Daily Reading #10

We are a seriously failed nation :





This is very important, MSM is NOT COVERING IT :


In fact, search engines return a long list of articles talking about how silly Trump’s charge of rigging the elections is. The whole sequence makes me wonder about what Trump knew, and when he knew it. Trump charges “elections are rigged”, people respond, and then these affirm those who agree with Trump and show the Status Quo to be ignorant and untruthful, yet again.

Again, Trump has won the round and the Status Quo and Clinton campaign further discredited. That is happening a lot, lately. Another week of this and Clinton’s people will long for the good old days when all they had to deal with was sex scandals.

Down at the bottom of Google’s results is this :

CONFIRMED by Experts! Voting Machines in Maryland, Illinois Rigged to Support Democrats

OTOH, if you go to youtube, they do a good job of passing you along to like-minded videos.

I hope this is true :



Much of progress is individuals opposing the various institutions and establishments:


More consolidated power == Tyranny :



Is the System Rigged? You Betcha.

This is an amazing example of turning your sins into blame for the other. They have systematically politicized and ideologiized every institution in society and government, pulled as much power to the center as possible, done their best to split us all into competing groups with the various forms of ideology, and made themselves into the wisest group of leaders to ever dominate a system, but only by their own acclamation.

Actions ultimately communicate the reality, they have defined themselves to be the superior good and acting for the greater good, and their opponents, increasingly all of the rest of us, to be lesser, or worse.

That division is increasingly along the lines of sources and amounts of income, with their sources and amounts strongly correlated with their political power. Pretty much the same as the conditions for the Civil War. The Second Civil War, CWII, we will abbreviate it, will produce the same kinds of disaster as the ME, many of them completely unforeseen.

This is a standard progression in history. Trump may not be a reversal, but Clinton is definitely a continuation.

IF this surprises you in any way, you haven’t been paying attention. What do you think the militarization of everything, the increasingly draconian laws and enforcement, the sales of firearms and ammunition, the rapid increase in the number of modern military-class weapons, the many preppers, the many murders, means? The ruling class and Deep State don’t just see the trends, they made them. Carefully covered by propaganda, drug war, war against terrorism, creating foreign enemies, … And we did nada to correct anything, for which we are going to pay.


Syria Interview: Assad — “This Conflict is About World War 3”



The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo — Paul Craig Roberts

The banking system is NOT healthier, their health also depends on the market. You must know prices to make good investments, and the banks can’t know the prices for anything with CB interventions any more than individual investors :


This is an excellent understanding of politics vs markets :


A fine argument about investing, although it doesn’t address the key question “when to invest?”. Buying into real estate at the top of the bubble doesn’t strike me as intelligent :



No, it will merely drive the vaporizer industry overseas while favoring big to tobacco here. They can’t stop anything but selling via major stores, all kinds of illegal items are sent by mail, small packages, they cannot be all inspected, almost none are :



Another sign that our society is not satisfying human needs :


This is not entirely foolish, the form of government limits its future evolution. However, I don’t see that Britain is much better off than the US, it developed massive surveillance before the US did, their CIA-equivalent is more out of control of the gov than the US’s, and the gov overall is quite subservient to the US, at least as much as the US is to Israel :


Trump is just the man to run this TV reality show, I look forward to watching. Just as 9-11 False Flag Operation drives the deep state’s hatred of Trump, the rest of the corrupt society must be afraid of Trump the reformer. God, I hope he really is :


You Can’t Scream Holocaust or Fascist Without Consequences

The problem with our ‘rule by the wise’ is they are self-selected for wisdom, and they aren’t wise :




Many, many bombshells from an ongoing criminal conspiracy centered on Clinton :




Except for the fact that this makes the case for the government being involved, of course, obviously. Because evolution of economy and culture happens wherever it can happen, and more resources to the many will produce more evolution than much more resources to the few :


The many stories beginning “As the economy improves”, and citing exceptions, make me question the premise of ‘improve’ :



Many flaws in our system of Justice :


Abby Martin is a very fine journalist :



This must be the 500th time I have seen a version of this ‘debt is too large because the FED rescued the banks’ story. My engineer’s version is “complex systems means uncontrollable, guaranteed”. Freezing components of dynamic systems breaks them. Accumulating and maintaining the political power to do that on such a large scale is another example. Thus, the system is breaking.

One of my son’s friends came by the other day, needed a job, living in his car, … There are many bad things happening in the world, and our political elites are at the root of very many of them.

I think that outsiders knowing Hillary’s travel schedule is lousy security, Bill’s GF or not, paid off by the Clinton Global Initiative or not, a contractor to the Energy Department, or not. Woman makes good $ with her energy :


Another thing our MSM doesn’t discuss much :


I have not followed the trade deals, no good can possibly come from international treaties negotiated by the largest companies in the world. I read some of the comments at NakedCapitalism, which confirm that view. Now Wikileaks has documents that confirm that :



This is more of our Deep State propaganda to make Russia into our enemy. Based on no evdence, except the need to protect our current ruling class, the Israeli-Neocons and Clinton :




Guide for Politicians: How to Lie in the 21st Century

You know, there really are conspiracies :

Hidden History: The Soviets’ CIA Head

Duterte Visit to China: The Pivot Has Failed

If you don’t believe that Google is biased pro-Hillary, take a look at their news section. The top articles in the ‘wikileaks email’ sections are all excuses for the revelations. People for ‘the five biggest revelations”, the NYTimes “Just because it’s hacked, Doesn’t mean it it’s important”.


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