Daily Reading #B

This is the most optimistic view I have read in several days :


The Woodpile Report came out today.  It’s “Run up to WWIII” section is as long as this blog. Take a look :


West is playing with nuclear war

Are we Being Prepared for World War III?





CONFIRMED: Russia sends S-300 advanced missile system to Syria, U.S. runs out of options

German Foreign Minister and Former MI6 Boss: US-Russia Tensions Now More Dangerous than During the Cold War

OECD: Australian future viability crashes

The Hill is obviously pro-Clinton, and repeats all of the anti-Russian themes wrt Assange’s email releases. No real evidence, of course  :


I must have included this before, read it again, it is excellent again. Glen Greenwald is a serious newsman, a reporter doing it the way reporting should be done, very critically :


This is very excellent :







Policies change to reduce benefits, a standard result as the systems of government and society are overstressed by prior over-promises :

MACRA Proposed Rule Creates More Problems Than It Solves





Ian Welsh often speaks wisdom :

Some Comments on the US Elections and that Which Is and Isn’t Said

Leaked email: Clinton campaign caught collaborating with DNC to minimize Bernie Sanders in debates

Jill Stein is a far better choice than Hillary Clinton, and the political system is rigged for Ds and Rs :


The reason Jill Stein will get all of her votes is people don’t want to be associated with either of the 2 major candidates, they deeply violate too many of our assumptions of how people must behave if we are to have a civilization we are pleased to hand on to our children, one in which we are proud to live. That is also the reason she won’t get many.

The problem is, we don’t trust our fellow citizens not to favor their own interests, and the major party candidates wish to pursue policies, or oppose those policies, that favour some economic interests at the expense of other interests. Thus, votes are moved from positive for civilization candidates to defense of economic interests, and the extreme behavior of the candidates is excused by their factions.

That division of political policy and parties based on economic interests, along with the too-powerful government that enabled one economic faction to impose their will of law upon the other, is exactly what caused the Colonies’ separation from England and also our first Civil War. Exactly what is being used to produce the Second Civil War, of which the Trump-Clinton presidential campaign is the opening act.

A civilization and nation ruined by Civil War is not what we want to live in or pass along to our children, but it is what we are going to get if this war-driven cabal continues to take over our nation. Any genuine liberal of the old kind, the ones who appreciated Truth and Honour and working systems producing as good a Justice as humans were capable of, has to be horrified by the uniformity of political opinion from within the entire media establishment. That is very direct evidence of the consolidation of powers that define tyranny, as are the continuing wars of aggression based on illegal and un-Constitutional acts by the Executive and our armed services and spies.

And an old-time Liberal also must be pleased by how fast that Status Quo is fading. The NYTimes and WaPo lose money, reporters and clout every year, while sites such as ZeroHedge and NakedCapitalism gain readers and reporters every year, and apparently doing well, based on ads and contributions.


Silicon Valley CEOs are buying biohacking implants off eBay to get ahead



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