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Epstein was obviously an agent for Israel, gathering blackmail material. This could be anything, most easily a hoax, of course. It certainly adds drama to the election :

BREAKING VIDEO: Anonymous Video Of Bill Clinton Raping 13 Yr Old Could End It All For Crooked Hillary

Very good thinking in this blog, as usual. Smith is one of the few people working on how to transition to a better system, what ordinary people can do to improve their futures :



This is very good, laying out the huge disconnect of our coastal elites with the people who do the work of the country and have been very disadvantaged by those elites, are denigrated by them :


And another doing the same, what I have said for 18 months, they aren’t listening and they are going to lose the war they are trying to start with us :





This election shows that the media is controlled by the same cabal that controls both parties, the system has been rigged completely, kayfabe has been the game for a long time :

The Republican Party Has Spent $0 On TV Ads For Trump After Spending $42 Million For Romney In 2012

There is more than one blind spot in AI research, imho :




Clinton vs. Trump: a Zero-Sum Game

The un-asked questions are “What was the motivation for 15 years of spending, now totalling $800B?” and “How much of the corruption was handed back to insiders from the US?” :


“A comprehensive anticorruption strategy drawn up by the embassy in Kabul never won Secretary Clinton’s endorsement.”

Every generation relearns the lessons of Discordianism, the only empirically validated religion. I think that intelligence professionals make political leaders over-confident, and so lead to larger disasters :


No kidding, Netanyahu doesn’t care what anyone in the US thinks. Hillary will fix it by never opposing Netanyaju :


Hillary’s State Department OKs all this :


People can’t do it at all, but don’t worry, automation will work :




Notice how new rules ripple across national borders and economies? Still think China, … CBs and governments won’t affect the US? Not more than they already have, I mean. More holes in the theory that a nation can command its economy :



Former Sanders Supporter Aims To Get More African-Americans To Vote Republican

Quite a brilliant strategy for the US oligarchs, I think, as it is leverage over the entire Chinese financial structure, as well as a skim on Chinese finance.  The skim is obvious, they make $ on all of the hedging this will generate.

The control is also obvious, why would the US government rescue an insurer of Chinese bonds? No investor would do that, certainly not an insider. So the people investing will be Chinese trying to move $ out of China, or idiots when the markets just have to put the $Ts that will soon move out of the bubbles.





The world’s culture is not yet uniform, Wow! :

And also :
Lonely Shanghai seniors now have to buy something if they want to cruise all day in Ikea’s cafeteria

Kumbuka the Gorilla is recaptured at London Zoo.  This is much more interesting for the audio than the ‘video’ :

This is real gorilla news :

This is beyond insane, I assume some bureaucracy going through the motions :


I feel sorry for young people today, because this country and society are FUBARed, all of the old certainties are gone.  Education has built many barriers, e.g. the need for a GED to take college classes, and ROI on an education for every profession continues to fall. Good entry-level jobs are scarce, pay is lousy, even in our area, a relatively hot part of the economy :





I just had two telephone discussions with good friends.  With both, I tried to make them understand the Trump-as-FU-message stance I thought was driving the issue because of the civil war being pushed upon us by our elites.  The elites are using the Social Justice Warrior issues and ideologues to achieve political power, same as the Northern Industrialists of Lincoln’s time used the anti-slavery religious groups. I think that Bernie’s people were not those social justice warrior types, on the whole, more the good-hearted and idealistic young, few of whom understand enough to be libertarian, where the interests actually lie. All the hard-line SJWs are with Hillary, of course.

Both people argue against Trump, basically because he is a non-PC mind, they would not associate with anyone like him. OTOH, I never heard a good work about Hillary, they don’t want to vote for her, either. Both say people they talk to support Trump, some reluctantly, and nobody likes Hillary, even some who will vote for her.

When I begin the list of the obvious corruption and the various deep-state mafia’s earnings from the skim operation that our government has become, you can see why they like war. War has been very good to our criminal elite, including more than a few of the senior leaders in the military. Iraq was massive skim, Brenner never got the systems that measure how much oil was loaded on each tanker working, in the entire time he was the man running Iraq’s oil economy and overseeing the US largesse to contractors and locals. Nobody has investigated any of that, so far as I know. All of the higher-ups in that became wealthy, without doubt. No investigations. The contributions of contractors to political campaigns, think tanks, PR firms, Presidential libraries and foundations, investments in companies really should be followed and reported on. Hard evidence of the corruption, never investigated. The few investigative reporters who go after any part of it do not prosper.

$800B spent to maintain Afghanistan over 15 years, obviously completely wasted, except that the CIA owned Afghanistan’s poppy harvest for those 15 years, and people in the US government get their cut of the money flows, e.g. Dennis Hastart, the CIA’s pedophile in Congress, who did their bidding because a CIA pimp provided his boys when abroad, and the CIA’s Chicago Turkish mafias who distributed their heroin and traveled on US government Diplomat’s passports, provided his suitcases of cash and little boys when he was in Chicago. All well-known to 4 agencies of the US government, including the FBI, CIA, and State Department, who all had his offices bugged. The CIA bugged his hotel suites when he was abroad. The NATO routes of the heroin were well known to the FBI, they were encountered frequently in other investigations, e.g. Hastert.  DEA, also, from other sources. And then the coverups of all that, the researchers and reporters and whistleblowers who had careers destroyed. 9-11 and Sandy Hoaxen are more recent versions, showing even more strongly that the entire world of media is largely controlled, speaks with very few points of view, none of them ours.

Everyone knows some piece of the total corruption. Because I work at constructing a picture, I see many pieces. Total, massive, corruption throughout our status quo, in every crony-capitalist industry, all of the people and institutions, completely devoted to versions of ideology that allow that to continue, every one blocking some aspect of possible reforms. Historically, human-constructed systems reaching such a state undergo transitions to other states, not predictable, but quite often devolutions to previous levels of civilization for significant periods of time.

If funds don’t move, goods don’t move, people don’t work, things stop working. During periods of political unrest, your greatest danger is from criminals, not soldiers of any side. Mostly, you won’t be able to tell.

Systems are constructed on the fly, a series of local optimization. Every system is maximally exploitative of and exploited by surrounding systems, those drive evolution. Evolution’s dynamics are chaotic, lots of black swans.

This is NOT a normal period of history, NOT a normal political situation, and you really should NOT proceed as if any of it is. IMHO, there is a very high probability of things not working in our future, and nobody can say what or when.

My first thought on scanning the following was : “Multiply 10X for the arrests soon to come here at home”, the political dynamics of the moment guarantee those. It is a report that is easy to believe, blames US foreign policy for a certain amount of the Muslim extremism. Then I hit the bit about “The Orlando massacre”, and that clearly makes this a piece of FBI propaganda. As a ‘mass murder’, Orlando was a lousy fake event, not something that the FBI investigated and had solid fact from the investigation to include in this report.  This report is intended to make the Orlando massacre more of an accepted fact, propaganda.

Orlando was a miserable effort at creating a story, it took a lot of work for the media to make it as real as they did.  But the cops didn’t have the story together, limited sources of information, obviously rehearsed stories and traversings of the scene, so many anomalies it is laughable. Flags of this kind of propaganda everywhere.

More and more of those must be generated by local groups, not the Fed gov like Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon.  The FBI report shows more and more government wisdom via corrupted political processes, same as with polls, economics, opinion surveys, and interpretation of events in the world :

Secret FBI Report Reveals True Cause of Homegrown Terrorism

Again, I tell you all, if you don’t have a grasp of 9-11 False Flag Operation or Sandy Hook hoax of a mass murder scene, it is only because you have not allowed yourself to inspect the evidence. Good friends and family cannot allow themselves to do so, their world-views would be smashed.

Base them on hard reality, or your opinions are unlikely to promote futures that favor you. It is hard enough when you think you understand to know what to do, but major evolutionary changes of state are not the time for group thinking. Group acting, but not group thinking. Positive sum relationships with everyone around you reduces risk for all, so get friendly and get useful, get knowledgeable and trusted.

I could fill a web site with variations of reasons our system is about to hit a very difficult patch of road.  Every day, very many expressions of “it isn’t working”, not for anyone anywhere, tho some haven’t caught on yet. Some modes of expression following are a bit pungent :


What’s On The Ballot


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