Daily Reading #0

I have been sending a set of ‘links’, the best of the daily reading I do trying to understand the world, to friends and family for several years. This AM, feeling more meta than usual, I thought about the fact that I can’t find many things that cater to my tastes, and, to be truthful*, there are probably not that many people of my exact tastes.

However, as a devoutly dissident Discordian, I am a believer in the power of long tails, evolution at the rate of a society’s processing memes, and the power of hybrid vigor in genetics and ideas to improve the future, so thought to publish mine, modern publishing being so cheap and easy.  Every blog post is a new bit in the stream of memes that can be processed by minds in the world, my bit of guiding our civilization’s evolution.

So, the next experiment in writing, which I won’t allow to interfere with too much of my other stuff. Today it has been a welcome diversion from the great emergency re-organization of apt and garage needed for our E European guests that arrive next week. We won’t speak any common language, will be interesting.

The email today :

The Basic Problem : The oligarchy thinks the people are morons, the people know the oligarchy is :


And they don’t care about the people :

When a Worker Freezes to Death in a Walk-In Freezer at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Downtown Atlanta

Especially not foreigners. Nobody cares about mere civilians, except for their propaganda value and as human shields :


The war party is currently led by Hillary Clinton, and the political discussion is guided by MSM propaganda :

Bring Back The Cold War — Paul Craig Roberts

Certainly will be an interesting month. It must be October :



This is implicitly “why doesn’t the Justice Department prosecute the oligarchy?”, tho Warran doesn’t intend it :


And the Clinton campaign responds with :

Election is a horse race, economy against Hillary’s Last Chance. Hard to say which is declining faster, at this point. However, bank failures cascade and ricochet especially badly through economies, so governments are forced to keep them alive, effectively another transfer of public $ into the oligarchy’s pockets :

Stealth Bailout of 2 Franken-Banks Now Happening in Spain


China joins the countries that can insist, as part of IMF loans, that loans in their currencies be spent in their own countries.  The oligarchy’s gravy train :


I believe you can only reach this conclusion by under-estimating the rate of inflation, which the CPI carefully does, and thereby over-estimating the rate of growth of the GDP, wages, etc. And they have to have a horizon of 75 years even to do that!! Also, no question, the study is biased, look at the statistic on education : who cares about college education when so many were grandparents who more or less immediately went onto SSI. Long-term, no question, immigrants contribute both culturally and economically.  Short-term, no question, some groups in the economy suffer. No way to stop the economy or society from evolving, and we wouldn’t want to.  The evil is the government subsidies and low-cost capital that make everything 10x as crazy as it would normally be :



Very good, the Brits are unwinding a bit of the bureaucracy :









DANGER – Tensions rising sharply between nuclear superpowers

On Repression in Ukraine


How New York is Trying to Outsmart the Aedes Mosquito

MS pushing reprogrammable hardware. Modern FPGA’s have processor cores scattered through them, or you can build a processor from the FPGA logic.  Standard assignment in advanced IEEE logic design courses, and there are dozens of such programs on the net.  Hardware is now software, in other words. If I wanted to infect a machine in a way that was particularly, amazingly, hard to detect … (Note my clever use of google cache. The only down side is, you have to read it soon.)


Stolen from NakedCapitalism today :

*Remember all the warnings on this site about my claims of superior human attributes? The many warnings about warnings?

The author of everything on this site, so far, except for what I steal from others, consciously or unconsciously, wants you to adopt his thoughts, all of them. A most modern version of a dictator, an ideologist, some would say.

And a superb propagandist, I say, another warning for you. A good propagandist makes 99% of his or her propaganda TRUE!, and the part that subverts your thoughts, channels them away from thoughts that do not favor their side, is in the frame, the questions asked, not in the answers that are TRUE!.

I go far beyond that level of 99%, so far as I can determine. I use much more probing questions to undermine the Status Quo, to subvert the entire social structure of what I think a failed structure of civilization. I emphasize YOUR human values in a very local setting as a way to judge everything, and thus judge the legitimacy of actions of all larger questions, up through nation-states and their policies. That, everyone will admit, is very subversive, and I am proud of it, it is a hallmark of this web site and its posts.

You must not assume anything is true, not even my version. I repeat that warning a lot, and thereby re-emphasize the arguments, so subversive, in your mind.

I keep telling everyone this. You keep reading.


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