Daily Reading #18

Busy with too many other things today and also videos, not much reading.

Trust has no place in voting. Everything must be verifiable. US elections are not verifiable, and thus our elections are faith-based :


Fact Check: Trump Is Right that Clinton Might Cause WW3

No fiber for America. Radio can never replace it for bandwidth, nothing replaces bandwidth :


The reason we do not have fiber everywhere, to remind each other, is because AT&T is a completely corrupt company who has failed to do what it has repeatedly promised to do and taken our $ to do, namely roll out broadband everywhere. Now it surpasses its previous levels of criminality :


No entity in this story has done the right thing, the responsible and honest thing. Our government entities are the biggest oppressors on the planet :


I am reading genetics papers and books. Very rapid progress on all fronts, e.g. :


Pigmentation is entirely and strongly controlled by the UV radiation environment and darwinian evolution, sexual selection takes care of the rest of it, our standards of beauty adjust. Skin colour is therefore not a strong indication of remote ancestry :

This guy is an outstanding mind :

The cynic would find this very convenient for the rulers and minions, many young adults coming back from wars on the strongest painkillers == suppressors of breathing reflexes just as so many of them reach the age that organs are needed. Great profits for the medical cartel, also. I would bet on how long until the memo is leaked that discussed the system-level need for Oxycontin at the FDA :

New England Sees 900% Increase in Organ Donations Tied to Opioid Epidemic

This is legitimate, imho, with a warrant :


They would not have postponed the conference if it were going to exonerate glyphosate wrt cancer, would they ? :



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