Daily Reading #11




Text search engines make it easy to provide context, wonder why MSM doesn’t ?





U.S./NATO Edge The Planet Closer To World War Three In Syria

This is a good point : national laws serve to socialize private losses of banks. The EU and such international structures as the IMF do the same, and thus are liabilities for individual nations :

Brian Monteith: Deutsche Bank’s liabilities show why we need a quick clean Brexit

Neera Tanden is supposedly a close confidante of Hillary, the woman is not on Hillary’s page in many of her comments :


The Clintons have a difficult time getting good people who are also dishonest enough :


It is very difficult for me to understand how a democratic government could create secret laws. That is a violation of the fundamentals, a conceptual oxymoron :


No kidding, forward bases should be viewed as tripwires, not deterrents :



The WaPo puts as good an interpretation on the Project Veritas videos as possible. It still isn’t very good, and nobody can believe that version they think Soros was getting his money’s worth :


This is the NewRepublic’s best case for ‘no fraud’ or ‘both sides evenly’, and it is lousy. Also the charges of ‘Russians hacked our systems’ is bogus, the fact is, the only way to know where a hacker comes from is if you KNOW where the link originates, because anyone anywhere can link a connection between several machines anywhere on earth. Even the increased latency tells you nothing, because it could be a kid down the block linking through those same machines, and appearing to come into your system directly from Russia :


The Fact That 17 Intelligence Agencies Confirmed Russia is Behind the Email Hacks Isn’t Actually…a Fact

These numbers do not include PAC money of course. I read we are up to $1.5+B in spending for Hillary Clinton and associated PACs, some of which goes to Congressional offices, a few state offices. Clinton is 2X Trump in the presidential race, and she is going to lose, a fine measure of the country’s rejection of this political mess :


More corporate welfare for Silicon Valley –> Clinton is the Silicon Valley candidate :

The Silicon Valley Candidate

I don’t know who the ‘New Statesman’ is, but they are scum. You can tell from the headline :


The ‘inhumane slaughter’ in Aleppo is entirely due to NATO funding the ‘rebels’, all mercenaries fighting against the Syrian government AND keeping the civilian population in Eastern Aleppo by force, by killing people who try to escape, or the relatives of people who do escape. The US and NATO are entirely responsible for the resulting deaths, we initiated the war, it is a war of American aggression, a war crime, without any doubt. This is the purest propaganda, the frame of the story is the message :




This only makes sense if you confuse the different rebel groups . If Aleppo is taken back by the Syrians, there is no longer a supply route http://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-iraq-mosul-idUSKCN12J1OX

Mosul is being retaken, 3K ISIS defenders. The article mentions they are having a recruiting problem. One might imagine that as a result of finding that the US and allies have been using them as patsies to balkanize the ME.


You cannot avoid that if you don’t have information sources that would allow you to put it into any context. MSM is a propaganda machine, controlled by the CIA. That is not conspiracy theory, the CIA has bragged about it, and you can’t easily produce much contrary evidence. OTOH, I can provide links to the series of editors and reporters who have confessed to working for the CIA through their careers, and Wikileaks-Podustra shows the control from the Deep State’s candidate, Clinton. Even the picture in that is propaganda, at least if that is a ‘white helmet’ civil defense worker. They are a part of the rebels, supposedly independent, but their trucks from Turkey into Syria are not stopped for inspection, they supply arms to the ‘rebels’.

I read recently, somewhere, that Mosul was abandoned because it was defended by a General on the Saudi payroll, and they wanted the Caliphate :


Automation and other forms of increased efficiency clearly make increasing wealth (‘goods’, not money) without population growth possible, robots should be the ultimate. That requires jobs or the society to change, the versions we have are not generating income needed to distribute the goods, so an increasing part of consumption comes from the 1% :

The evidence is clear: population growth and prosperity are NOT linked


I think self-driving vehicles is further away than this presents, because I think it is at least as complex as flying an airplane, only the consequences of mistakes are less serious, on average. Autoplots were able to do landings 35 years ago, and they still are not handling takeoffs and landings. ‘Edge cases’ and ‘verification are exactly the problem. The ‘terror attack in Nice that used a vehicle’ they mentioned is very likely a fraud :


I use AMD processors because fewer security researchers are looking for this kind of problem with their processors, meaning the known flaws are detected there and fixed everywhere, so there are fewer AMD exploits :


We could ignore all this when life-expectancy and general health were increasing. But now general health is NOT improving, and things like obesity may be related to these chemicals, although comparison with Europe are only correlation, not cause and effect :


The laws and interpretation of the laws make it easy to do large-scale fraud for years before being held to account :


This is interesting for the analysis, which applies to all positions. It is a war of ideas : identity is malleable, people learn how the world works and therefore our understanding of our interests. The rest is wrong, standard liberal thinking :



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