Daily Reading #5

Sorry about the lousy formatting, but the links themselves bring in text, I don’t grasp how to prevent that yet.  Email as a writing tool, copy/paste as the xfer mechanism.  I am such am amateur at this.  But that is the price of being a wide generalist, being willing to look like such a fool to anyone who grasps that little bit more than you have been able to encompass and remember at that moment. Consider this an interactive medium, feel free to correct my conjectures.




5 Things Hillary Clinton Has Done That Will Make You Question Her Sanity


There has been a never-ending stream of stories predicint financial apocalypse over the last 15 years. http://www.internationalman.com/articles/the-coming-collapse-of-the-worlds-biggest-economy

EU Doesn’t Want Brexit “Negotiations”, the EU Wants “Blood Revenge”

A friend sends me the following :

Google Science Fair Finalist Invents Cheap Lung Cancer Screening Breathalyzer – IEEE Spectrum

Odd that and an 18-year-old has to come up with this. http://spectrum.ieee.org/view-from-the-valley/biomedical/diagnostics/are-xrays-really-the-best-lung-cancer-screening-test-asks-google-science-fair-finalist

So simple chemistry + that fact of lung cancers producing alkanes. Google says that has been long known, the papers are from the 1990s.  Then you ask Google for “alkane detector” and find 433,000 results. Many of the first page look like they might be leads.

Thus, the fact such has not been developed is due to the same factor that prevents simple compounds from being used in any treatment, the fact that clinical trials cost 100s of $Ms, and thus the market must be several $Bs per year to make that investment worth it. Clinical trails of this quite traditional kind are neither necessary nor sufficient to produce good medicines, and are in place precisely to prevent competition to any established company or procedure. Many MDs own the very high-technology machines currently used to detect and treat cancer.

Medicine is just another crony capitalist cartel, and all such versions of socialism produce expensive and undistinguished, un-differentiated products. Natural law : remove incentive and individual responsibility and you remove progress.

This kid is further proof, it is just that Google provided a better incentive system. Now, if some 3rd world group begins producing it, it will be used there, but never in 1st world medicine, all of which have some version of those controls on competition.

This is using Google as an interesting kind of fact checker.

This is not true wrt the US ‘trying to rein in bulk collection, mass surveillance’. There has been no serious move to reduce NSA’s powers.


HAL (er, um, BAH) Bites NSA

I have read that this ‘iconic picture of a little boy’ was staged, is entirely bogus. The reason Syria is noticed and Congo was not is the refugees into Europe.  Those are changing politics everywhere. Yemen does not, they die without notice :

Syria v. Yemen Analysis: Why One War Gets Attention and Another Does Not

This Is How America Will Accidentally Join the Syrian War


This is the fundamental flaw at the foundation of any proposal to improve the situation in the ME, Israel’s continued push for a Greater Israel, backed by Israel’s control of American politics via AIPAC. Militarizing your society is a losing strategy, both the US and Israel have adopted that strategy. Becoming an occupying power is even worse for a society, both countries have occupied others since WWII, and the character of the resulting citizens will destroy us both, e.g. 9-11 and Sandy Hook :


I saw a headline of 100s of Haitians dead in the hurricane, and some of that will be Clinton’s fault. Clintons and Clinton Foundation are mega-fraud, charity division :



Tears as last Ford rolls off production line today


This cannot be good for humans or any living thing in the oceans and rivers :


The problem with this is that it is based on a computer model. Computer models are not reality, they have to be checked for their consistency with reality. That requires data, and we don’t have enough climate data to do so. So, maybe the model is correct in its estimates,  but probably not, as there are still many unknown details in atmospheric and ocean chemistry not in the models. That uncertainty is not acknowledge by any of the proponents of AGW, who also explicitly deny the effect of the sun’s variability. Very probably both sides will be seen to be wrong, and we should have been doing the cheapest, easiest engineering projects to reduce C02’s effects, e.g. painting all of our roofs white. Alternatives to closing all the coal mines are carefully not considered, as people such as Al Gore have invested heavily in carbon trading :



A reminder of how insane thinking of starting a major war, e.g. Israeli-Neocons and the Clintons, actually is. If anyone thinks that a strength of the US Armed services is fostering independent thinking, they should sign over control of their lives to a trusted relative, immediately. The message in that really is that future battles will be far more of a crap shoot than they ever were, militaries are apparently very bad at assessing their own capabilities relative to enemies, as at least half of them lose their major battles and wars, even against enemies inferior in all measurable ways :

Miserable, Disobedient & Victorious: Gen. Milley’s Future US Soldier

The Corporate State

So many people seem to think ‘left vs right’ has anything to do with ‘good vs bad’. I think this trend is very real, Amazon, Facebook and Google and Yahoo and Microsoft all are assisting Hillary and the Deep State, but it certainly has little to do with ideology and everything to do with common interests.  All of those companies have major revenue streams from governments at all levels, all depend on laws to protect their private revenue streams from foreign competitors. All are crony capitalists intent on protecting their markets, thus extracting more revenue from us, the citizens our government is supposed to represent :

All of those companies have major revenue streams from governments at all levels

Community planning for the time when the cascade of failures hits your home town is well along :

Welcome to Prolonged Field Care

This will not end well. I heartily agree :


This is interesting perspective, tho I don’t agree with much in the areas of resource depletion (it is all energy, and we already have replacement sources) nor climate change (it is, and we didn’t do it, the sun did and does), I think our effect on the ecosystem generally very bad, and much worse than necessary because of the idiocy of governments and their arbitrary power. We are going to very much regret our behavior and the loss of genetics stupidity has produced, all varieties of species, especially us.


I think this will not work. Being a farmer is not being a barista, this wants to pretend they are the same skill set, easily acquired. BS, with my 4×8 patio garden, I learn something new every year, have a different major problem every year. Further, energy costs $. In a time of great ‘deflation’ the new stupid word for the old fashioned ‘depression’, when nobody has any money, everyone is being evicted from their homes, do they think electricity will be so cheap that the remainders of paying customers can afford to sample ‘ancient varietals’? I remember a couple of such for cows, on the theory that fresh grass in mid-winter was a great milk producer and sprouting grass in a hydroponics tank under fluorescent lights would pay for itself. Didn’t, and these won’t either without industrial rates for power and massive subsidies the way the ‘vertical farms’ are receiving, probably not even then. Besides which, capital costs are going up soon, so this is another startup wasting $ :


Impressive engineering, but none of this would be economic without the $200M subsidies from federal governments, probably more from state and local. Unless things like this are funded entirely from individuals using savings, the probability is high that they are economically un-sound.


Wonder who funds treehugger? They don’t like granite, for sure.


There’s Plenty of Room At the Bottom – the Nobel Chemistry Laureates Put a Nanocar There

Assuming nothing changes, perhaps. But so many things will change, thus predictions are so very often wrong :

Humans May Already Have Reached Maximum Lifespan

To me, it seems as tho we don’t understand much about the biochemistry of aging, the fundamental mechanisms. Good progress, like understanding how mitochrondria go wrong, and perhaps some progress in fixing that one problem. But even small improvements could extend life dramatically, we don’t actually know enough to judge :


Life is hard for working poor. Better than in prior times, but nobody should think it is easy to get or keep a job :


There must be some rule about fanciful allegories and less-than-honest arguments.  Here the fatal comparison is the number of manufacturing jobs vs the number of jobs.  That very large number includes federal, state and local government, the very problem with the entire economy. We lost 7M manufacturing jobs, and the 59M non-manufacturing jobs include all the government employees and the employees in business required to comply with so many new laws, rules and regulations, and the legal minds on all sides of every question, all overhead produced by human-produced complexity. Some of that complexity produces more wealth with less resources, and so was a wise investment. From the evidence, it is a small part of the total, because the state of our civilization has been in decline for some time. Not just the opinion of a skeptic, nor supported by a few selected measures, cherry-picked evidence, it is more and more a shared opinion of many long-time contrarians on economic and social issues.

To add my 2 cents : I cannot see the sense, the guiding mind, behind any of this.  It is stupid to continue the military options, we have not won anything with this strategy, and the country is rapidly going broke, a standard result for military empires. The only sense I can make of it is the Israeli-Neocons needing distractions from their treasons, lest they hang.

Many changes mirror what happened in the USSR in its end-times, increasing crime, end-game behaviors of elites, increasing addiction, increasing poverty, rising suicide rates, rising death rates. We are part of the local ex-USSR and -Russian community, I have heard stories recounting aspects of all of that. The USSR stopped reporting demographic statistics, the age of death of males in Moscow was falling, went below 60 years old. Neonatal death rates were 3rd world, hospitals were lousy, you had to supply your own drugs and supplies, e.g. bedding.  Russians who visited E European countries were astonished at how much better people in their cities and countryside lived relative to Russians, the price Russia paid for peace, and the productivity of those country’s disciplined work forces relative to the Russians.

The US is a few years away from that, but it is our future to envy the wealth of our supposed vassals if current trends continue and our elites continue in power.  I pray we avoid that, but the put-downs by the chattering classes of the people who do all of the making and moving of things in farming and food processing and manufacturing and delivering and installation of the very many things required by a very complex social and economic system is incessant, as throughout this condescending piece of poor reasoning.

We who focus on reality in our daily life, engineers and physical scientists and working class, farmers, ranchers, have a different set of values. We can do without the ‘products’ produced by the facadist’s and their values easier than they can do without ours.

I can make no sense of the strategy and have read nothing that has, so either it is very subtle or non-existent :





Music to accompany this story follows :

Donald Trump’s taxes explained. My Eyes Glaze Over on taxes and such, so I didn’t read this, although I read almost all of the links I post :




It seems to me that a Status Quo leadership with a sense of self-preservation would attend more to this than to overthrowing the Syrian government.  Syrian gov is not a threat to this country, but the instability in Africa certainly is :

More than 10,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean trying to reach Italy in the last 48 hours

Maybe included this before, I read it :


Haskell, a new strongly typed computer language, is based on category theory, closely related to the new foundations of math. This is important for proofs of correctness, one of the approaches to higher security in programs.  This is easy to read and interesting, tho my understanding is superficial and I can’t remember any of it, as I don’t work in that area, don’t have any of the necessary hooks to provide meaning and support memory, just as with most of the other very-wide range of topics reading I do :

Will Computers Redefine the Roots of Math?


Finding an honest foreign pharmacy is a big problem, and many don’t take credit cards. Big Pharma + internet collusion are the base problem :


The sizes of objects in quantum phenomena turns out to depend on computational capabilities?

View story at Medium.com



If you do not follow these things, know this is fairly routine.  It is, very likely, CBs keeping the price of gold down so they don’t have to deliver physical gold they have encumbered in some way.  Might not even cost much, iff they own the brokerage that executes the trades, or some such



Nobody can possibly take my country’s diplomats seriously.


This covers the reality of the war we started by training, arming and funding the ‘rebels’ and ISIS :



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