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Refugees as a foreign policy alternative, more effective than war.

So this is putting pressure on Germany to keep them from allying with
Russia. Atlanticist vs Eurasian emphasis. Add in some serious radicals
to keep turmoil and distrust as high as possible, as long as possible.

Refugees as pawns. US causes them with the war on Assad, uses them to
achieve foreign policy objectives wrt Russia and Europe.

Good facts and some good thinking, these are big picture thinkers, good
understanding political and economic trends.

I think, however, that people are very good at putting meaning on events
much more random. It includes, of course, the CIA and military running
the war against Assad using the tools they had and could get away with,
accidentally created refugees, pressure here and there, and the ‘aha’
moments in the many players in this game, how to make best use of a new
problem, and the game begins a new round.

So ‘serially guided’ and ‘serially attempts at guiding’, mostly, never
can much be anticipated. This is closer to an FPS game rather than a
deep strategy game.

Divide, misdirect, and misrule because of too many goals simultaneously,
and their priorities are money and power. Have to be, it is end game.

43:50 she is talking about CNN and the various media dropping women’s
babies into the water, doing retakes, to get their news footage of the
refugee crisis, people crossing the med from N Africa. That one point
makes me understand Sandy Hook : to that kind of news person, reality is
what they make it. Sandy Hook wasn’t a special effort at creating
imaginary facts, that is what they do every day.

The news doesn’t cover itself.

Every time I write something like that, predicting the catastrophe that is coming at us, I realize how crazy I must seem to most people.

On the other hand, nobody predicted much of all that chaos, it surprised them. Nearly all of Europe was surprised by each one of their many wars, had they understood the personal effects in their lives, they surely would have left, no matter what.

The world is getting crazier, nobody could have predicted an election like this one, it must be nearing the ultimate in bad least-evil choices, produced by the standard ruling elite believing its own propaganda and forcing bad policies on their peasant-class.

There is chaos in our future, meaning we can’t predict the black swans, we can only take out insurance policies, hedges, stockpiles, protective measures of all kind, … Chaos, cascades of shortages and bankruptcies in very complex systems, supply chains, banking relationships, ownership relationships, … We can’t predict much in that kind of a future, but it won’t be normal, and it will be a very uneven civilization.

This says ‘there is no revolutionary party, that is a requirement for a revolution or civil war’ :

When Elites Can’t and People Don’t Want to…

To which, I say, the internet has already formed that, this will be an entirely different form of warfare.

Tinfoil: It’s Getting Harder To Leave Home Without It

Liberal big money is pouring into elections

Zerohedge has done very well in the last few months doing original reporting on the Wikileaks documents. MSM is certainly no competition 8). Also, NakeCapitalism is doing more original reporting, and gaining eyeballs at the expense of MSM. This documents another of the cascades of failure happening in the banking system of the world, all are resulting in oligarch’s losses being transfered onto the taxpayers by more of these ‘bailouts’ :



And China’s banking system, very huge bubbles :


Yes, we need to make a decision, because the dumbest ruling class ever is taking us to war if we don’t figure out how to stop them :

Another false flag in the good cause of more war :






My kids electronics mfg company has moved most of its sources to the US, because they were having so much trouble getting things on-time through the Chinese supply chains :


I skim through many web sites in a week, many points of view. Americans have been buying 10M+ guns for most of this century, 150+M since 1998, and stockpiling ammunition for them. You probably have seen the idea that only 3% of the population is buying all the guns. Be serious, the FBI knows exactly who has applied for background checks and the ATF knows exactly who bought all those guns, and if it was a small number of people, there would be serious research papers analyzing who and why and used in propaganda. There is no such paper public, so gun ownership is widespread, of course. Many people are getting ready to defend themselves and their communities, of course.

And for the same reasons, of course. I see the same article I keep writing, trying to see the future, what is known that is solid, extrapolating from past historical situations (lots of good history recounted), and none able to see a way past the dumbest ruling class ever. These people have shut off all possible means of resistance via legitimate routes, we have no representatives in Congress, the courts are politicized, the prosecutors corrupt and/or political.

This was the latest such article :


Consolidated power is tyranny. Also, these were stupid moves, Streisand effect to the power of Dunning-Kruger :






The Oil Market is Bigger Than All Metal Markets Combined





The hiring game

This is dumb, correlation vs causation and what means what when? Employment is a means of lowering the costs of coordinating workers, the internet lowers the cost and also is a means of employers escaping the overhead imposed by employment laws. Conditions are never the same, correlations are suggestions for hypotheses. Independent employment as unemployment rises is normal, and so far in economic history, rarely better paying. OTOH, contractors often establish reputations during these times, and do better than employment as a result. It is a major reason people work on Open Source projects, the previous version of ‘the hiring game’ :

The Uber economy looks a lot like the pre-industrial economy


Much criminal behavior in Hillary’s campaign, of course. More shit that no MSM reporter will ever notice or suspect.


I know a lot of people, some from high school and college, home town in rural Ohio. I know one person who could be considered ‘racist’ in the StormFront sense. If I know 1000 people well enough to judge, one in 330,000 is a racist, StormFront hasn’t recruited them all, and thus it represents 300K web site logins with the softest racism in the country’s history, and WaPo wants us to believe it is a significant part of Trump’s support. Wrong :


No, the intelligence agencies never said that. One of the people high up in the Intelligence community who hope to join a Clinton administration said that, based on ‘security firms’ with ties to the Clinton campaign. This entire propaganda campaign is designed to defocus the various email revelations, and MSM and the entire fed gov are helping mightily, as usual :


This is Hillary’s work, also :

Another case of political agendas producing too many goals, and therefore poor performance at all levels of government. Small is simple enough to manage, very small simple enough to manage well :

Chas Freeman, former Ambassador, very carefully choosing words, is more pessimistic than I am about our government’s future :


Unethical and dishonest, imho :

Google May Be Stealing Your Mobile Traffic

An ancient drought-friendly farming process could become the next organics


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