Daily Reading #A

Anonymous summarizes the Clinton’s continuing crime spree.  Well done, imho, and shows how citizen journalism is replacing MSM. Wonder how much Hillary paid Obama for the Secretary of State position? They turned it into $2B in Clinton Foundation donations, the Clintons are serious entrepreneurs in selling gov power :





Blame the messenger, even if you have to invent them :



Mish is rarely wrong, but Trump’s candidacy is still going, and Trump will win with a completely surprising margin. Even more, the political establishment will be shocked by the fact that Trump’s win will pull many neophytes, non-incumbents, of both parties, along with him.

All of the mainstream writers have the same limitation, they depend on other writers for their information, but Trumps votes all come from completely separate sources that none of those people can relate to, and none of the polls call because they aren’t willing to talk. My opinion wrt pollsters of all kinds is “why should I give you information, as it will be used against me”, so I hang up.

The opinions of people with such attitudes will never show up in a poll. The question becomes “what proportion of the voters in this election hate the Establishment?” and the motivational power of hate of the entire Establishment vs dislike of the other candidate in producing votes and exactly how you assess those. I don’t think their assessment powers for such questions can produce answers equivalent to an election, and the failures of polling are apparently getting worse with every election :

Trump Destroyed Trump, Not the Media: “This Election is Over”



Certainly more evidence that the Republicans are as dissociated from reality as the Democrats, normalcy biases are very strong this month :

10 Signs That An All-Out Attempt Is Being Made To Sabotage The Trump Campaign

And another sign the entire Status Quo has no contact with any reality at all, the exact thing that makes me think Trump will win, big time :


Harari emphasizes ‘the story’, shared myths, as what holds civilizations together, he did the same in his history book I read earlier in the year. That is a standard pov of people who are NOT scientists, engineers, anthropologists, even sociologists, much less the people doing the day-to-day work of a society, farmers through plumbers. To the extent that they even believe in anything about the myths, the story doesn’t have much to do with day-to-day behavior, the way they raise their kids, etc.  Now less and less, as the story fragments and is focused on the values of the 1%.

Harari talks about the “liberal story”. I think that is a perversion of what it was originally. Originally, the liberal story was the story of individual freedom, that was the definition of ‘liberal’.  Now, it is PC.


The important aspects of the ISIS story is how much we, the public, have been lied to by all parties in our government and media. ‘Ambassador’ Chris Stevens was in Libya arranging the transfer of arms from Libyan stores to ISIS, and had to do that because the US military command was not cooperating, they had delivered some old and useless supplies ON PURPOSE to oppose ISIS.  Our deep state mafias at work :



This is propaganda also, as Russia and Syrian allies have pushed ISIS out of Palmyra, for one of many examples :


This is a very intelligent analysis, a much more comprehensive view of the US’s failure wrt Russia’s playing its hand wisely. Aleppo is the gateway to resupply of the anti-Assad ‘moderate jihadis’, those directly paid by the US for Assad’s overthrow. Syria, Iran and Iraq all have interests that are different from the Russians and US. He presents Russia as having failed in their goals also, and so the US and Russia will need to cooperate to produce an intellignet outcome :

The Misadventures of Russia and the United States in Syria: Complete Strategy Implosion Edition

Yes indeed, Clinton’s values wrt ‘deplorable’ are entirely upside down. So much so, that the Amish are showing up en masse to a presidential campaign event. Trump will win going away, who polls the Amish? :


The answer to the ‘problem of stoned drivers’ is that they aren’t a problem, of course, stoned drivers are very cautious people, and the statistics and all the tests support that, but you won’t find any of it in Kaiser Health News, which is filled with articles about cannabis addiction and budget effects. Insanity :

In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promises Bankers to Stand Against Pot Legalization ‘In All Senses of the Word’

When Scientific American notices a problem in the Status Quo, even NPR-PBS has already done so. No kidding, Big Pharma manufactures medical problems with the enthusiastic aid of psychiatrists and psychologists, who need the business :


Unsustainable means ‘will end’. Our system is in an end of an era stage, a financial and economic catastrophe is beginning around the world.  Those usually have significant effects on the society and political systems.  Hillary and the oligarchy-Deep State are playing an end-game, the system is breaking down, the boldest criminals can do well under those circumstances :


Nuclear War Is On The Horizon: “This Is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”

The full State Department contracting process takes 18 months! ‘Ambassador’ Chris Stevens was CIA, of course.  He turned down the military’s offer of protection several times, in the 2 investigations done by Congress that I read.  FUBARed is a mild characterization of our government and its rules, regulations and people. This is one small aspect of that, rules and regs cannot product effective systems, only personal responsibility and a reputation that follows a person back home does that :


Another aspect of that, John Helmer is a fine journalist :


The reworking of history never ends. The facts of history don’t change, but new facts are discovered continuously, so our understandings must change :


This is good : Interns coming to the White House without underwear and ‘competing for attention from the president’ is an aspect of our culture not much discussed, and completely at odds with the standard feminist ideology. That ideology combines Elizabethan-Christian denial of sex, which should be a normal and completely innocent part of a healthy life, as often as possible.

Trump is winning because he deals with reality better than the standard political and cultural systems with their ideologies.:


The psychology of political correctness :

Professor explains the rise of ‘precious snowflakes’ – cites narcissism, over-nurturing

The correlation of forces continues to align against the US government’s interests :



The Clintons are a mafia, a crime syndicate :




CUNY, All Too CUNY: Or, what happens when higher-ed hoodlums aren’t brought to heel?

No, Trump is exactly right to promise a special prosecutor for Clinton. God knows the standard Justice and investigative organs of our government have done zip about her many crimes :


Government policies are all wrong, they slow the rate of evolution. Science policy is an obvious failure :



This presents Central Banks as major elements of the NWO taking over the world, extra-governmental coordination of elites, sources of their power and also Deep State-oligarchy power. More reasons to abolish all of our CBs, in addition to their destruction of the economy and financial systems :



New generations of biological weapons on the horizon The belief that more international agreements will control them has always been wrong, of course :

Producing Monsters: The Road to Hell

Only unique because the written record survived : Native American communities lost 95% of their populations in much less times, by the time the Pilgrims started expanding, the woods had human bones everywhere :


Another aspect of consolidated power, tyranny :


Nobody who worked on the 9-11 job was involved, obviously :



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