Daily Reading #1B

The American people have been so snookered, my God, the questions that were not asked, and the media that ignored it all :

Former FBI Assistant Director “Clintons are a crime family”. No kidding :


The first major newspaper calls for removing Clinton as a candidate :


“It is too risky to vote for her ” :


“If the story gets out, we are screwed.” :


Clinton’s team is filled with very flawed individuals who all need insurance, proof of other’s crimes, to insulate them from consequences of their own :


James Comey, American Hero

What will ZeroHedge do without the Wikileaks document dumps? Their crowd-sourcing model allows zh to provide a reader’s equivalent to CNN’s very short news cycle, cheaply, and the vloggers run off of those, from zh, breaitbart and … dozens of different web sites are digging through every news story and the wikileaks emails, making their livings (poor just now, but once the flow of online advertising dollars began, MSM was suddenly in an evolutionary arms race as the center and central power vs the peripheral insurgents. The center always ultimately loses those contests, the world does not have one species of tree per climate zone. :


Lynch won’t answer Congress’s questions wrt Iran cash. Congress is NOT DOING ITS JOB, it has the power to compel the administration to produce information, it can cut their budget to $0 if it wishes :


The economy is in decline, on the edge of a financial system crash :

Meddling with Markets for Work and for Pleasure

As I have been saying, this is not a year when polls can work. Polls are estimates of social behavior, collected from a particular population. Some kinds of polls are known to be particularly fallible, e.g. questions about sexual behavior from a telephone pollster, that one  does not produce an accurate measure as compared to other measures of the same population. (Not that you can ever measure the same population, but as close as they can.)

Polls are hypotheses that your sample is representative and your questions eliciting true opinion that will translate into actual behavior with high probability, and the same probability for all of the answers to a particular question. The more sensitive the opinion wrt perceived social norms, etc. Maybe, but all social questions are like that, what looks simple translates into an entire sub-sub-sub-specialty when money is available to really dig into the questions, natural history, etc. Measuring social phenomena is not easy, not even voting.

With the changes in communication patterns, the rise of social media, the continuous growth in breadth of intelligent opinion in the alt-media, polls must fail for the same reason that the media is the slow-moving giant pinned by its current structure and revenue flows while the future swirls by. They were optimized and validated for a different time and place, this is the future polls can never anticipate because reality is chaotic, nonlinear.

As for the article, realize it is a discussion of the average-case limitations of polling technology today relative to the past, as well as hypotheses about today. They rate HuffingtonPost’s bias 2%age points toward the conservatives? Can’t be right. :


This is becoming a standard line of reasoning in blogs of all political casts, ‘massive failure demands massive distraction, war is the one that always works’, the propaganda is embarassingly blatant, and evaluating all of the people who have been pushing for war, the political groups who favor it and why, yes indeed, Clinton is the most dangerous woman on the planet. Trump, however you evaluate him, is the much lesser risk. Left, right and center plus all kinds of weird have come to that conclusion, and say ‘vote Trump’. Trump is onto a historic win because those idiots have scared us all. They are endangering my world, my child’s future. This will be the repudiation of the whole benighted era. Pray Trump is really smart, the fight with the bureaucracy and Congress will be epic.



The media are auto-delegitimating at a hell of a rate. Don’t they believe in polls? What is driving this? A bunch of people are guilty of 3K deaths on 9-11. They will hang if peace is allowed, that is the only motivation of an intensity that could drive this over such a long period. Insanity, what country thinks they won’t be harmed in a nuclear exchange? How are the rest of the elites kept in line for this ? Are the caverns so large and deep? Many of us will live, do they think we will welcome them back into our world? How is this being sold in our upper crust society? :


Woody Harrelson is very correct : start taking responsibility for your life and world. Waiting for reform is the same as saying ‘not intererested’. We have the power to change everything, we don’t take the time, we don’t pay attention, we don’t learn enough. And the fact that we don’t individually agree is a strength, not a weakness :

Matt Damon “The problem is civil obedience, not civil disobedience.” Much sense in analysis eloquently presented, much virtue signalling, no practical moves to do anything :

Another aspect of forging your opposition by your energy. The lying status quo in this country has made people like Alex Jones ( Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, living on after ‘Hicks’s death from cancer’. I liked Bill Hicks, was sad when I heard he had died. He may as well have, Alex Jones is not important, has been an obfuscator in the case of 9-11) relatively, rational and wise. Also rich.  400K views since 5 Oct. Drip, drip, drip has been happening ever since she started the campaign.

Also Richie Allen and Michael Rivero. There are very many intelligent commentators on the world’s events, and MSM is losing it’s intelligent audience to the net :

The only people this war profits are the Iraelis and the only political interests are Israeli-Neocons and the many military interests are the MIC, banksters, oligarchs and the FED, all of whom are doing well, indeed. Along with Congress, of course, whose insider trading profits have been outstanding. “I will behead my cousin” does not bode well for the future. How can we believe we are improving anything with our continuing interventions? :



No, Trump will not lose in 8 days, otherwise this understands what Trump gets right, tho it never says the obvious ‘our rulers have FUBARed the country’  :



This reminds us of the ideal, that politics is an honorable calling :

The Army is hurting for recruits, is what this is all about :


Great fun, but incredible BS, e.g. “The study found that people are, in general, uncomfortable with the idea of driverless cars, much as we are uncomfortable with the idea of a godless universe.” and ” Cars must not be allowed to develop self-esteem” :


Google has, as do all major entities, moved from the days of “Don’t be evil” to “Be as evil as you can get away with!”. Google has done many things to favour Clinton, is doing many more to favour itself. DuckDuckGo.com has a decent search engine, I use them for most searches :


Harvard’s investment management is ‘fat, dumb and lazy’ :



This is the general problem of knowing what patterns are real, same as in any kind of research or investigation, and part of the problem replicating scientific studies :


The Democrats are no longer the party of the working man :


Smart phones have many side-channels, every one is a security issue, of course :


Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race for any ads, e.g. a house for sale, which is massively illegal. What race do I need to claim to be excluded from all ads on the net? :


Fred is not moderate of expression, but has a good grasp of reality :

The Loosening Grip: A Beginner’s Guide to Death Throes

Refugee camps are a growing industry, globally. Funding means they are cutting the food rations 50%! :


Yes, this is a much more reality-based assessment of WWII, although it does not encompass Victor Suvorov’s claim that Stalin intended to invade Germany first :


The critiques  of Suvrov are revealing in their lack of specificity, and there is growing support for many of his conclusions. I thought his book was well-done, there is a LOT of evidence of Stalin’s intention, it seemed to me. And, in fact, down in the middle, an investigation based upon open source material, the Wehrmacht’s interrogation of Russian prisoners, strongly supports Suvorov’s thesis, then goes on to claim ‘Zhukov’s plan had long been known and analyzed’, so we are into the stage of claiming the thesis is not new. History is indeed speeding up, this is a mere 26 years from a major new interpretation of a major piece of history to it’s acceptance as always known.

I am proud to say, I was a leading indicator in that, I read Suvorov’s books when they came out, he blew the CIA’s estimates out of the water wrt USSR’s military capabilities and the functionality of the entire system. Heinlein did the same as a result of his trip to the USSR, I read a lot of those articles at the same time as the USSR was being built up as the big, bad bear with thuggish leaders who had an advantage because they were less civilized, so we needed to be less civilized to match them. Indeed, we are coming to match the old USSR in our government’s behaviors.


The original evolutionary arms race, fragments of DNA and RNA against organisms. This is a possible epidemic of the scale and consequences of polio .



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