Daily Reading #12

Head of the DNC understands the situation in email :


The reason that the peasants are in despair :



“There is no US election, there is a power consolidation. Rigged primary, rigged media and rigged ‘pied piper’ candidate drive consolidation – Julian Assange :



“What we find far more shocking is that somehow the American electorate’s acceptance of mass corruption is split along party lines rather than being universally unacceptable.”

In addition to this, it seemed to me that Clinton was looking down at her podium most of the time during the debate. Only reason would be she is reading off of a prompter of some kind, a tablet, perhaps. Here is the answer, more rigging :



Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy As “Scarier Than Trump’s”


This is a continuation of Clinton’s foreign policy, we let ISIS out of Mosul so they can fight Russians and Syrians in Syria :

If Trump does not use this in every speech henceforth, I will be very disappointed :

U.S. ‘relocated’ ISIS terrorists out of Iraq and into Syria to fight Assad




Stop this stupid sabre-rattling against Russia

Cultural eddies control your future, another surprising example, hackers looking for UFO info are probably Julian Assange’s sources :


Allegations of rape control the fate of the world, more propaganda over reality. Evaluating politicians should focus on policies, they control far more than personal flaws, they represent the people surrounding the President who implement policy :


The US now has special forces in Yemen, aiding and abetting Saudi Arabi’s war crimes :



Trump is very right about elections being hacked. This is not a new issue, I have been reading about actual cases and possibilities for a long time :



Works for people even better :



Someplace in all of this, and no doubt the wikileaks emails, there will be a link which shows how Hillary Clinton made $ out of Libya’s destruction and Gaddafi’s death, of course. NATO took 144 Tons of gold from its vaults (that is the implicit claim, but I see no actual armed force having done it), which Libya was possibly going to use to establish a gold-backed African currency. NATO destroyed the country’s irrigation infrastructure :

The Dreadful Chronology of Gaddafi’s Murder

New evidence that NATO destroyed Libya for gold

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls

This is some of the hell that we have put the people of Iraq through :


Today, Western Rifle Shooters Association is filled with ‘what happens after the election’. Some of the scenarios are very plausible to me. As Donna Brazile said “People are in despair”, not just because of economics, the only thing she sees, but also because of the state of our society and freedom, the force behind the many articles today, successors to many, many over the last 10K+ articles like them on wrsa. These opinions are not widely known because MSM doesn’t repeat any of it, and even most of the major ‘alt-right’ publications such as zerohedge don’t echo them. These are the guys with the guns and the people who know how to use them, in case you wonder why you should. Seriously, we are heading into a shooting revolution of some new type, the technology guarantees it, and never doubt, the dissidents will win, tho none can estimate the cost in lives and wealth. Aleppo may not be the worst that can happen :


Our civil rights have been very truncated by our government every single year for as long as I have been alive, here is just another small thing :


And our privacy :


An Establishment in Panic

Naked Capitalism has a section in the daily lists of links called “Guillotine Watch”, it included this :

Healthcare vs. Wealthcare: Uncovering UCLA’s VIP Medical Program

I should have one, “The Good Possible Futures”, a contrast with everything else. This would be in it :


I just lost a lot of respect for “The Intercept”. This is personal attacks, not rational discourse :


This decision will kick up much unhappiness, either way. The pensions are very high, and will remain so, even as inflation kick in at 10+% for the next few years (and we can only hope it is that low for such a short period) :


Two NSA insiders have taken large quantities of NSA’s data, both contractors. Wonder how many more there were that NSA never noticed. This is WaPo’s national security correspondent, so we may be sure the story has nothing to do with the facts :




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