Daily Reading #17

This is fairly astonishing ! :


And this is very fine as an example of a concise explanation of the dynamics of human organizations as determined by the resource flows they depend upon. It should be the HS civics course. I bought the book :


Out of all the videos I watched today, this best expresses why Hillary is losing by a landslide. Amazing propaganda, all home-grown, or made to seem so. The amateurs are killing the professionals this election, they didn’t see the society-technology shifting out from under them. This is the other side of the wikileaks drip, drip, drip, the culture is giving everyone reasons and permission not to support Clinton, first woman president, almost :

There are many new voices ready to replace MSM, are replacing MSM. This is one of more than a dozen I have watched, all rational, well-spoken with interesting opinions. There are 3 or 4X that many less- to completely not-rational, and that is with Youtube’s selection helping me fined the good ones :

65 corporate Presstitutes are going to have problems getting jobs in a Trump administration :


And the entire WaPo, of course. ‘Wikileaks reveals fears and frustrations inside Clinton world’ even covers up how many of those fears and frustrations are with Clinton :



And there are many, many vloggers who are stating “Trump will win” with rational commentary. E.g. :

Seems like quite a number of black guys who support Trump, or at least don’t like Clinton. These all are part of a 50-video list on this topic. I watched the first 10 long enough to know that all these are rational people, well spoken, some definitely impressive :

And Latinos for Trump, there is some very great people’s propaganda in this stuff. Has to be professional, I think :

Searching on Youtube, it seems that there are Chinese for Trump, Indians, both dot and feather, for Trump, Mexicans,

Almost makes me rethink my opinion, but I didn’t depend on any of that to develop my own opinion. Instead, the unreliability of any of the standard polls tell us something has changed, and digging into the reality of audiences and enthusiasm, Trump is overwhelmingly more popular every place except large cities, MSM. There is a very large disconnect between our ruling elites and the average voter, and it is not clearly discussed. The other side of that disconnect is very widely discussed, from a very wide range of povs, on the Trump-voter side. It is clearly where the trends are, it is clear which is the healthier part of the society and political discourse. Trump’s people are the thinking side of the voting public, unlike what the elites would like everyone to believe.

The anti-war, anti-torture pressure coming from overseas will ultimately restrict our leader’s scope. Obama and Clinton will be part of the next set of prosecutions :

A correspondent sent me this. Modern comedy and stuff like “The Wire” present society as having very different sensitivities. My kid takes ‘race’ for granted because he grew up with them all, has many of them in his circle of friends, all in his circle of acquaintances, works with tme. In our area, there would be no way to avoid it. We know someone of every major religion, certainly, dozens of nationalities.

Much of popular culture is like “The Wire” and Jim Jeffries take race and other differences for granted, recognizes all the stereotypes and understands some are at least a little true, but it is no big deal. Much like the way I grew up around Amish kids in the neighborhood and in school. They were different, part of the class, gone by high school, then around town. These kids are all part of slight variants of the same culture, and there are long-term friendships across all of the supposed-divides, and will be many marriages. There are just not many prejudices among the kids. Parents yes, on all sides, but not the groups in much of middle America. Very seriously, watch ‘The Wire’. That is mutli-cultural America, black cops tearing up singing Irish-Scottish songs at a wake for a fellow cop. And Jeffries also : the stereotypes are real enough to imagine having fun with, including all the mind tricks a quick wit can use. And people laugh, but they are not at all racist, nor homophobe, nor … Not that kind of people, not that kind of situation, and this is what the Status Quo doesn’t want to deal with, people are way ahead of them in tolerance, PC is not tolerance :

Cracked does very fine political analysis, better than most of MSM :


1 in 8 voter registrations is inaccurate in some way :



The Lament of So-Called ‘Internationalists’


We have long needed to end public education and its centralized model. That model has failed and is un-reformed following at least 50 years of centralization in the name of reform. Ending public education is a condition for the reformation of America :

Three Reasons Why More Money Does Not Translate Into Better Education



Interesting parallels this man sees. Take into account he is, from the titles to other pieces he has written, a Chris Kyle fan and thinks that deals with Iran will force the ‘moderate Sunnis like the Saudis into the arms of ISIS’. I extrapolate that he is Israeli-Neocon and so a strong Clinton supporter :


“What a liberal sociologist learned from spending 5 years in Trump’s America” :


Neither L or R go after these obvious injustices. Released on their ‘Own recognizance’ to return for trial was the rule until recent times. The bail system is driven by the fact that elected judges need campaign $, and the people who donate most of it are the bail bondsman. So the judge sets bail to pay them back :



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