Daily Reading #7

Didn’t get this published on Sunday :

Comparing HuffingtonPost vs DrudgeReport after the 2nd debate, it certainly seems as tho different aesthetics are used for judging the two candidates, a clash of values.

IMHO, Trump won the 2nd debate tonight when he promised to appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clintons, the first genuine investigation they will have been subjected to. That made it an incentive for all the Hillary-haters to vote for him, overcomes the “a pox on all their houses” dislike of both. And it was an implicit comparison, he could stand her prosecutor’s attention, but she couldn’t withstand his.

My prediction : Trump is going away beginning this week, a direct result of that debate. :


The chattering class will not be able to appreciate this, but Trump is much better with his messages than Clinton’s people have been able to do. No kidding, they can’t stop these messages, and they are changing minds. Trump framed this as law and order for everyone vs privilege of the rich and powerful.

Seems like to me that Trump has made very many smart moves in a row. Every time the media calls him on one of his ‘gaffs’, he comes out of it stronger.  Miraculous, or is this kind of PR effectiveness something you can set up the sequence in? How may plies deep? Every other week, the man’s entire campaign is near collapse, and he comes out of it with more money in the bank and the polling agencies have to find another way to bias their polling results, lest it be obvious that Trump continues to increase his lead. You can see what the polls really are from where they are spending the ad money every week.



Key Neocon Calls on US to Oust Putin

A friend sent me this :

????????? Hear anything on this?

My reply :

Yes, that is the girl in CA who says that Epstein and Trump were screwing her, Epstein liked them young.  It hasn’t gotten much press because, I speculate, Bill Clinton is much more closely associated with Epstein than Trump, and was on his Lolita Express many more times, so there are many more women waiting to testify against Clinton.

So I thought it would be put off until the last day or so, so Trump can’t respond inside the news cycle before the election.


Anything to avoid responsibility, and merely another after-the-fact explanation. Another single-factor explanation, and no doubt part of the answer, but it ignores the FED and its many effects via cheap money :











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