Daily Reading #15






No Consequences From Media Peers for Reporters Caught Colluding With Hillary

Minds habituate to lies, their own and others. Another reason for a rigid rule, Open Kimono Bend Over Backwards standard of honesty, OKBOB. It is both party’s responsibility to transmit information necessary for the other party to make an intelligent decision, must do so in a way they can understand, and must check that they did understand :



Drip, drip, drip.  Clinton has lost :


This is nonsense, to a large extent. You know it must be so for simple economics : Ask any CEO what they would give for a 5% advantage over their competition in labour costs. Yet woman-owned and woman-operated businesses do not prosper relative to other businesses, despite the fact that they can pay 10% better than other businesses, yet have a 5% labour cost advantage. There are very many reasons for the wage gap, discussed extensively in this article, but simple discrimination against woman isn’t significant in modern America.

What is the gender pay gap and is it real?: The complete guide to how women are paid less than men and why it can’t be explained away

The Left has no clue what the ‘gun culture’ in America once was. Read John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences” if you are interested in that. The childhood death rate is a measure of its loss, despite so many guns. We taught our kid about guns from 18 months, followed the NRA’s ‘Eddie Eagle’ program, and repeat the lessons often, including many sessions at the gun range. He takes his naive friends to the gun range, they are all safe because he teaches them. That is the gun culture. The deaths from guns in America are nearly entirely suicides or killings due to gangs dealing drugs and the deaths around that produced by accident and police activity. Accidental gun deaths have been consistently falling since we started keeping statistics :


Certainly we know how to end those deaths : legalize drugs, after which kidnapping will be the new gang’s sources of revenue.

It is easy to see patterns in random data, clouds, … but patterns of deaths are especially easy to see in the vicinity of money and Hillary Clinton. Some of that is because people look for them there, of course.  From one pov, that is cherry-picking the data.  From another, it is high-probability facts as Bayesian priors applied to new uncertainties :




Trump is definitely not wrong to be criticizing the rigged systems of this country, and the election system is just as suspect.  This expresses the situation very well : “We don’t owe them anything, they owe us a structure and process that we can trust, that produces truth and justice. They have completely failed to do that.” :





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