Daily Reading #16


Interesting parallels in the race between Obama and Clinton and Trump and Clinton :


Hillary Clinton? by Robert Gore

After me, this is the 4rd libertarian I have found declaring for Trump, writing off the LP as no longer Libertarian :

This is a discussion of the newest methods of controlling public expression of opinion and a recounting of the history of such government control :

No kidding, Obama knew about Hillary’s email server :


This is Hillary’s people setting up to sell executive orders :

Executive Orders for Sale? Leaked Email Shows Hillary Camp Answering Wealthy Donor’s Questions about How Executive Orders Work

“She is still not perfect in her head” :


Michael Moore gets it right, a rare event. Of course, he does it in the most condescending terms, makes us out to be losers retaliating for losses none of them had anything to do with. Our entire Status Quo cannot hear any voices from the rest of us now. Reporters keep talking about how nice, restrained, polite, … Trump’s rally attendees are, and Moore’s pov is ‘pissed off losers retaliating’ :

IT’S REAL=> Michael Moore: “Trump’s election will be the biggest “F*ck You” ever recorded in human history” (VIDEO)

Deal with reality or it will deal with you.

Every fraud like this results in many votes for Trump :

The US Military Lied to Thousands of Soldiers — and Now Veterans Are Paying for It






Party $ builds the party, makes individual candidates beholden, and enforces oligarch power :


As secretary of state, Clinton has involved the US in 5 wars simultaneously :


Always, a nation’s failing military is blamed on changes in people’s mentality, ‘social weakness’. The connection is so weak and the line of argument so standard. The enemy thinks our soldiers are deadly, they don’t fight them, as the article says. Yet we lose, something else is going on, it is not the weakness of the society. Yes to PTSD and suicide, being modern people with modern understandings of right and wrong makes soldiers more susceptable.

The problem is the difference between the propaganda and the experienced war. With large-scale enemies, e.g WWI and WWII, the forces organize each other and reinforce each other’s propaganda. The Taliban can’t do that, they are a bunch of local farmers, the soldiers see IEDs and perhaps local snipers, but it is hard to hate locals in any war.

In any case, gays and lesbians in the military are not the issue, armies in the past have had gays, it didn’t hurt their performance. More likely answer is, once the the technological level rises to high explosives, the advantage shifts to small local units with rapidly evolving tactics and against outsiders occupying the territory, no matter what their technological and economic level.

Martin van Creveld explains why our armies are becoming pussycats

Center-vs-periphery is the problem in many places, and HE makes it easy to cause the center economic losses. Our US government should attend to the examples :



Hillary Clinton has thoroughly Israeli-Neocon ambitions :

Hillary Clinton’s Strategic Ambition in a Nutshell

Syria and the Left: Time to Break the Silence

Haunted by Gaddafi on the fifth anniversary of his overthrow

I am on the side of radical transparency. I think details of leaders’ behavior in private life are relevant to judging their capacity to represent my interests. I don’t care, myself, who they screw, but I think their honesty in private matters indicates a lot about their probable behavior in office, the Nature article yesterday confirms that :



Consent between people is more nuanced than the law can express in words. Who could have guessed?


Linux has bugs, of course, and some are serious :


Not much insight in foreign reporters observing the American scene wrt Trump vs Clinton, they can’t grasp why Trump is winning either :


The FBI ended this social experiment by internal subversion, and the US certainly must be worse off for it, as the Black Panthers were likely the beginning of a black renaissance, a reformation of that society. Which still desperately needs it :





Soft Brexit is best, no kidding :



Buchanan is correct that we should be dropping alliances, they are not forever. Drop them left and right, I say. We need a foreign policy of absolute neutrality under international law, no discrimination in US laws, either. This activist foreign policy has not worked, same as our activist economic policy and our activist social policy. We need to stop them all, human minds cannot manage complex systems from within any centralized systems. It is hard enough to improve civilization with every mind fully engaged, as they are under the best examples we have in development of civilization :


The next 2 articles have to do with misuse of data. The first ‘how to aggregate’, and the 2nd ‘comparing states of people in society, a dynamic system’ and itself only uses static data for the dynamic system :



Problem with propaganda is preventing your own from believing it, and thus the unreal comes to control your actions, not just the political opinions of your subjects. Deal with reality, or reality will deal with you.



I am impressed by this guy, and am sure it isn’t only because he agrees with me, or I agree with him, or something like that :

The flaw in that pov, Ithink, is the idea that there is ‘a culture’ that we can identify and then preserve from foreign influence, that we are doing the opposite by not requiring foreigners to assimilate with the culture. That is wrong, all foreign cultures assimilate. Their problem is that assimilation changes your culture, also. Yes, it is the process of evolution, the way to higher civilization, just as it was the way to the one we have. Which is why their fundamental ideas are wrong, there is no ‘the culture’ and you cannot preserve cultures, they are dynamic systems.

OTOH, I think it would be good policy to stop the wars that cause the need for our Syrian immigrants, many of whom may well rather be back home, were there no war.


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