Daily Reading #1

If people do not get crazy about it right now, the bastards in DC are going to get WWIII started.  They are working very hard to be stupid :


Other countries can prosecute bankers :


Brave new world postulated, we thought, ‘soma’.  It was copying history, not inventing ideas. Hitler pioneered that government innovation, also :



One could view this as Turkey’s version of the various skill/job-based visas which America’s oligarchy has long used to hold down wages of people like me. Why have nation states? Why have national policies? There surely must be better organizations of humans, given modern communications, and better means for all of us to achieve our various goals. Our current structure evolved, and evolution works by genes and memes, species and social structures, genuses and classes and institutions and nation states, going extinct. Our oligarchy-Status Quo’s major sin is trying to hold thing static, because the only static things in life are dead. We should be experimenting wildly, we have been rich and at ease, could have been at peace. It was a time for experiments, that upward side of the cycle of civilizations. But, of course, as always, we will do our experimenting on the down side of the cycle in weapons systems, and only after we hit bottom will we get serious about how to run the next civilization.  Perhaps we will be able to do a better job of Peace and Freedom than this version :

Turkey hoards well-educated Syrians

The more I read the situation in Libya, the more I sympathize with Qaddafi. No kidding. First, our State Department has consistently produced disastrous policies, and Hillary Clinton didn’t change that so much as monetize the opportunity. Seems to me, if we had had more intelligent policies, we would have more intelligent foreign rulers. The CIA probably recruited half of them, one time or another.  Second, the anti-Qaddafi information we have is largely through our CIA and state department, and are exactly the kind of thing they use to control public opinion. Before believing any of it, I would need to know a lot more about Qaddafi. Given the CIA’s behavior in other parts of the world, including here at home on 9-11, I can easily believe that Qaddafi had reason to be paranoid and rely on female guards. If history courses were more useful for rulers instead of revolutionaries, he would have known to have taken hostages, e.g. GS’s Chairman’s and the account rep’s sons. This is the 2nd example of a social sophisticate fronting for con men we have seen, the other being the daughter of newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell for the pedophile Israeli, Jeffrey Epstein.  Note that in a comment below I talk about how good propaganda is 99% true, and see how Kabbaj sold the Libyan’s : he brought them a lot of ‘pop economics and trading books, e.g. by Taleb (that is the professional trader’s disdain showing through, Taleb has exposed them for the frauds they mostly are) to induce the fear and also solid info to show them he was an honest assistant trying to help. An honest approach, the best approach to gaining trust. In the case of Kabbaj and GS, it wasn’t what they told the Libyan’s that cost Libia so much, it was the behind the scenes happenings that nobody in the field knew about.  In any case, I think Goldman will lose in this case, they certainly knowingly took advantage of a naive customer, and many cases in the earlier Asian banking panic went against the sophisticated side of the sale, based on solid law :


Bankruptcy lawyers are about to get rich, because most of this debt will not be repaid because of the cascade of economic failure which has already begun.  Bailing out banks can delay the slide, but only by transferring private losses to the public treasury, so we should oppose every one of them. The BS shown below will only get worse, a country that gets things right will become the next stage of civilization’s grown. No magic, all a country needs to do is to keep taxes low, get the corruption under control, produce a serious rule of simple law law, and keep the political system transparent. Work on minimizing law in forms that produce Justice, the opposite of the version the Western 1st world societies have chosen. :


Just looking around, that is a nice web site,  I had read previous articles of theirs posted on other blogs.

This is good :


The sure sign of a vibrant, improving, society is a scandalized Status Quo. Modern communications are producing more change faster, Status Quos have made the usual bad choices.

The Clintons are just amazing in their dishonesty and hypocracy, far beyond the normal level in America’s politicians :


My experience in corporate life confirms all of this and more.  HBO’s (I think, my grasp of brands in the media world is weak) “The Wire” is just a version of this with more violence and a military + political mindset in a city police force. I am in Season 3, I think, where the Captain sets up Amsterdams. Not at all plausible, info like that would be through the city in moments, via texts and twits. Otherwise, I have found it pretty plausible from first-person accounts of all sides. Police don’t believe in a positive-sum version of policing, criminals are smart, there are wanna-be good guys on all sides, just people. There always enough genuine crazy decisions and willingness to kill to keep things moving along in bad directions until we get serious about the kind of a society that produces so many bad outcomes in life. We are systematically producing a criminal culture in a large lower class via the many laws against drugs, prostitution and smuggling of things and people. We have FUBARed our society with our laws in the name of morality.

It is probable I haven’t read a military novel recently enough, and mentioning both in the context of ‘military’ is redundant. Pacific War, John Tolland’s “Rising Sun”, I believe it was, described Japanese officers who arranged for the destruction of divisions to take down fellow officers. Hard to win with a culture like that, and very hard to have large-scale military, police and political cultures that stay honest. Normally they become predatory upon the society they supposedly serve. Ours have :




Liberals want to consider everyone as helpless within the many forces directing lives, social, economic, civilizational. Conservatives want to ignore those, emphasize direction by the individual mind and energy. But societies don’t work without both, of course, and it doesn’t take government to deal with bigger-picture issues, communities did that with clubs and charities :


Jacobin is dismissive of the Scots-Irish character of hillbillies, ‘grossly ahistorical, but echoing David Hackett Fischer, …’. David Hackett Fischer was chairman of the Dept of History at Harvard, and as close to the premier historian in the US as one can get. His book on the 4 groups of people from England who largely determined New England and America’s early character is a classic. I saw those strains playing out in my family and in friends growng up. Thomas Sowell had the same take in his book ‘Ethic America’.

The ‘gig economy’ has been the life of poor people forever. A couple of years ago, I picked up a hitchhiker in Minnesota, American Indian. Conversation, and I learned he was out of work, waiting for the sugar beet harvest. Othertimes he fished and was the reservation’s main drug dealer, earned a little money printing as explicit pinups as he could get by prison sensors, send them to his friends. Genuine entrepreneur at a scale he could manage. So this is just coming to middle class attention because the economy has gotten so bad, the same thing producing the drug epidemic in working class white America.

This Is the Backup Career For More and More U.S. Workers


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