Daily Reading #3

I have done more reading this week because, in addition to everything else, I have been reorganizing the apt and garage, cleaning and re-arranging, so not enough time or energy for anything hard. I sleep well, with so much exercise, but haven’t made any progress on the stack of books or writing for 10 days.





No sentient being still believes the idiocy we are told about ‘moderate rebels’. They are mercenaries, and if they have political opinions, they are not likely to favour any interest of the US’s. This is simple propaganda, e.g. “Under Obama, whose presidency ends in January, the United States seems to have more limited goals — the main one being to drive Islamic State out of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria.” That is a major lie, as we have supplied ISIS, funded and trained them. ISIS is where the jihadis go to disrupt the entire ME, but were doing a good job against Assad. Re-interpreting the news of the last 10 years in the light of the real goals, disruption and overthrow of Assad, the amazing impotence of the US military and lack of any messages opposing European’s going to fight for ISIS is less surprising.




If I were a real cynic, I would conclude that the state has extracted all of the laws and power and revenue it can from cannabis being illegal, on to the next phase of divide and conquer, this being licensing businesses. In fact, cannabis is the easiest farm product for farmers to supply directly via the mail, and the one where premium quality and original strains are most rewarded. Any middle-men in a free market for products like that, small tonnage and high value, should be pedlars on your block, not a store down the street.

And, you already see it : the best cannabis prices in our area, accordingly to weedly.com, are from ‘coops’ owned and operated by a grow operation. They get higher prices than selling to other storefronts (who screw growers all the time, growers are growing to hate them) for their cannabis, and very likely the store pays for itself via the standard products it buys and sells. Win-win, and exactly the way other sectors of farming have gone : high quality, and sell direct to the consumer. Farmer’s markets in our area are more commercial than farmer, but closer than the medical cannabis model.



The more we test animals, the more intelligence we see. “The capacity of culture may be within most animals with a relatively basic toolkit of learning processes,” concluded the researchers. :


New research shows there’s one big change when cops wear cameras

Algorithms, hardware and algorithms in logic are the major improvements in computing power. Algorithms have been responsible for as much progress as hardware. Algorithms in logic are very important, expensive, hard to estimate the importance as much of that is bundled with processor and I/O chips :






5 Stories the Media Ignored While Reporting on the Kim Kardashian Robbery

I do believe in plans, but mostly as a way of revealing problems in the future. I know they don’t work very often because the plan wasn’t the important part, the focus on making the small stuff happen effectively is the major part of success. I know that everyone has them. I know every goal-directed entity has multiple goals active at all times. I know goals change as a result of everything, continuously. Priorities change, continuously. We depend on all of those to optimize the future for all of us.

Problem is the money behind the focus on some goals and their success in directing our system’s evolution. There are no ways to stop those, so we need a society that doesn’t allow such, a limit to scale of influence by limits to scale of organization. My current best thought says that no person should allow themselves to be part of any organization that is so large they can’t influence its direction and actions. So Dunbar’s number or smaller, and then build up the society and economy from those units. Modern communications makes that much more possible, it seems to me.


Gee, you think all the support everyone in the ME has KNOWN the US has provided to ISIS makes the Iraqi militias doubt our motives ?


There is NO way to know where a hack is coming from, if the hacker is being careful. You probably can learn where his tools came from, but now that NSA’s tools are out there, and will be used to steal other tools, that isn’t reliable either. Thus, you know that all claims that the Russians or Chinese did it are bogus :


Superior reporters considering how they can go wrong:


We don’t have many even good reporters any more, not in MSM. They quit to work on their own, e.g Atkinson, or went to work for foreign media, e.g. New Yorker’s national security reporter Seymour Hersh. There, they can say what they think about MSM :





This Long Run Won’t Be Long Enough, by Robert Gore

Devolution is the answer, back to the size of city states, governed by a council never larger than 100 people of representatives of 100 ‘bands’ of 100 adults each. Scotland is intensely socialist, too bad for Scotland, let them go :

Scottish nationalist fury at ‘arrogant’ May government

Devolution is the answer to this kind of problem also. Small political units won’t try to control so much, meaning not so many laws and thus more options for evolution :


The problem of antibiotic resistance is inherent in the version of medicine that the US FDA has imposed on the world. First, the US is one of the 2 big markets, and the most profitable. Thus, drugs get developed for the US, even when done in Europe. Second, it costs $1+B to take a drug to market, on average, and I have seen more recent estimates of $2B. That means the drug has to have a very large market, which in turn means, for antibiotics, that it must be a ‘wide spectrum’ antibiotic, effective against many different organisms. There are a limited number of those.

Further, antibiotics are generally fermented, grown by molds or … in tanks and then extracted. That is expensive, so manufacturing antibiotics isn’t so profitable, and drug companies put less R&D dollars into them.

Consider instead a country that has sensible laws : there would be 100s of antibiotics available, after all, every organism makes substances that attack bacteria and fungi, finding them is no big deal. Typing them vs bacteria is also no big deal, so it would be easy to specify the genetics of the organisms that it kills. Showing that it does so in a variety of animals and does not kill them is also cheap. Bottom-up clinical trials would be showing that the bacteria is of the right genetics in particular patients, and administering the drug to the very sick, for whom all other treatments had failed. People who have the most to gain and the least to lose.

See what dangers centralized systems prevent? Competition!! Big drug companies only have one customer, the FDA. The FDA’s regulations kill far more people by the delay in getting drugs to market and the few drugs being developed than then can ever save by preventing unsafe drugs. Not that they do that, either, e.g. VIOXX and many subsequently.

Leaders Pledge Action to Control Superbugs




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