CIA Torture Was Coverup of 9-11

This is some of the prisoners who were tortured by our CIA‘s program to extract confessions.  This is the story of how hard they worked to keep it out of public sight. It is one thing to read the cold statistics of all the people who were sent to torture chambers around the world, Assad’s for example. Soon after, we were calling for regime change, Assad’s replacement, with torture of his people the major charge.

I find this especially heinous because it was part of the coverup of their 9/11 False Flag Operation. It had absolutely nothing to do with finding the perpetrators of 9/11, they knew full well who those were, names and passport numbers. US and Israeli passports, mostly.

No, the reason they needed torture was to extract confessions to parts the nefarious plot by Bin Laden to attack America. They needed those for a coverup, and to look like they were really doing something, that there were many big bad Muslim terrorists out there, Bin Laden was not the only one, they constituted an enemy big enough to use an army against. As it was entirely a Mossad-CIA plot, that alliance newer than the first thoughts about that elegant bit of statecraft, the 9/11 False Flag Op, Bin Laden could have had nothing to do with it, except possibly introducing his CIA handlers to the Saudi patsies.  Those patsies likely knew nothing about it and went to their deaths along with the US passengers in some hanger on a military base. However, it is much more likely Saudi Intelligence did the introductions between patsies and the Mossad and CIA, the Bandar Bush connection, and thus became another layer of the coverup.

For that bit of narrative in the unfolding 9/11 story, we bombed Afghanistan to even lesser 3rd world status, and Iraq from second world to a solid third world status, killed a million or so people as we did so, and probably destroyed the health of the region for 100s of years with depleted uranium munitions. And began the war that will end America in our country’s financial exhaustion.

All because some Israeli-Neocons and oligarchs decided to make a buck with some terrorism, and grab a lot more power as they did so.  That grab for power, and the treason it was, the cooperation of our citizens with a foreign power in an attack on the United States, now dominates our politics. It prevents any peace, as peace will lead to a new investigation, and many of the plotters will hang if there is a serious investigation.

We citizens need to end the rule of our current anti-Constitutional government and its very many minions. We need to do so before they can start a major war.

Added later, the confirmation. And the fact that torture has many effects contrary to the goal of extracting information.

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