Daily Reading #14

The Saudi prince claimed to have funded 20% of Hillary’s campaign :


Drip, drip, drip. Clinton is going to lose, big time, there are many, many people blogging and vlogging like this. Very verbal, sharp, a coming talk radio host.  Never heard of this guy before, and impressive and intelligent. Very good discussion of judging the polls and making a prediction. Nevertheless, Clinton is going to lose far bigger than anyone predicts. I like his predictions 17:50. Finally, at the end, he agrees with me, she will lose. This is social media that counts more than MSM very soon :

This guy is real sensible right up to the end. Funny minds out there :

I have not listened to much talk radio, this is better than any other I remember, long-form journalism, lots of facts and perspective :

15 reasons Trump will win. Not exciting, amateur, citizen journalism, solid thinking, great shirts :

Additionally, of course, the polls are rigged for Ds, and thus they are running scared :


When I compare any of the above simple views of the world from FOX. Hillary’s blood on her hands is much bigger than Benghazi, which I will now use to identify the Israeli-Neocon crazies vs people who think all the wars have been wrong :

This is Hillary’s foreign policy, completely incoherent, many violations of international law, systematically enabling the bad guys of the world :


Voltair has good facts and analysis, imho. Before Hillary’s emails, I would have denied that mandarins of foreign policy think like this or do so much to manipulate the smallest details of <everything>. I think the analysis that the Ukraine and Syria are both ways of blocking Russia+China’s silk road is correct, the pipelines are part of it. Erdogan is therefore the new key to getting into Europe, and the Balkans path is not optimal for many reasons. China -> ‘stans -> Russia -> Ukraine -> Poland was the best route :




http://www.cjr.org/covering_the_election/global_perception_american_politics_journalism_trump_clinton.php http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-21/former-haitian-senate-president-says-clintons-are-common-thieves-who-should-be-jail


Mexico Opinion: The Crises That Must Be Faced

Great Quotations on Power and Corruption


‘Privilege’ in my understanding of evolving civilization is manifested by the accumulation of ‘goods’ by segments of the society, families and individuals. No amount of power could make the rate of accumulation even across the whole society, and we would not want that, because of individual values. Individual and family values have a lot to do with the rate of accumulation of each kind of good, education, books, …, also. Conservatives emphasize individual values, liberals emphasize opportunities, those are 2 sides of the same coin.

As all systems, there are feedback systems. Become more like people above you in some social ranking, and you will, if your society works, be able to rise in your rank, on average, given competence and work. Many, many aspects of individuals’ different traits and capabilities will affect all of that.

And the increased good you have as a result of your rank make it easier to acquire some others and easier for you to favour your own, and pass your privilege along. We would not want to stop that, it is family and community. Gov has not been a solution, too many side-effects, so the task for our next form of society is to fix the problems of opportunity.

This is a measure of those privileges, what would need fixed :




View story at Medium.com

Another example of how rules don’t work, and can’t when the rules are made by a political process. If the gov didn’t provide that benefit, none of this could have happened :

As one of many examples of how power screws ordinary folks, this is outstanding. The military makes the mistake, profits from it, and the soldiers pay and repay :


I think few of those soldiers will vote for the Status Quo.

The US and Israel are responsible for the diplomatic and military disaster unfolding daily in the ME :



Hacked Cameras, DVRs Powered Today’s Massive Internet Outage



I think this is a reach, because porn stars of any note have a web site where they advertise their services for scenes with anyone who can pay the price. Most of them do frequent scenes with individuals, I read recently that the porn business is so poor that they are nearly all making up the difference with prostitution. The distinction between a ‘star’ being offered $10K for a scene and the same star making $10K in multiple scenes in front of a camera has no moral or ethical dimension, it seems to me. Maybe she was offended because Trump didn’t go through her manager/pimp?


Why It Is Clear Trump’s accusers are lying.

I thought Barbee was a better choice than Wonder Woman :



I wonder which OS’s auto-complete produces the best conference papers in each of the major disciplines? There is an easy master’s thesis in CS working for a professor interested in search engines, you can automate this process with 100 lines of Python, including, once you have the names and email addresses of the Journals/conferences you want to submit each discipline’s output to, submitting the paper. Then it is analysing statistics. The major work would be getting the list of places to submit the papers, making appropriate pseudonyms and associated real-sounding professorships at real-sounding universities.

Clearly, everything is being automated in refereeing papers and accepting them.  Next step will be defensive on the journal/conference’s web site, check to see that the paper is written in real language and has enough meaning. Weak, and so an evolutionary arms race will ensue.  MSCS topics into the far future :


MACRA causing a mass exodus of MDs from Medicare is an intended result, as it will reduce medicare expenditures :

Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors from Medicare

This is another failure of rules from the top as a guiding mechanism for society, a failure of centralization and scaling. Rules and procedures bottom-up barely work and need continuous adjustment. This is a more general view : gov is a racket :

Rigged, by Robert Gore

And another failure of rules. A cashless society is fantasy, as I think it unlikely that drug industry, the drug-lords through street dealers will fit into a cashless economy, even assuming our TBTF banks increase their money-laundering significantly. Time for a blog discussing the process of coining your own gold or silver currency :

Cashless Society – War On Cash to Benefit Gold?

‘Progressives’ like Nader think the solution is more laws, rules, regulations. That is how we got into this mess, and there is no way out using normal government mechanisms, once the mafias own your political system. This won’t be resolve by voting, unless Trump is a master politician and wins overwhelmingly. I hope so :


The headline has more info than the article, but standard Liberal reporter is surprised by the crowd. It is also a chance to downplay the size and enthusiasm of Trump’s crowds. Hillary’s are far worse, of course :




Westworld: A-list $100 million story of ‘human livestock’ used for ‘violent delights’ becoming aware of their slavery to hidden .01% ‘programmers’

Really, we do not want to add the above structure + power to that described in this next link :



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