Daily Reading #4

I got behind while working on the reorganization of house and garage, finally catching up on old stuff, but haven’t read much of anything from sites I normally visit. Still, I have other things I need to do, will try to get those later.

Obama and Clinton presided over this bit of our foreign mis-adventures :


Dear Senator McCain, Our National Security is Threatened by You, Your Policies, and Your Soulmate, Hillary Clinton

I have not studied the Koran, but knew these had to be in it, as Islam has been a major element of great civilizations, as great as have Judiasm and Christianity or any of the other religions, current and predecessors. You cannot build a great civilization without those thoughts at the base. The standard question from the antis has been “Where are the Mullahs denouncing the crazies?”, the answer to which has been “all over, but you won’t hear about any of it from MSM”. It doesn’t take much meta to frame the equivalent question from the Islamic side, “Where are all the ministers denouncing the extreme antis?”. Same answer, I think. :


And I think for the same reason : MSM has been, intentionally or not, a COINTELPRO (Wikipedia has a good entry)disruption of the workings operating in the heart of our democracy, working against the interests of ordinary citizens. MSM is the amplifier of messages from the more powerful, the framer of most thinking, the proposer and popularizer of the alternatives that they allow us to consider. This is not an ideological issue, it is far above such considerations, is purely based on interests.  Ideology is a tool for controlling the populace, not anything that binds them. These are mafias, beyond the law.

This is a great example, and the rest of the feel-good link from yesterday wrt police body cams.  That said that police complaints were down. This gives you some reasons that might not be as positive as they present it :


This election is a measure of how close they are to losing their control of those processes, control of the nation’s political opinion and election outcomes. This tidbit could never have come to your attention, were it not for the internet:


Here we have a real-world experiment measuring the relative power of the media vs the independent voices. The media is nearly uniform, and independent voices all over the map, tho most anti-Hillary.  I think our Status Quo is losing to the independents, and they know it :


I think the explanation for this following is easy : the bank uses cheap FED funds to buy stocks. That keeps the election tilted to Clinton and keeps the banksters in bonuses for a bit longer. In return, banksters and other CBs, the ones buying securities also, buy the Swiss National Bank’s stock. That is great for the SNB’s executives, as their bonuses are partly in stock, and are dependent upon the stock’s price, at least that is normal executive compensation.

I am serious about that, it is an obvious quid pro quo. It wouldn’t even take much collusion, is easy for all parties to justify to investment committees and risk officer, no obvious laws being broken, and the US government quite compliant with anything keeping the stock market alive.


Probably most of the vulnerable devices do not have any means of upgrading the firmware. The Internet’s version of the older autos that produce most of the smog, they take 20+ years to die out.



We need reminded of the downsides of royalty :






One of very many triggers of the next crisis :



Banks and finance institutions around the world are laying people off :


Libertarians are controlled opposition, as I said, so the Status Quo has taken over another previously-independent institution in our society, just as they did with the Tea Party.


Propaganda assumes people are incapable of memory and logic, because otherwise it will have the opposite effect. And it does have the opposite effect for many of us, divides the population into those willing to believe and those not willing to believe. Over time, as the economy and society degrade, the propaganda ratchets to higher levels of stupid, and more and more of us can’t believe.

Standard progression, and continues until the revolution, revolt, reformation, …

One assumes our Deep State grasps all that, and has a plan. After all, they did 9/11 and realized it could not be hidden forever. When 9/11 and Sandy Hoax become a political issue, they are exposed and vulnerable. One assumes that is the point where the trends to authoritarian government accelerate, and also that they need a war, major enemies, to avoid those issues as long as possible.

US Government: Russia Is Barbaric for Doing the Exact Same Thing We’re Doing

Anti-social media code

Good hospitals don’t have infections, it is very well known how to prevent them, some surgical teams have NEVER had an infection.  If you want to know where they are in your area, ask anyone at the major hospital where they go for treatment themselves, where they send their relatives :


Couldn’t find this in google’s cache, but the headline is interesting :

Anyone who has known how many logic levels it takes to simulate a logic circuit wonders why the AI guys can’t grasp that 2-valued logic is their problem? How meta do you have to be to see that? Don’t philosophy and math teach anything about multi-valued logic any more? Pitiful, no meta outside of their deep silos of knowledge :
The strange, rare medical condition that leads people to insist they don’t actually exist


This presents ranked-choice voting as the best, as it would have prevented Donald Trump from getting so near the Presidency. IMHO, it is a very good argument against ranked-choice voting, as it moves more power to MSM, the powers that be, the status quo, as measured by that same result. I agree with their argument that ranked-choice would have produced Bernie vs one of the Israeli-Neocon crazies, Republican versions of Hillary, and probably Bernie would win. That would have been less optimal, but fine with the Deep State :

But the wars would go on because they weren’t that important to Bernie, and so long as he got his version of the Great Society, the left would go along with funding the war, just like they did for LBJ.  I mean, they didn’t kick about it back then, haven’t kicked about it yet in this current episode. Vietnam was ended by a big change in public opinion then, and it will be the same now. LBJ was gone, Clinton will go. But the Deep State remained from those days, is what is behind Clinton now. It has not been rolled back, the Church Committee didn’t have much effect, and it has not lasted :

The big difference now is 9-11 and Sandy Hoax. Those are major escalations of government power. People will hang for those.

And they know it :

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