Daily Reading #1A

Our Foreign Policy establishment has forged, via its very dumb policies, 2 very strong opponents, and given them a large number of our allies, and played against their strongest cards. The US has undoubtedly sold all of our gold, Russia and China now have it to serve as the base of a new, stable, currency, after we get through the hyperinflation which is the path we are now on. I have read dozens of arguments about why there has been, and cannot be for the foreseeable future, hyperinflation. OTOH, the government is operating on created money, and prices are going up. That path is one-way, as any increase in interest rates immediately destroys the government’s budgets. Thus easy money, with continuously more QE. The banks have helped fuzz that basic transaction, but fundamentally, $1T of the US budget is the Fed buying the Treasury’s bonds with created money.

America’s ruling class and Deep State has taken a country that was economically astride the entire world at the end of WWII, and has reduced us to bumbling failures in 70 years.

This is one of the results, we can’t know the backgrounds of our Presidential candidates in enough detail to have any clue of who we are electing, and haven’t for many years :




The administration is reluctantly concluding that the CIA’s support for the terrorists, ISIS and al Nusra and …, isn’t working :




An interesting interpretation of our Calvinist history and the current control of the social justice warrior mindset :


The US ‘pivot to Asia’, Clinton’s major foreign policy campaign, is not going well :



Another interesting view, I think his info on Turkey is pretty good, tho I haven’t seen any of this in other places, e.g. boiling frog. I read this before, so may have included it previously :


88 retired generals supporting Trump :


Excellent news, we have another point that President Trump is so superior to previous Presidents, so many of them have serious criminals in their background. Running a restaurant and bar that helps women to accumulate their nest egg is objectively admirable, not just in comparison :


Interesting anthropology and evolutionary implications, but we can have no idea of how average these cultures are. Otoh, the pattern is similar to Java :

Presidents are controlled by donors and political factions –> A Clinton presidency will continue to promote US military-economic hegemony, meaning continued conflict with the world :


Always, the Israeli-Neocons control key financiers of campaigns, and thus have continuing power :


The Observer must be neocon, and the publisher is son-in-law of Trump, so is the Israeli-Neocon influence on Trump.  This paints all Russian moves in the worse possible light, and the US in the best. But it gets it right in the overall assessment “Putin has achieved his strategic aims of saving the Assad regime while painting the West as inept villains who back jihadists”, which is accurate, the US is inept villians who back Jihadists. But is wrong about Yugoslavia and Syria’s failures being due to multi-cultural composition.  Both countries were broken apart by US-supported terrorists attacking the ethnic groups. Everywhere, ethnic and religious groups marry people across the divides. 25% of marriages in most of Yugoslavia were such. :

Syria’s Civil War Is Over—Russia Won









Bayh is winning as a result of his Wall Street support on TARP, bankster $ >> people’s memory :



“Wrinkled surface on the first fossilized dinosaur brain”, they might not have been so dumb :


This is one of MANY such efforts to improve transoarency in information flow :



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