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I do not know what it takes to get the public’s attention. imho, this is important, yet our morons in DC and syncophants in MSM don’t grasp any of it. Their grasp of war is war games and political games :

The reality is, they need a war in order to stay in power. The oligarchs and political minions have fubared the civilization for at least a generation, we are now deciding on whether to have a civil war as a way of changing the balance of power between them and the rest of us. The reality is, there is massive treason on their side, many of them must understand they will hang if peace arrives.

And look at the turmoil they are designing into the refugee crisis. You won’t believe this, but yes, I think so. This is another false flag operation :


The failing everything will need the image of doing something, whoever wins this Presidential race will need scapegoats. Trump can fix Justice any time, there are plenty of political opportunists in every bureaucracy, even people anxious to get even. So Trump will go after banksters and maybe a few gov insiders, real laws and real justice. We can pray he gets to 9-11, authorizes a new investigation. That would start a housecleaning. It is one of the few paths I can construct to a peaceful solution of this political box-canyon trap.

It would be much more blatant with Hillary, but MSM would protect her, no peaceful solution would be possible.

This is not a functioning democracy :


Clinton Cash movie is very good :

Quick summary of what is in the Podestra files so far :


Quick summary of that is : All of our institutions are corrupted by politics. Clinton lives in a world of words and perceptions, reality isn’t, except as a source of unwanted messages, to be suppressed as much as possible. Rules are for other people. Clinton has at least 2 positions on every issue, public and private, sometimes a 3rd for another audience. She only has remorse for losing. She has tight relationships with very many people throughout the Status Quo, and they all do special favours for her. Especially editors and reporters, who cooperate to make her look as good as possible, and Trump as bad as possible. She is surrounded by syncophants, ignores the strongest advice from her closest associates. Hillary is a bitch with a very bad temper who throws tantrums and indulges in tirades, it takes work and good conditions for her to hide it. Hillary is not well. Bill and Hillary are partners in crime, not friends or lovers.




Growth has ended because of government stupidity, therefore Trump :


Taki on the sex issues. The divergence of povs, of conceptual universes, for sex is partly male vs female culture and inborn nature (yes, we have them), partly class with feminist ideology controlling the ‘educated class’ but not prior understandings, partly individual differences and experiences.

Religion and other ideologies, remember that our current PC Social Justice Warriors trace their intellectual lineage back to the Puritans, prevent us from dealing with all of that as just another part of nature, life, existence. The issue is entirely one of what is appropriate when one individual propositions another for sex. Nobody would want that to stop, the PC ‘educated’ crowd doesn’t admit it that Trump is partly right, for some women, in his approach. Cultural anthropology is the appropriate tool for understanding this controversary, not criminal law or ideologically-based vituperation wrt ideologically defined outlaw social behavior.

Yes, men act that way, and women have to put up with it. Women act in other ways and men have to put up with that. Those are the nature of humans, only social control can work, criminalization of what must be considered individual behavio choices in sex and drugs has been a major part of the corruption of the society :

Very different standards for different politicians :




This presents what the left characterize as his ‘sexual assaults’ as part of the feminization of the culture :




Revolutionary times produce great propaganda art :




This is a good discussion of why the polls don’t work, and why this year is harder than ever to get it right. Further, the models are bias against Republicans, 2/3rds of the unexpected outcomes of elections vs polls have a Republican winning :


Polling has to fill in a lot of gaps, particularly this year where there are a greater than normal number of undecideds and non-responders.


I have seen many dozens of articles exactly like this, more every month, with more urgency. Nobody can predict timing, but it is certainly easy to see instability increasing. And ‘yes’, indeed, they have been a constant since the Fed started blowing bubbles, and mostly things did not crash, mostly just got more unstable. Except for the bubbles in 2000/2001, 2008, and soon the multiple bubbles around the world of 2016/17. They will prevent any problem until after the elections, maybe :

Canaries In Extremis, by Robert Gore

Another call for the FBI to expose their management’s coverup of the latest Clinton Capers. I view the FBI as more of a coverup organization than an investigative organization, especially when higher-up politicians in power are the criminals :




China is an empire also, with ethnic tensions, of course :

Is China a Ticking Time Bomb of Ethnic Contradictions?


Hollywood is always anxious to censor itself in cooperation with power :


How does the political establishment think hiding refugee resettlement is a good idea ? I think we should be taking refugees, after all, the US created them, and because diversity is a positive thing, it is connections to the world. All of the many ethnic groups I know have people trying to do business with back home. My kid works for a company started by Russians, who also ship California wines back to Russia and the old USSR countries, and now their automotive electronics products around the world. The coastal cities in the US have always been multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and it has generally been a good result for all. The diversity has diversified into college towns, generally good results for all. Food got a lot better everywhere in the last few decades. This approach maximizes the negative side of immigrants and immigration, of course :

Officials Conspired to Conceal Refugee Resettlement in Vermont

Climate in perspective :

EPA Issues 57-State Climate Warning!

This month’s set of fundamental science reason the models are bunk :


Pretty clear that voting by resident non-citizens is an intended result, they make it easy to accomplish and hard to detect. That is the small tip of the iceberg, much corruption lies behind that. Not just intended, but a lot of political weight went into bribery and pressure to modify the laws for that exact effect, it is intended to weigh the voters on the Democrat’s side, no question from the people funding it, Soros, among others. More very bad optics, should Hillary win by a whisker.

I can write the slogan “It wasn’t just stealing an election, they stole a country!”.

Such exciting times ahead, dumbest ruling class ever, and we now have enough data points to know that the ruling classes with the most advanced degrees are the stupidest, that meritocracy special people are even dumber than hereditary special people.

Oligarchs supply voting systems that make it easy to steal elections, add a lot of Democrats by bringing in a lot of foreigners, all on welfare, bias the media entire Democratic, with the result that the single most hated person in America is elected President, which will be true whichever one wins. :


I believe I included this before :


Oh, yes, I nearly forgot. The progressives and social justice warriors intend to abolish private ownership of firearms as one of their first moves, should they win by that whisker. That in the most heavily armed citizenry in the world, the group most committed to their right to self defence and the ability to overthrow governments, enshrined in the Constitution. And are doing it by propaganda events like Sandy Hook, which fools fewer and fewer people with every day that the internet tells the truth. Media is not trusted for many reasons. And with them having no ability to defend themselves, so need to rent protection. From the guys who like guns.

There are groups in Connecticut and other states with very Progressive governments that have responded to the latest restrictions on firearms ownership with outright refusal to comply, and web sites identifying the officials who will be assassinated if the State arrests people for their refusal. There is wide-spread understanding that people shouldn’t collaborate, it is much harder to detect individuals and they have a much higher probability of getting away with a single assassination than when in a group doing more and stranger-on-stranger assassination in a civilian environment doesn’t require much in the way of support troops. John Ross’s “Unintended Consequences” is a novel, very popular at gun shows for many years, that provides a good history of the gun culture in the US and lays out the program of assassination and the way it should be run so as to win with minimum casualties, and the least risk for individuals doing the wet work. That hasn’t worked in other countries, but always insurgents see that the central government’s power could evaporate quickly. Often it doesn’t, and the civil war destroys the nation.

IMHO, guns are the weapons they should hope for, because a rich technological society makes it very easy to create far worse. This country is a powerhouse in automating systems of all kinds, in providing the ability to operate systems remotely, … Centers against peripheries in contests of imagination do not favour the Center. It doesn’t take many outrages on either side to make the violence go very nonlinear.

I found this after I wrote that above :

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

Dumbest ruling class, ever.

This is an interesting list, web sites in the opposition. After the election, I should review them, get a sense of the political currents across a wider front than I have now.


Other people are getting suspicious about everything governmental also. This is the comment and link from NakedCapitalism’s links today :

FOIA Panel Sees Progress, Challenges for Law on 50th Anniversary Tax Analysts. “People who request federal records under the Freedom of Information Act may be surprised early next year to find the information they asked for already posted online for all to see.” A panelist says this may scare reporters. I dunno. I plant clover round my garden so the deer eat that and don’t go for the vegetables.

I didn’t like this, hated to be a censor by not including it, although I do drop a few articles every day that I read parts of, decide ‘not interesting’. This seems to me sloppy thinking, but I wasn’t interested enough to do a critique. OTOH, the basic question is a good one, and the problem of meaningful work is certainly a big one in our modern world, and one of the failures of modernity:

Why Capitalism Creates Pointless Jobs


People want to forget that Hillary Clinton got Obama to approve that pipeline, and did it after she was bribed :






This is only true if politicians attempt to use coercive force, which always provokes violent opposition. A proper government doesn’t do that, so you don’t need an army to rout the opposition inside the city. Problem with negative sum games is, you can lose. I very much agree with this, that the disconnection from reality that urban multitudes have allows dumb ideologies to flourish. Not that they are worse than the false beliefs of rural people, but the fact that they scale and are centralized-uniform, enhances their relative power in controlling the future :


A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone


Polarization is same as our First Civil War, where ideology and economic interests aligned. Then it was the religious position on slavery in Northern groups + the Northern industrialists wanting a tariff on imports to the entire US so as to enhance their competitive position, vs the South’s reliance on slavery and low-tariffs. Their cotton was worth much less if they couldn’t trade in England and bring back manufactured goods. Both sides wrapped their economic interests in high morality, the North’s anti-slavery and the South’s State’s Rights. Both sides were morally correct, but completely opposed to each other. Thus, war.

Now is the elites, minions, crony capitalists forcing financialization and globalization vs the 99%, now divided by PC moralistic social justice warriors. Trump doesn’t want a war, but he will certainly aim a Justice Department and FBI at the corruption, and I think 9-11 False Flag Operation will start to get attention. Israeli-Neocons better book flights to Israel.


The Ruling Class’s Hatred of Trump is Different Than Yours



Very sophisticated PR management of image, reality is not a priority ever, the best propaganda campaign professionals can produce, 100% campaign mode 100% of the time, and in money collection mode 100% of the time, even when governing. That is what I get from the emails :


Money in politics controlling an activist foreign policy, a huge military, not good for anyone :



The Floodgates Begin To Open



Bernie Sanders Tweet Causes Ariad Pharma Stock to Plunge 14%


One thought on “Daily Reading #E

  1. “. . . the basic question [presumably, Why Capitalism Creates Pointless Jobs] is a good one . . .”

    Actually, it isn’t, because, among other reasons, there’s plenty of pointless jobs being created by what even the most delusional couldn’t call “capitalism”. But there IS a good question in the piece, although one has to wade through almost all the neo-Marxist slop to get to it: “why, despite our technological capacities, we are not all working 3-4 hour days”. The answer: his beloved State is raking at least half the production off the top, and using much of that to create worse than pointless jobs – i.e. to restrict, control, harass and in general waste the time and effort of those who produce what people will voluntarily exchange for; also to enforce the fraudulent monetary system which enables a tiny fraction of the population to accumulate most of the wealth.


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