Join The Exit Pollers, Help Stop The Theft Of The Election

Everyone who can spend any time at it should join this organization to become part of the poll watchers and exit pollsters.

Before we go on, it is started by Roger Stone, a 39-year friend of Donald Trump’s, and a long time advisor. It is likely he will benefit from a Trump win, so I don’t see problems with his motives, completely normal. Also, I have no connection with any political entity, having resigned from the Libertarian Party in protest of their 9-11 blndness.

I was the first person I know of to say they were rigging the polls for Hillary to coverup what was going to be a landslide loss, and that the only defense was exit polls. To prevent large-scale vote fraud, which will be necessary this year, they need the polls to stay close. And then they need to prevent well-done exit polls.

I know little about polling methodology, but polling is statistics, a sampling problem. To take an exit poll sample, all that needs done is stand outside the polling station, as close as they let you go, and ask everyone coming out how they voted : they will give a name or some version of ‘noyb’.

Record the polling station on every page. Keep a careful talley, screwups will fuzz the statistics and make it less obvious that Clinton stole the election. DO NOT FUDGE DATA! It is easily detectable and will reduce the believability of the exit poll results, which Trump will very likely need to use in a court case, so the better everyone does their job, the more probability we have of prevailing in that coming case.

If you can have someone there all day, do that.  But 10 minutes at the beginning of every hour is nearly as good.

Sign and date-time every page, with a witness if you can. You want to get copies of those originals put away, e.g. cell phone photographs.

At the end of the day, or as frequently as you can keep track of, log your tallies with the central organization. I suggest they also take your cell-phone photos as evidence, but otherwise put them up on Facebook or …

If enough people do that in enough polling places to give us a good independent measure of the vote, from people immediately after it happened, we will know if they have stolen the election, which we all strongly expect is going to happen.

This is saving your country. Do it now.


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