Daily Reading #9

U.S. Intelligence meddles in U.S. Presidential election: backs Hillary Clinton, tries to stop Donald Trump

“Hillary should stop lying, otherwise any clown will beat her” :




The Truth About the War in Aleppo

Turkey Diversifies Foreign Policy: Russia and Turkey Agree to Pipeline Deal





Trump wins going away :






One thing the Trump campaign brings out very clearly is that people live in different worlds, have no idea of the others. I never thought this kind of ‘locker room talk’ was anything but low class, but heard it frequently from executive-class people. Among many sales forces, hookers are a normal tool of sales, and that was true in 1980s southern business, I have no reason to believe it hasn’t always been true. Actual sexual behavior and discussion of men among men is just as different as for women among women, and neither have much to do with these people’s certainty about what their father or husbands would have ever said.

I am not advocating, of course, merely stating the super-obvious facts of human behavior, on my theory that you can’t work for your own interests without dealing with hard reality. We are what we are, a very wide set of values and behavior that collectively define ‘human’. That doesn’t change much, tho the acceptance of different aspects varies with the culture.


No, Trump is on track to win this election, you know that from the propaganda effort they are making to stop him.  This election still hinges on Wikileaks and the job market.  Those aren’t hurting Trump, they continue to hurt Hillary despite the propaganda, which no longer changes the minds of Trump supporters. The propaganda itself is alienating Hillary’s possible votes, motivating Trump’s. That includes Paul Ryan’s recent efforts. The more outrageous Trump is, the more my vote counts as a repudiation of the entire Status Quo :


This guy is an intelligence analyst with ME background and interests.  He is careful not to notice anything about 9-11, doesn’t allow comments that do. :


A relative sent me this ‘evidence’, which doesn’t even come close to being evidence of anything :


An American Tragedy: Trump Won Big

Good to see another writer claiming that Trump has ‘destroyed his candidacy’ again.  I am reassured, thought Trump might not win :

Bernie Sanders Won the Trump-Clinton Debate



So far, Clinton hasn’t been stupid on this, the only thing I can see in her entire set of decisions :


FBI Version of NY/NJ Bombing Story Sounds Very Familiar


Legislation Without Representation – A 2016 Perspective…


Minds can be no better than their epistemology. Ideologies are crippling, all of them :



Conspiracy Theorists Were Right — Congress to Expand TSA in Other Forms of Travel Like Bus & Train

This ‘anti-diversity’ argument, that diversity can never succeed because people are different and the differences will foil any attempt to create a society with diverse elements, is complete and total Bull Shit. American society has been one of great diversity from the beginning, it was our strength because it forced a government that served us all, not just one religion or one ethnic group. Diversity can’t work if government does that, which is exactly what is wrong now, we have violated our Constitution, and the resulting problems gives the anti-diversity idiots their material. Fix the government, the different groups will go back to being community rather than pressure groups.  Communities have a lot in common with each other, e.g. peace and freedom being good things.


Leaked Benghazi Email Proves Hillary Clinton Killed Chris Stevens


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