Daily Reading #19


An above average interesting Saturday, the investigation into Clinton’s email server is reopened. Comey was clearly bought off, to hold off prosecution for the very serious violations of Federal secrecy fundamentals that represents. Somethings made him change his mind, some combination of internal FBI pressure, knowledge fhat other people had the information also, and if the FBI wished to be seen as doing its job, knowing they already had that information and assuming the fact would be discovered eventually. So they told the chain of command what their conclusion was, FBI’s PR pov and Comey’s career pov, and everyone had to agree.

This will not be the last simply amazing leak in the next 10 days, at least every other day. Trump wins going away! It will take an enormous false flag to derail this trend :

Remember When the Media Sold Us the Iraq WMD Lies? It’s Happening Again

Political Airpower, Part I: Say No to the No-Fly Zone

The Perilous ‘Middle Ground’ That Clinton Represents





Paglia is one of the few feminists who are worth reading :

‘The woman is a disaster!’: Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton

After I wrote that, I went looking for more info on Paglia, found this page of quotes. I do not agree with at least some of it, but her povs and expressions are very excellent. “Leaving sex to the feminists is like letting your dog vacation at the taxidermist.” “We must accept our pain. Change what we can and laugh at the rest”. A proper stoic, I think. :


Whoever selected the quotes liked Paglia’s academic mode. Toward the end of the 2nd page there are some more-grounded topics. Still, her world-view is barely appreciable by mine, and the differences are not in the big picture epistemology. We both believe in Truth, Beauty, Reality out there, Consequences (a world of cause and effect), that rational behavior is possible, “attend to reality, or reality will attend to you”, and society. I think most of the people in the world would claim they agree with that, and mean it. People really do have a lot in common.

“The only road to freedom is self-education in art. Art is not a luxury for any advanced civilization; it is a necessity, without which creative intelligence will wither and die. Even in economically troubled times, support for the arts should be a national imperative. Dance, for example, requires funding not only to secure safe, roomy rehearsal space but to preserve the indispensible continuity of the teacher-student link. American culture has become unbalanced by its obsession with the blood sport of politics, a voracious vortex consuming everything in its path. History shows that, for both individuals and nations, political power is transient. America’s true legacy is its ideal of liberty, which has inspired insurgencies around the world. Politicians and partisans of both the Right and the Left
must recognize that art too is a voice of liberty, requiring nurture without intrusion. Art unites the spiritual and material realms. In an age of alluring, magical machines, the society that forgets art risks losing its soul.”
Camille Paglia


This will happen to the banks next, people don’t need their services so much, there are many alternatives :





Bombshell New Evidence Reveals Likely Link Between Voting Machines And Clinton Foundation

Ig Nobel perception prize winner Atsuki Higashiyama: ‘Psychology teaches us to be scientific and skeptical’

School is insane, e.g. instead of having kids read many interesting books, interesting to kids, they have workbooks of vocabulary words, making it work instead of fun. That is just one of the ways they have turned teaching into teaching-to-tests, and every one of them turns what should be a fun and exciting time of learning into unfun work and an opportunity for conflict with adults and a cause for rebellion. Take your kid out of school, they will be happier, you will get along with them better, and when they do go for academic education, they will be grown up humans instead of large  rebellious kids :

How The Foundations Futilely Fund Education Efforts To Close The Achievement Gap

This is a flat contradiction to a recent article from the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The difference is wrt sea ice extent between the AGW and the ‘models are not reality’ views, but I don’t have time to look at it. I suspect, however, this paper will be rebutted by Benny Peiser’s crew in the near future, but don’t want anyone to think I ignore data :


These are the article :


Big Chill: ‘Substantial Cooling’ Predicted Within The Next Few Years

More physical phenomena that will require working all of the climate models. Discovery of physical, chemical atmospheric and oceanic factors like this happens about every quarter. The models are NOT complete and never can be.  They are thus generators of hypotheses to be checked by conventional research, not sources of new knowledge themselves :






The TWA Flight 800 story is also bogus, which anyone who followed the details already knew.  The only intelligent contrary argument I ever heard was the military guys saying that the radars on the ships in the vicinity are very sensitive to missiles in the air, and none were reported. I never saw that anyone asked that, but maybe. In any case, the government has had the media’s help for many years in managing such events, making the story whatever the government needs it to be :



This was interesting, another author exploring 9-11, finally. Read the comments, all of the commenters know more about 9-11 than the author, except for the people denying it was an FFO. They don’t deal with the evidence at all, of course :


The left isn’t keeping up with the cultural currents, this is another attempt to jam 2016 attitudes into the old class struggle frame.  In this, at least, they are finally giving up on ‘racism’ as the driving factor in whites voting against Ds :



More evidence that the hominid line has always been ‘bushy’ and that the different branches interbred as long as that was possible :


This chaperone is part of the ‘evolving to evolve’ system in cells, and adjusts for small changes in amino acid sequence, making most mutations ‘silent’ wrt the phenotype :


This is out-of-box thinking about education :


If you want to be anonymous on the web, you have to work at it :


Although the hugely increased amount of data available to NSA and FBI has not improved their rates of detecting anything yet, the answer is, I bet you guessed, more data ! :



There have been a blue million such programs and projects, we have as many people unemployed as ever. Of course, because these don’t grow the number of available jobs, so it is a zero sum game, however much they do for minorities. That is not nothing, but better we should fix the underlying problem, no jobs :


Who would have guessed? A Natural Disaster Assistance Law signed by Bill Clinton can be used to add police from adjacent states to stopping the protestors in N Dakota :

5 Things You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

Selling ‘Regime Change’ Wars to the Masses

If I had to choose my harshest critique for our social leaders, in every area of our lives, it is that they have all failed to transmit the best of our old culture. We used to be an honest people, and it was a huge part of America’s advantage over the older cultures, which were widely viewed as corrupt by their own people. We all worked in sections of the culture that had a small enough scope that we could know who was who and who could be trusted how. Men and women had individuals you could trust with your life, money or your wife, 2 of the three, and 3 of the three. We graded our social worth and self-worth by how we were respected for these social virtues. That understanding drove the society.

I swear that is not an exaggeration of my understanding of the world, even through college and my first psychology courses. In college history courses, you start to see cheating (always frat guys that I noticed, but I probably didn’t notice everyone), the layers of deceit and filtering that even define history, read about the political ploys in the State Legislature, read literature that shows great men at work, more than a few being dishonest in several of those areas. Generally speaking, however, they gained power and money, and thus a place in the history books.

History presented as a notable example of the best in society is thereby seriously biased, and also our own understanding of our society.  We were all trained in the strictly-honest standard, being rural protestants, but the further you went from our level in the society, the less honest. They live their values, those are the ones accepted in the society, the society becomes like them, and stops working.

This is the era when we are forced to face the ‘stopped working’ part and start the reformation. But don’t mind me, just another attempt at being a social critic, most of us are very wrong, almost always.

Bad trends for the human species, unless we can clearly show why there is no connection between our health and welfare and each single species that is in trouble. Every species could be crucial for the human species along some chain of causality, and thus, given loss of enough species, it is inevitable that we will be taken out in a cascade of failures of dependency chains in the ecosystem. We citizens of the world are allowing criminals to despoil our common ecosystem, and the governments are the main protectors of the criminals, where they are not themselves criminal. We citizens could, with focus, trace back every tusk of ivory and pelt of a rare cat or horn of a rhino. We could trace the ownership and beneficiaries of all of the ships despoiling the world’s fisheries. It is all just information, which soon will be online. Ships can be identified in a satellite photo, tracked to harbours, … :


Trump is much more intelligent, and organized, insightful, operations-wise, than anyone gives him credit for. The amateurs are killing the professionals this election. Trump in a landslide, these guys are relying on polls, polls are models and don’t talk to everyone. This is a year when polls are wrong for many reasons and larger flaws than ever. We can’t know how the polls will be wrong,  but the lability is not all the voters, we know they will be wrong in new ways because new communications media and people who vote but were never polled has been the reason with every major error since polls were invented. Love how Trump’s approach is being used in other outsider insurrections world-wide :


This is a superior example of a modern genre, a ranting analysis. What an election, as in all times of stress, rapid evolution of the society :

If I were a rich Trump partisan, I would have someone break into the email account of a high level Trump staffer and dump it all on Wikileaks. Trump’s people are honest, and the contrast would end the contest. Trump has better people, isn’t that obvious? :

More financialization in practice :

America can’t trust public water, so it’s turning to private companies

I think this is hugely optimistic, that Clinton will be crushed. This the NYT’s wishful thinking :




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