Daily Reading #8

Ticker Tape vs Sex Tape: Notes on the Town Brawl in St. Louis

One of the goals of the writers of the Constitution was to prevent ‘consolidated power’, which was one face of tyranny.  For examples :



HILLARY’S WARS (Pt. 2): Wikileaks Proves Syria about Iran & Israel

What scared Ukraine’s ‘sex tourists’ away

The most Progressive site I visit daily is NakedCapitalism.  They are experts on banking law, think they are experts on something called “modern monetary policy” that is a more sophisticated version of Keynes, I think, and are very anti-crony-capitalist and anti-Hillary, were very pro-Bernie.  Now authors and comments flirt with voting for Trump to oppose the trends to corruption and to war. Higher tone of comments, but they otherwise are very anti-establishment and relatively pro-Trump, much like ZeroHedge or intelligent patriot and conservative sites. I don’t think that is unusual, pro-Bernie sites worry more about Hillary’s effects on their futures and future political options than about Trump’s effects.

The military is solidly pro-Trump, and servicemen tend to vote, I think. I think there are many police who are very much against the status quo, if “The Wire” has any reality to it at all. I think there is a lot of reality in there, and that the military and lower eschelons of any large-scale bureaucracy through power company linemen is largely the same : people are people, you can trust your buddies because they face the same problems you do, and people know that some people are political people. Race, ethnicity, … all are part of politics, and no larger a problem than ever, they have been part of big-city politics for all of history, we know how to handle those.

I think that a lot of people who otherwise think of themselves as good Liberals are giving each other permission to vote against Hillary because she is the larger danger.  Of course, I want to believe that, so it is easy for me to believe.  But, you don’t have to compare ZeroHedge with HuffingtonPost, compare NakedCapitalism with Huffington.  This is NC, you can check Huffington, it was wall-to-wall antiTrump as much as pro-Clinton.

This is NC’s set of links to the debate, which doesn’t at all discuss who ‘won’ :

Presidential Candidates Debate C-SPAN

In Second Debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Spar in Bitter, Personal Terms New York Times

* US election: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons BBC

Trump Ends Nightmare Weekend With Over-the-Top Debate Bloomberg

* Trump Unpacks Three Decades of Clinton Baggage in Debate Bloomberg (resilc)

Fact-checking the second Clinton-Trump presidential debate Washington Post

Holder hits Trump with Nixon comparison for threatening to jail Clinton Politico

New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship Intercept

Clinton’s Turnout Machine Could Prove Decisive Bloomberg

The Clinton-Trump Electoral Map Looks Almost Exactly Like the Obama-Romney Map. How Is That Possible? Nation (resilc)

* BREAKING: Clinton Campaign Wrote About “Elevating” Trump Months Before He Declared Candidacy Free Thought (Kim Kaufman)

Donald Trump Holds Media Event With Bill Clinton’s Accusers Wall Street Journal

Hillary scrubs sexual assault pledge after allegations against Bill resurface New York Post. Well, the Murdoch papers have not abandoned Trump.

I read several of those. Wherever comments are allowed for the above, the most interesting part are the comments. No kidding, read a few dozen of the comments and tell me Clinton is going to win. The most negative anti-Trump comments are suspicions he was lead to run because it would be easy for Clinton to defeat him! Or critiques of his political accumen, of his lack of prowess in using the issues Clinton has handed him on a golden platter.  All the time, Trump climbs in the polls, and those critiques continue.  Every debate, Trump keeps himself in the race, and Clinton’s chances dwindle. Real dummy, that Trump.

Wrt the special prosecutor, it will take several, at least one for the Clinton Foundation. Also, another to finally investigate Vince Foster’s death, another for the FBI’s crimes at Waco and Ruby Ridge, for the CIA’s smuggling cocaine as part of the Contra scandals and now heroin from Afghanistan, both of which the Clintons benefited from, Half a dozen to follow that up through the ranks and into Congress, e.g. why was the Republican Speaker of the House receiving bribes? Was that from the Chicago mob or the CIA? And another few dozen to figure out where the military is putting all of that un-accounted-for spending. And, of course, 9-11 and the Sandy Hook and following hoaxes and false flags. Lots of material for another debate. Clinton can’t afford much more of this kind of ‘win’.

Another analysis of the MH17 ‘investigation’, really a coverup of the Ukraine’s False Flag operation.  As usual, the tell is the evidence withheld, US and Ukrainian radar tapes and US spysat photos for MH17. No way a missile would NOT have been detected and no way 2 Ukrainian fighter jets would have been missed.  Clear skies, and nobody claimed to have seen a missile, which leaves a trail visible for many minutes afterwards :


The oligarchy and deep state need serious enemies to play against their domestic opposition, the Ukraine and the ME and South China Seas are the major stirring pots these days as we try to produce them. Simply amazing, the propaganda.


CIA ‘Siren Servers’ can predict social uprisings 3-5 days in advance

The US provides the weapons for SA’s atrocities, war crimes, in Yemen.  Hillary Clinton approves, the Clinton Foundation having received 10s of $Ms from SA :

Saudi Airstrikes kill Hundreds of Civilians, maim hundreds at Yemeni Funeral

If Trump wants to lock down the election, next debate he should make himself the Peace candidate.

This is what Private Venture funds do here in the US, of course, e.g. Romney’s company :




Why the Otters Left Goa – and Are Coming Back Now

The Disastrous Failure of Lesser Evilism


Note the bit at the bottom about how hard it has been to get support for Clinton from std politicians, who don’t want to be tarred with her problems :

The entire political discourse of any time and place can be considered from the pov of perceptions vs reality. The people I read tend to deal with reality, e.g. Mish :

Article 50 Perfectly Timed


This is a disaster that will hit at the deepest stage of the coming depression :


Confused about Syria, other wars? Remove all confusion/propaganda by knowing War Law: US/UK/Israel armed attacks are illegal unless under attack by another nation’s government. Demand US/UK/Israel .01% arrests, or suffer Wars of Aggression forever


The standard problem of dynasties :


US geopolitical strategy has completely failed.  We should thank our Israeli controllers for this result, as their Greater Israel balkanization of the ME strategy is doing well :



I completely disagree with Kunstler. His is a ‘wise should lead the world’ view, and “where is the Deep State when you need them?” a very stupid question that assumes they are those wise humans leading the world. The problem is the amount of concentrated power, of course.  No human is wise enough to give that much power to, no matter how a system attempts to control that centralized power, because power in human systems has a very large positive feedback : power accretes, power allows achieving more powerful through the wonders of human connections.

Even if we randomly selected people for every post, and changed them every 6 months, power would accrete, and centralization would soon strangle the system to stasis, slowing evolution of that portion of the total, global, human-driven system. So it would fail and be replaced with a more-dynamic social-political-economic system, one that allows free-er evolution in more dimensions producing human satisfaction and restrains dimensions producing less.

It is simply amazing that he does not understand that the dysfunctional system that has proved such perverse results in all spheres the Progressive-thinking forces control, the FED and finance, foreign policy of the US and Europe, military power around the world, the financial and banking sectors of many countries, significant political and editorial power in most countries, must also produce dysfunction in the process or selecting our leaders?

This election needs a Trump, someone to be very outrageous, so that our votes for him are more clearly a repudiation of every gd thing the Status Quo stands for. Kunstler is an elitist.  Elitists don’t get how us little people evaluate our options :

Wounded Elephant

Pretty solid proof that Wells Fargo wanted to scam its customers, just like it did.  Other banks have incentive systems and controls that detect and punish fraudulent account creation, but not Wells :


US geopolitical strategy has completely failed.  We should thank our Israeli controllers for this result, as their Greater Israel balkanization of the ME strategy is doing well :


Ticker Tape vs Sex Tape: Notes on the Town Brawl in St. Louis



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