flat wrong, lesser people are convicted of minor mishandlings and go to jail. Her decisions and daily behavior were all major mishandlings, for which no intent need be proven :


Keeping corporate $ out of politics is not possible.  Keeping foreign money, etc., ditto. The only way to keep $ out of politics is to reduce the power of the political system so much that it has not much to sell :

Millions in political donations fueled by matching bonuses at Boston law firm


WaPo is a propaganda organ, e.g. “One leader, LaVoy Finicum, sped away in a truck, and police shot and killed him after he got out of the vehicle and reached for his gun, officials said.” Complete BS, Finicum was going to see the Sheriff of the next county, and the Feds knew it.


They executed him in a carefully staged ambush :

Also, the term not being used in any of this is “Jury Nullification”, what very probably happened :


More political posing. We do not have the necessary depth of knowledge of the economy, which is a world-wide emergent phenomena of very very great complexity, that would allow us to manage it, not even if we had a technology that can manage complex systems, which we don’t. Economists appear to know nothing about systems, nor about complexity nor mathematical chaos, and never acknowledge that their efforts have all failed, everywhere the political system has allowed them to attempt it :

The Last Chapter Problem

This claims that Koreans are upset over ‘irrational corruption’. Seems worse than that to me, theft of people’s small companies is different in kind than getting kickbacks from directing contracts :


The ‘Arab Spring’ didn’t resolve much of anything, and food prices are a problem for the poor, again :


US assistance in the ME killings continues, our country’s karma is net negative :



This is true, and also ignores that the Syrian government has given the rebels in E Aleppo the option of leaving, several times. They have not done so, and also prevent the civilians, their human shields, from leaving. The US calls such deaths ‘collateral damage’ where we do exactly the same for exactly the same reasons, but with no legal basis for our side of the wars of aggression we are running :



The value of modern college education is falling :



ACA was a dumb concept, services limited by rule, the kind of rules that can easily be evaded, the world being so complex, but the $ to fund it limited by entirely different mechanisms. Terrible control system, nobody could have expected it to succeed, certainly nobody in the rational-economics world thought it would. What do you think that means? :


This is why Clinton continues to lose, it is the insiders view of how to select winning strategies, where to put advertising dollars, what ‘issues’ need to be discussed in different media markets, etc. And it depends on polls, so can be no better than their polling data, which is no better than their polling methodology. Trump tests all of his messages in his rambling speeches and wide-ranging tweets. He replays what is working and abandons the rest. The media think he looks dumb, and his poll numbers keep climbing as individual after individual resonates with the messages favoring him and dissing her. He is spending a fraction of her budget for advertising, and the campaign events are so large they make the local news, along with his best messages. Hers can’t, so much, there weren’t any people there :


and this, MSM can’t do that any more. This seems right to me. He hasn’t said so yet, but my conclusion is that Clinton will now bow out and all will be pardoned by Obama. That keeps the Status Quo facade in place until after the election, at least, then hands all the problems over to Trump. :

Which is why the CIA is losing in Syria :

A heart-rending propaganda image designed to justify a major U.S. military operation inside Syria against the Syrian military.

Yes, the Russian’s no-fly zone, because the USofA is shipping arms to the people in East Aleppo, finally admitted, dead last among major publications around the world, by the NYTimes. That touching image is part of the propaganda apparatus pushing more war that your tax dollars support. The US has no vital interests wrt Syria, these are Israeli and Israeli-Neocon + MIC + Oil interests + factions of the deep state :

The De Facto US/Al Qaeda Alliance


Comey was the first obvious indication, AFTER the online came back into line with reality, following a series of articles at that statistics web site, the one that pointed out that the polls, even in their best interpretation, did not support those odds, and some of the many reasons he thought the polls were having problems, their own internal evidence and procedures. This is another, seems to me, there are many very politicized entities that are going to have to bring themselves back into sync with the external reality that 50+% of your fellow citizens see things in a fundamentally different way, and you really do have to pay attention to us. No more riding roughshod over our rights, time to roll back centuries of laws, the dead weight of a failed model of civilization, and the reason that Russia will now outpace the US, despite its many problems. That


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