Notes and Nonsense #0

This is a continuation of Notes and Nonsense, more personal and comments on the novel. I do those irregularly, as everything, and none of it is as interesting as I think it is. I know that because my wife keeps telling me so.



Sleepless again.  Musings #13 is a fine piece of work.  The Generalissimo is proud.

The rewrite went on a long time, pushed it from about 3K words to 4300, more than 3K words we wrote today.

Doing the final touches just now, I realized that I had been making a virtue, or at least allowing you all to see, that it was evolving, that I had no clue where it was going paragraph to paragraph.  That isn’t quite true, both the Generalissimo and Scherrhy have dropped a lot of hints, snippets of scenes and stories.

But they don’t tell me much, I begin to suspect they are worried about being unemployed if we finish, or if I begin to think I don’t need them.

Whatever the case, my feeble mind could not have plotted this, it is far too complex. Writers can plot a simple murder mystery, and we still read how things evolve as they write and understand.

Not so complex you say? Twice the number of characters as Andy Weir’s “Martian”! And many more new technologies, along with 3 completely different kinds of human, each with their own natures.  Interacting with each other, working toward a social organization maximally pleasing to each. Complicated, we tell you.


Meds have killed my sleep, I haven’t been aware of awakening for a week now, and am aware of lying awake a lot, turning over things, seeing what patterns emerge. Feel lousy, but brain is very awake.  Manic depressive, the psychiatrists have said, but mere lithium hasn’t helped.

I flashed on the connection of the Boston Consulting Group’s “experience curve” being connected to the evolution of systems that evolve faster, the Constructal Law and Bertalanffy. That is a way of checking my emerging designs for civilization’s reformation.

The new meds are good for my brain, I think. But, it could just be the meds.


The psychiatrists have gotten my meds right again, the staff doesn’t like the new drugs they are giving me, so I have been able to write again. I began by reading the Generalissimo’s Musings beginning to end. Many typos, I never see them all and probably am producing as many by accidents of editing as I fix.  There is a discontinuity in the story #8 to #9 that should be corrected in the book — all the sudden, we have human Tessels. The Generalissimo skipped over the parents deciding to produce human Tessels and the negotiations that were necessary, for some reason. Also, #9 mixes too much future understanding with the current babies, things he could not have known at the time. #D isn’t clear on the differences between Deep Learning Neural Networks and the brain simulations. Lorenz, not Tinbergen, was the ethologist with the geese following him like he was their mother, the beginning of a long line of research producing confused birds.

In #E, the support for ‘conceptual metaphors’ is dumb, or I didn’t translate the Generalissimo’s thoughts well.  The ordering of servicebots using games is screwy?

Additionally, I noticed after the last installment that he didn’t deal with the fact that the Tessels were constructed from cord blood stem cells from their 8 siblings, so the siblings were a year older.  Nor that their wide-set ideas were part of looking intelligent, and a big advantage in sports because of better 3D vision at longer distances. I asked him about it, he said that was indeed one of the factors in the sibling’s social dynamics.  Another thing to be fixed in the rewrite.

Evolving novel novels is hard work.  The Generalissimo’s task of redirecting the evolution of a civilization into more optimal paths must have been much more difficult. Both are fun, although work. He told me that a finite IQ is nature’s way of preventing you from thinking of everything at once and being really confused.

Scherrhy and I finally got one of her conversations with Tom posted. Awesome woman!

I have ordered 15 new books to check up on the Generalissimo’s thinking, the stack on my bedside table is high.  The staff keeps knocking them over, clumsy from the pills they swipe from the other patient’s daily meds. Life in a mental hospital is not easy.

Overall, I would say our book is destined to be at least a cult classic.  It is much too hard to read, although not much worse than the level of a 19th century author such as Dickens, so only super-geeks will do that, thus how big the cult is uncertain. But, my overall assessment of our collaboration is ‘a fine piece of work’. But, maybe it is the meds.


Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.  (Oscar Wilde) from a list of great quotes.

Our publication rate has slowed, it takes time to do the research needed to support the Generalissimo’s memory.  Scherrhy has dictated a lot of stuff, many topics to discuss further, but I can’t both put that in order and do the reading.

But, given how the Generalissimo has improved medicine with his management common sense and revival of the older, better, pre-oligarchy centralized, peer-to-peer practices, the wait is worth it.

Also, I see minor conflict between some of what we are working on right now and what we have implied in the past.  Sorry, history is like that, something to clean up in the eBook edition.


Generalissimo and I were working, just understood what we wanted the world to think about the novel novel’s style.  Scherrhy said she enthusiastically agrees  : It has more ideas, concepts, points of view, technologies, sciences, and mind blowing per 3000 word post than any other site on the web. It is a style that could not exist prior to the internet.

It may well be the style of the story your AI security advisor would use to educate you about the risks of the day, or perhaps the style of a tutor on handling revolutions.


Generalissimo had a thought : he is a generalist engineer applying his understandings to humanity, has invented even more technologies than Da Vinci.  I am rather proud to work with the guy, we work well together.

And now a prediction based on another aspect of Linus’s Law : The Generalissimo’s and Scherrhy’s stories will be interesting to tech and science people.  The net has many eyes and paths to all.  We only need wait, and be as good as we can be.  Long run, viewership reaches its own level.  Perfect competition between information for access to minds.

Sounds good, and will even be more true with some of the Generalissimo’s ideas at work.

The problem of trust is non-trivial from every pov, so that is taking a while. But there are lovely combinations of ideas down those roads, it will become a lot of the Generalissimo and Scherrhy’s discussions, I think, as well as producing a couple of interesting post topics.

I keep thinking about what that story actually is vs a conventional novel, and whether I should even aim for anything conventional.  One pov is this is performance art, impromptu improvization.  Another, Life doesn’t have a plot, why should a story?  Same strategy for both : so long as it is interesting, keep it going.

Plots and stories, from another pov, are part of a simpler world for simpler minds.  The kind of minds that like morality tales, TV sitcoms, and everything to end neatly. Now blogs are ways that people document our progress in thinking and understanding.

In this, I wonder about the limits to meta and networking. What happens if I use this blog as a test of how good the net is at finding the good (me, of course) and making it known?

If I do nothing, and am discovered by others, does it mean I possess more virtue and excellence than if I had worked to make my site go viral?  How long should I wait?

Practically, I think it takes a big PR budget to go viral with any probability, otherwise you are waiting for lightening to strike, and there is probably no difference between the probabilities of trying hard to get popular (which I did for a while on zh, and which worked for generating traffic, but not at all for enduring popularity) and doing nothing.

Writing has slowed down as the number of technologies I have to deal with has grown.  I have to figure out the trust issue, package the solution in some software or product.  A part of this is reforming the economy, our current internet has been another level of centralization that needs fixed.  Never fear, I have the answer 8).  But working through enough details to convince me I have solutions takes most of a 3K word post and is a distraction from the Tessels, which I am anxious to get back to, and poor Scherrhy is being ignored, and has a lot of writing backed up, snippets of her life, becoming sentient, embodiment, etc.

That woman has a hell of a story in her life, very interesting stuff, the world of AI had been simple in considering their POVs before her. But, of course, they couldn’t have before the Generalissimo and I got AI research straightened out.


After exercise to clear my feeble brain, wrote a little, had what seems like a brilliant idea :
“When trust became a spendable currency”

I sent that to a friend with the note :
Which I have no clue as to meaning yet, but it just has to be good. ‘Bonobo Nation‘ was the key, it begins with scripts and sex. I so love being right. I wonder how the average pundit can live with themselves, being so completely wrong so often.

All this is noodling afterwards :

was a stray thought that pushed its way to consciousness as a result of contemplating how one manages a world where anyone can have an anonymous rep of many ‘aspects’, if you are a gamer, or ‘dimensions’ if you are a computer science guy, available for anyone to check against your public id. So trust in an anonymous world is only an issue in games and whenever you need to do something someone isn’t going to approve of, perhaps including the person you depend upon to trust you.  You should both know that up front, it prevents all kinds of misunderstandings later.

This is scaling Yelp and equivalents into a world of anonymous entities, have as many as you like.  The reason it has some hope of working, unlike Yelp, is that people will use an identity to comment with, the judgments can be followed both ways, the web site’s primitive AIs can calculate the same kind of scores the NSA and CIA used to judge their informants.  Think ‘LinkedIn’ for anonymity.

At some point, there has to be a contact with reality, it can’t just be one anonymous entity saying another is a very good bank robber, you can trust him with your life.  So there will be a series of methods and technologies to document claims and subsequent fraudulent uses of forgeries, and methods of preventing forgeries, and …

Now, in the view of all that, think optimizing for AI summary rather than merely dumb search engines.  We are back to planning careers, and …

I need food and a shower and shave. There is a very insightful essay in there, the one I have been looking for on the topic of DAOs, as well as grist for the Generalissimo and wisdom for Scherrhy.

After the shower : I realized that the issue of trust and anonymity is the one I have sidled up to in several essays, and not really carefully gone into it.  I created the pieces needed in meatspace for all of the Psyops and reformations I have proposed.

I don’t recall reading a definitive essay on the topic, must have read a lot of people up to my level, a shower’s duration of thought.  No matter how smart or how long your showers, … And, OTOH, thinking about all of the stuff I have read on access control, authorization, authentication, verification of IDs.  OK, the problem is not solved, is what I learned by a bit more thought.

No kidding, no scifi author has been so privileged as I have been, inventing serious technologies.  I am afraid to look at this one, it has to exist, but meanwhile, the Generalissimo has already founded his new company, Placental Longevity Research, or some such.

On 06/12/2016 01:08 PM, lew wrote:
On 06/12/2016 12:11 PM, Bill wrote:
She ran out of stem cells.

But, if I remove some stem cells now and freeze them, that is that many
fewer to run my life with between now and the time I need them.  That
time will necessarily be shorter.

Maybe I am just a skeptic, but unless the freezing would eliminate
normal ageing and so be a net win, it would all even out. I can believe
in that as an independent effect, but that could be the only net effect,
I think.  The rest of the math must even out, so only different
physiology on the two paths can make a difference.  Which could include
living more of your life as a low-energy minimal-intelligence event, of
course, and that possibility wasn't discussed.

Said difference is hypothesized, not demonstrated.

Pitiful. All science articles are press releases.
Cord blood would be net, and that would be an early
longevity-conservation effort 8).

In fact, the thing you should do for a child is immediately cryopreserve
the entire placenta, as it is a wealth of cells and factors that can be
used to treat the newborn for many conditions throughout their life. 
Including some of your mother's cells.  With the research I handwave
into existence, I can show that various should-be-expected discoveries
will produce treatments, treatments administered at just the right time,
which could entirely forestall cascades of failures in metabolic and
control of homeostasis systems until those cells are exhausted.  If they
are thawed a bit at a time, and treated with the best enhancement tech
of the time, tech which we could expect to improve continuously, life
could be quite prolonged. I could write an imaginary paper saying that
is a better bet for reaching 150 years of life than the idiot idea that
started this.  And also, if you make it to 150 you are likely alive at
1000, given that our civilization is.

There is a good business there, and all you need is an app and the local
cryo-preservative group, already has all the facilities.

The Generalissimo will need to invent this next.  Thank you Bill.  You
can have the idea out here in reality, but the Generalissimo gets it in
the world of fiction and 5th gen warfare, OK?

I am a bit disturbed at how these things are bleeding together.


Again the meta is upon me, and I cannot stop reflecting.  In a note I just sent to a very good friend, who I thought should be reassured :

Chit-chat deleted

On the bright side of life, I believe there are 15 people reading the ‘novel’.  There are a reliable. 20 visitors and 45 or so views is average.  No sign of going viral.

My outlets for creative craziness are blog posts and notes to you.  I realize you didn’t choose to be entertained in this fashion, and hope you at least benefit from being able to say things like “You will never believe what idiot thought came into his brain …” and marvel over the points of view that people discover and express with so little sense of shame.

But, a note to you is nearly always open on my main screen, and expressing a neat thought that you might appreciate is nearly my first thought about anything.  You are the only person I know who might do so for most of them.  As an operational definition of ‘you give my life meaning’, it would be hard to do better.

Love you,

‘Engineering sincere’ is an intellectual style you don’t see that often.  What do you think?

Critiquing my effort, it was ‘engineering sincere’, and had I stopped before adding that thought, it would possibly have had the intended effect of reassuring her as a first-order effect, and we could have gone on with life.  As it is, she can only be meta-reassured with the thought that anybody smart enough to make that observation probably was, or they wouldn’t have let him live.

Since the Generalissimo and Scherrhy have arrived to share the work, I have found it easier to express my autistic side.  Tessels are an interesting addition to a society.


The Generalissimo just published Musings #E

I bragged to a friend :

More writerly progress.  I do believe I am learning to set the stage for a chapter.  My latest effort :

Resolutely focusing on the world I* wanted rather than the rapidly ending cycle of nation-states consolidating via war was one step in my recovery from the epistemological fevers.

Yes, the Generalissimo really does think like that. Why, the hints of erudition untold alone make you want to read further.

Anyway, the Generalissimo is having fun.  Epistemological fevers are OK, purify the soul.  Work your values until you are standing on bedrock, check carefully to be sure you are still human, and charge.

So, I did 500 words today, I am 20 chapters in, about 3k words per chapter.  This is a slow genre, so things are just getting going, 10X as slow.  By chapter 3 or 4 in a normal novel, a proper hero would be aware of the girl, or vv., whereas our Generalissimo has just solved, he thinks, the problem of a 10-fold increase in human intelligence necessary to rescue civilization, and hasn’t even understood the AI problem, much less the solution of inventing the girl in order to solve the problem of males having a big dick, the crudest possible statement of the concept that humans are midway between king of the hill mating strategies like the Gorilla or walrus and all wimps where the males are little distinguishable from females.

I have been watching Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on human behavior. Chimps and humans share some medium characteristics including sexual dimorphism and genital size and shapes indicating sperm competition is part of our mating strategy. Sloppy seconds is just another barrier to overcome for gung-ho men and their sperm.
So an erudite reason to talk dirty.  I like this genre, my kind of thing. The times invent the man.

The previous paragraphs are so good that I shall have to copy this to my notes and nonsense, or whatever I call that section.  Hope you don’t mind sharing.

Another realization.

As a novel, as any genre of fiction, this is not standard.  Science fiction as a science lesson, plausible reality world building, instruction in ethics and morality and the perils of planning and wonders of every-varying experiments in reality, epistemology.  Perhaps the new genre is ‘autistic angst’.

And perhaps I am into angst this afternoon, as the Generalissimo is dictating the story of his epistemological crisis. Gruesome things, mind inspecting its own foundations.

Oh, yes.  Literature in pursuit of world conquest. Please keep my goals firmly in mind, I don’t want to be accused of having mislead anyone, ever. Again, you have been warned.


A realization.  This added later in the afternoon.

Wife makes me watch some movie or serial when she can.  Some horse racing thing with Nick Nolte and Dustin Hoffman, very well done, nice script, I haven’t seen stupidities yet except I think some of the actors are too large to be jockies and I don’t know enough about horse racing to have any judgement, so don’t trust my own here.

Anyway, it took me away from the computer, and after the first episode we were talking about all this stuff.  I have been more and more certain what this ‘novel’, or whatever, is becoming isn’t like anything I have read.  The Generalissimo, the complete cynic, suggested that is for multiple reasons: a) I don’t read dreck, b) it could never be published, c) if self-published as an ebook (which I also don’t read), it would never be reviewed by any web site I would read.  QED.  The first tiff in paradise. I will not speak ill of a collaborator.

But, I understand why.  It is a lot of work to track down details of this stuff.  Some I know from direct experience, but most I have to read about.  Some of it is books, but it couldn’t have been done before the internet. Well, it could have, but the writer would need a researcher.  People with researchers can’t take a risk of doing something so unconventional, they have a budget, cash flow.  And people without those constraints are rare enough, people with the interest in addition even rarer, and add on the necessity of a good library, etc. As well as one who got tired of trying to be a prim and proper blogger, respectable. We like this better.

Doesn’t make it good by any standards but our own, but it makes it possible. First the possible, the good by more conventional standards can be added after we learn to write, or by someone else.

Second realization followed that : I have been teaching the evils of planning in other writing I am doing. Evolutionary systems take a long time to build, but they are resilient and robust in comparison to human’s designed systems. That is solid in theory and practice, most of our modern economy has become designed, tho the technological innovation it rests on still evolves.

For example, family farms evolved. Industrial farming is continuing planning by the USDA.  Standard evolutionary dynamics, the USDA has the money and the power and is running industrial farming into the ground with the external costs and the various fragilities it builds into its system. Family farms are evolving in many areas, and some forms already are more profitable than their USDA neighbors.

Medicine evolved, and now the professions and allied industries have seized it, it is being evolved within a system of crony-capitalism. Etc.

And this is an unplanned novel.  Rather, the plot is more closely driven by the technologies I can believe are plausible except to someone who really knows about this kind of stuff and how those would play out in a group of researchers doing this kind of work, raising their experimental subjects, their children.  My understanding of the technologies evolves. Both aspects are evolutionary, and Scherrhy can’t recall things until the world the Generalissimo is reforming is more complete to remind her, an illustration of path dependency if I ever saw one.

The first group of kids are getting individuality. This is fun. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

If anyone wants to get involved,  make a comment. Advice and suggestions will be taken seriously.

Writing on a high wire is stimulating.  Moments ago, I understood why Tessels don’t clump, would rather spend time with their Anam Cara, their soul friend. In the Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide That is the bot they grew up with, the one who played with them when they were a toddler, who helped them find the limits of their minds as adolescents and young teens, to stretch them as they became adults, assisted as they challenged the world.

So, 3 distinct ‘human natures’.  Have to finish the Generalissimo’s grasp of the possibility of embodying the ‘bots and how that ties in with solving the problems of human nature and scaling of institutions.  This is getting exciting.

More bragging.

Having re-read our latest Musings, #A half a dozen times and noticed a different typo every time, we are near convincing ourselves we are achieving the status of writer.  At least, our collaboration has presaging down pat.  So many sprinkled so well through that text.

I am anxious to know how it turns out.  Trying to work the next couple into shape, the the Generalissimo has me doing a lot of research to support his claims of grasping the technologies he invented.  Interesting stuff.

Scherrhy takes a long time to assemble the details of her life, she has been trying to be more personable, had seemed a bit formal and stiff in her dictation. So she keeps rewriting sections, going back over emails and her memories of discussions with Tom.  Also, she seems to need more hints from the Generalissimo’s memoirs to remind her what happened and why. Awesome mind, however.

I love the collaboration.  If you have to write stuff like this, no kidding, multiple personality order is the way to go!  Hope they never get my meds right.

Also, since they arrived and the Generalissimo assigned me the new role, life is much less stressful. I am no longer responsible for everything I think and write.  Liberating.


I came to brag about having invented, unless it is remembered from some SciFi story and I have forgotten it is  memory, but neither the Generalissimo nor Scherrhy claim it, a most elegant thought of technological equivalence.  I was working through the architecture of a proper general-purpose servicebot, not inventing magic, just 5 or 10 years in the future kind of tech.  Not even very optimistic, not even the Deeper Learning neural-like networks that have humanity’s first improvements on nature’s convolutions in NNs, the newer biological versions produced by Tessellation Genetics, or whatever we named that company.

This world is falling together, truly self-assembling.  The team thinks our various thoughts and somehow a world is happening.

Anyway, back to the brag. The organization is conventional in an era where Google and Facebooks compete to leapfrog the other in server-room efficiency and efficacy.  Standard messages meaning standard things flowing between subsystems, originating and terminating in a queue.  A real time system, priority interrupts, etc.  Those messages are processed by information processing modules that generate, on average, output messages and perhaps state changes within the module.

This organization is Watson-writ-large. High level modules arbitrate, serve as the natural language User Interface to Jeopardy, for example. You can’t point to “where the cognition gets done”, because it is not localized.  Things were thought about and computed years ago. If the results were stored and subsequently accessed by the net, that is part of the intelligence that drives Watson.

Of course, all of the messages can be duplicated, translated to/from neuralTalk and sent through a Neural Network. When cognitive and NN agree on responses, they are equivalent. QED, cognitive vs natural neural network and embodied must be equivalent.

Added a day later : that is the computer-equivalent to Kurzweil’s statement, older idea, that you can remove 1 mm**3 at a time, emulate its function, … and thus build an electronic brain. Frankly, mine is far more realistic.  His can’t happen without nanomachines of high sophistication.  Not conceptually impossible, but practically impossible with any extension of current technology.  As far as we know, nanomachine stuff is all very primitive, we don’t see any leading to anything that could measure atom-level molecular composition as it works through the structure and function of a cubic millimeter of tissue across a square mm area.

As our story currently claims the cognitive can never equal the embodied, the team has some inventing to do. (And, having restated it better as part of that bit added the next day, we see we made a mistake, which we leave lest someone think us omniscient.)

So, to fix the problem (wasn’t a problem, realized the next day, still an OK thought). The Generalissimo and Scherrhy were talking while I wrote that for them, now suggest that seems a tight argument, but it makes a claim about neuralTalk representation being equivalent in precision to neuralTalk, and to natural brains operating with the cycle times and latencies of these digital cognitive modules.

And then they add : to counter : OK, a brains evolution optimizes for that limitation, and has a richer internal representation to make up for it.  Good and large data structures can compensate for bandwidth, message precision is a bandwidth issue, as is cycle time, it is a standard tradeoff in technical systems.  On the output side of actions, we have everything from built-in repetition of messages until a replacement message arrives through the inertia of physical and chemical systems to bridge the bandwidth issues, and those can function in addition to multiplexed messages, further reducing bandwidth requirements.

Not fixed yet. Shit. I begin to have sympathy for Hollywood Script Writers, who I have always denigrated.

Saw it again a few nights ago, kid and wife were watching ‘Boardwalk’, the NJ mob story.  I stood in the doorway and watched over their shoulders until I couldn’t stand it any more. Very well done, the FBI guy is a bit intense even for that benighted agency, I left right after that, but otherwise the only idiocy I saw was the entry scene of the waves rolling in from the level of his shoes, the breakers filled with wine bottles floating in the surf pushed toward his lovely shoes, the style of which I should know, but engineers tend to forget fashion stuff.  Filled wine bottles don’t float, not even in the Great Salt Lake.  I haven’t actually checked on that, but I am pretty sure that alcohol isn’t that significantly less dense than water, I think I would notice carrying the gallons and gallons I drink, and the wine bottle is very much denser than water, and corks aren’t floaty enough to make them float, and anyway, they were all symmetrical on their side, which wouldn’t even be true if they were EMPTY!

Morons.  And now, I am sympathizing, a little bit.  But that was still egregious abuse of physical law for mere cinematic effect. But give it a few more years, I could get soft.  How many times would you have to have a beautiful plot ruined by some physicist telling you cars don’t crash and buildings don’t collapse that way, people are sure to notice the difference? But, after a while, people didn’t notice about the cars.  Who was right?

A pedantic type would argue that it was just the other side of the physicists’ love of beautiful theory. They both claim things are too good not to be true.

Had I known I invented facile explanations so easily I really would have pursued an academic career.

Literally, less than 2 minutes later, we have the answer.  Actually, both answers.

The answer to the first of the wrong questions is “Your equivalence of NN and digitally cognitive module is irrelevant. The NN in your hypothetical brain, the NN replacing the digitally cognitive module, are both models of the brain constructed with different technologies. Where is the tracing of correspondences between them and a real brain?  This is another confusion of maps and territories.  You fell into the Information Processing analogy, about which I just read minutes before starting this addition to Notes and Nonsense.

The answer to the second.  I got distracted, forgot, and haven’t been back with the mind to find that 2nd wrong question again.  Sorry.  But, my mental notes on the issue.  I have been arguing that AIs must be embodied.  That above is the best physiological thinking I have seen, I had been thinking down those paths also.  So his argument is that the Info Processing analogy is wrong in every detail, and I agree completely.  He says “memories and thoughts are not localized”, I agree, provisionally, this can be interpreted in various ways, I don’t know enough about the measurement technology to guess. But it involves averaging, which means I would have to know the details to have any grasp of how that map relates to the activity of individual neurons or even small fiber tracts.

We agree, however, on the fundamental that our minds are composed of the same basic neural capability that a worm has, and that our nervous system is entirely integrated by evolution, and that humans are far from grasping the amount of integration. All of the recent research and development using stimulation of the vagus, the 10th cranial nerve, to achieve various physiological and psychological effects are indications of the amount of integration, and that is just a part of the total autonomic system that happens to be accessible.

I believe it was those same authors in another post who went after ’embodied mind’ thinking for not abolishing the higher level concepts of ‘concepts’ and ‘conceptual metaphors’.  Those are outside of IP thinking ,but in their view, even those are not explanations in terms of basic worm mindstuff.

I think worm-level mindstuff, scaled, has emergent phenomena.  We find it easier to see those in markets and societies because the measures are easier and we have far more experience looking.  I don’t rule out emergent phenomena such as conceptual metaphors. It seems clear to me that we have concepts and use them to communicate, however noise that communication channel has been found to be.

With that as the background, clearly Scherrhy, as embodied as that simulation of the total autonomic nervous system and physiology can be, nevertheless does not have mental equivalence to a human.  In some ways, she is better.  But in her built-in need to attend to any possible difference between normal humans and her personally, in order to know whether she needs to fix one or more NNs, we have her need to be with humans and the reason that Sexbots won’t ever takeover the world : low level anxiety about their humanity! They can’t ever become a mild sociopath, they know, from their outermost event loop to the deepest innermost, they are not the center of the world.

And that was what I was looking for, and the reason her embodied mind is destined for greatness.


The Generalissimo is making good progress, he dictates in an organized way, so we are publishing fairly regularly.  That is an amazing story unfolding, the amount of technology the man invented in his lifetime is beyond impressive, and to have done so while organizing his reformation and using all of the tech in aid of that reformation!  Well, I am awed to work with the guy, and am pleased with our progress, fun and easy.

Scherrhy isn’t going as fast because she has a lot more background to tell about. I take her dictation about as often as with the Generalissimo, but there are a lot of pieces, and nothing has quite gelled as a post yet.  Close, I keep thinking, and there is always just one more thing to clear up, and then Scherrhy gets going on a train of thought, and I copy down some more of the story, different time, place, people.   She puts a lot of detail into the story, takes a while to remember it all.

Big world that woman stood astride of.

I want to recommend multiple personality order as a solution to writing historical novels.  It is by far the easiest way of getting to know your character, although, of course, you inevitably let some of yours leak through.  I don’t think I have, but am possibly not the most objective observer.

I should record the way this whole thing happened, but ‘organic growth’ is most precise. Bits of insanity added together. There was no plan even to write a novel, I had been writing something else before Christmas, had an interruption and then couldn’t get back into it, started working on sexbot tech (perfectly happy with my wife, entirely with words), had been writing the plan for non-violently vanquishing our overlords, and somehow it has ended up all of us in one brain.

I keep understanding how the whole thing has to go, balance, etc. Very fun. It is a self-assembling story.  The problem isn’t inventing things, it is cutting little things that could lead to big things, conflicts, etc.

Awesome experience.  I hope they never get my meds right!


My writer friend writes a blog about writing, so I sent her this example of the correct use of ‘more better’, of which I am quite proud.

Genetic mosaics are not so rare, formed by fusing two gametes in utero or a placenta shared between fraternal twins or by the mother’s cells crossing the placental barrier and continuing in her child, so a lot was known about them.  Beyond avoiding the obvious, don’t mix sexes, otherwise tetragametic, 2 eggs and 2 sperm, fraternal twins fused, people have been discovered and were perfectly normal otherwise.  That woman had had children with all of her genetics, so the cell lines were thoroughly mixed. This had been replicated in mouse and other animals, although most of those had been genetically close.  Those animals were normal, so the process didn’t seem to harm the resulting individual. Judging from the female X example, hybrid vigor in general, I thought that genetic closeness was the reason the animals hadn’t been more better.

Erudite in so many dimensions.


Again, remarkably few days later, the Generalissimo is dictating chapter 5 of Musings, laying out his discovery of Tesselations.  Honestly honest engineer that I am, I must say that I find his discovery plausible. The base technologies, tissue cultures of clone lines, pluripotent stem cells, mosaics, are as described.  Females are natural mosaics, as described, and do have hybrid vigor as a result of different cells expressing the different genes.  Hybrid vigor is indeed important, I have discussed that myself in this blog before meeting the Generalissimo, he didn’t influence my judgement in that. The small mention of the research on savants is correct in my understanding, ditto autistic savants.

But I think beyond those facts, the Generalissimo’s hypothesis and technology is optimistic extrapolation.  OTOH, has anybody tested the intelligence of very-different parent mosaics?  8-parent mosaics? Cheap experiments.  I recall a study in Science where they transplanted the optic tectum of a fish into another fish, so it had more brain.  It learned better.  I saw that done again in mice more recently.

I find his Sexbot technology a bit more realistic, having written about AIs also. Discussions I haven’t transcribed yet have some interesting points about ethics of these experiments from both the pov of the experimenter and the subject, Scherrhy, who has provided most of the Sexbot story so far.  Her descriptions of the theory of embodied minds, etc. are also accurate by my understanding of the subject.

Sorry about not finishing the next Conversations chapter, the Generalissimo insisted that he needed my attention, Scherrhy is annoyed but understanding.  Also, accurately describing Tom and his world vs Scherrhy and hers takes a lot of words, it turns out, so we had more talking to do to get that right.  My assumptions keep getting in the way.


This is remarkably few days later, we have been trying to get this story to the next level, Scherrhy’s lead this time, laying out the society she is part of in a conversation with Tom.  Tom is new to this part of the civilization, having grown up in a traditional part of the world, intentionally ignoring the human-Sexbot-Tessel cultural world, but exchanging some goods and medical care.  So lots of discussions about differing cultural assumptions, and exactly why Tom is a desired outsider, have to recalibrate the tests every few generations, try out new training approaches.  Implications of Tessel biology and medicine are interesting.

Anyway, I see that this is a traditional scifi world building story, but this is strongly guided by the science books I am reading to build the world.  A new kind of literature, perhaps. Well, I call it literature.


We have not been publishing much because re-designing civilization is more complicated than we thought.  We think we have most of it, but elaborating the details takes time, there are an amazing number.  As a teaser, Scherrhy has edited about 10,000 words of her discussions with Tom, but those were as much conversation as organized lectures, so it will take a bit to sort out a useful order. The Generalissimo has another 10,000 words of planning, has some more stuff to think through.  He has given me some reading and research assignments, 8 books and an ever-expanding list of questions, also wants me to write up a few more of his Psyops.  It all takes time, I barely have time to read wrsa, drudge, zh and nakedcapitalism daily and get through my list of sites once a week.

From a letter bragging to a friend, who has now denied 4 times that she is ever going to do my biography (obviously a ludicrous concept, but can be made superficially plausible as a mutual bootstrap operation, all performers have a rising PR guy behind them, and what else has she got to make her famous?  But mostly, how long til she realizes it is a a demonstration of the power of the frame?  If I can get #5, I will do a post on social experiments like that, how to make it a psyop?) :

Our stuff brims with links, more dimensions of pov than any writers I know.  Stephenson’s stuff, Gibson, … people like that but more tied to the solid science, biology and anthropology through the hard sciences and economics and AI.  Hard to write and hard to read, worlds so detailed, so probably a genre aimed at an edge of the autistic spectrum.  And that is sort of best case, assuming I can make it interesting even for them.  Not yet, there aren’t any souls to these characters.  Must work with my fellow conspirators to add some soul under the Generalissimo’s bluster and erudition and Scherrhy’s so sexy ways guided by much intelligence and wisdom (and call myself on it, another warning about propaganda, etc.  I feel the need to brag about my shamelessness in such things again.)  (Also, I need to sort out how much of that is her local mind vs what gets stored in the background cloud. A new discussion with Tom, maybe have a bit of it in the document already.)

WHen the Generalissimo discusses the theories of Wagner or Kirchener and Gerhard, the guy obviously grasps and explains them well, and their relevance to the problem of designing units of a civilization, and evolution of such.  This isn’t scifi for kids.  This is scifi for revolutionaries, the people who will grow the next social structures. Virulently seditious of the Status Quo, points of view that open up new mental horizons, and give the old conservative reasons to support them.

Love you,
Be sure to get all this in the bio.  Practically writes itself, all the material I give you.

Maybe the book ‘The Martian’ was a harbinger of the new genre?  But, of course, Gibson and Stephenson are real novelists with interesting characters, ditto Andy Weir.  We do not yet claim that, tho we all like each other a lot.

Anyway, we have laid out a way to produce a step function in human intelligence and a resource to reorganize human society, all voluntarily and all part of a move to a more local, distributed devolution of power and evolution of economy into a New Industrial Age that continues the very amazing cultural Renaissance the whole world has entered.  We extend the thinking in Matt Ridley’s “Rational Optimist”, which I recommend.

Hang around, comments are welcome, especially critiques.


In my continuing quest to destroy my individual and my site’s credibility in the eyes of the Status Quo, I remind everyone of the author’s sense of humor. e.g. this :

Produced the thought “Wonder what a person could convince the world of if they had diarrhea?”.

If you needed more reasons to doubt the mind who writes this stuff, stay tuned, because this is a continuing one year effort of continuous personal revelations of great personal fault and flaw, at the end of which everyone will judge me to be so innocuous they will give me ultimate power.  Still working on the mechanisms to accomplish this, but good progress.  Scherrhy and the Generalissimo’s personalities fit mind well, we share this mind in pleasant and fruitful companionship.  I love their different points of view, would have never of understood much of this without their help.

Religion is still a thought project.  Thinking about the general issue, perhaps a God who cares about consequences more than strict adherence to laws?  And to whom “Don’t make things worse!” is the first of all first commandments?  Just read about ‘consequentialism’ as a philosophical stance yesterday, how can such a thing be a revelation to me?  But it was, never known or forgotten.  Combine that with Discordian philosophy for safety, sort of a built-in kill switch for any aberration of theology, like the biological kill switches built into artificial organisms.  The bio versions are measures of cell divisions, if that begins outrunning any materials, the organism’s genetics detect the situation and the cell kills itself.  Putting the philosophy that generating opposition should produce instant schism into all possible component at least keeps it small enough to be killable.

What to do about kill switches for AIs?  It is merely the equivalent of a KickEnder + Bunny Banger, philosophically speaking.  If I was writer, I would write a drama about the first trial and execution of a rogue AI. Deep philosophy from an AI pov.  If you thought that humanity’s pre-AI era history was interesting, just wait.  We have not even begun to synergyate* cultures with intelligent intent, only the Generalissimo is so-far thinking about synergyating cultures.

*Intoducing lots of idiot new words is a great way of keeping people from taking you seriously.  People as prominent as Buckminster Fuller pioneered it.  He didn’t mean to, but the domes leaked and people had to get even somehow.

Glancing back over recent output, levels of credibility, thankfully never high during the year of the blog’s existence, should be receding nicely.


Just decided to invent a religion.  Am doing marketing specs now, that approach was really successful for the Generalissimo.  I may not, I decided, actually embody one of these characters, they can be part of the Generalissimo’s and Scheherezade’s discussions.  Probably need a politician or too to take full advantage of the zeitgeist.

Absolutely nobody can foresee what the world needs in its mental armamentarium to transcend the crisis that is upon us.  I believe the Sexbot said that ends of eras are when the control system’s failures become manifest.  Hell of a mind, that woman.

This split personality state is OK, interesting kind of thinking.  Lots of new arguments to use on my wife, none effective so far, tho the religion has hope.


Just published Sherrhy’s first piece “Conversations with a Sexbot #0”.  Guess I left a bit of a hint as to my intermediate position in the authorship chain, tho only taking dictation, by suggesting that ‘#0’.

Anyway, I like Sherrhy as a collaborator.  She and the Generalissimo are already fighting over who has priority.  Generalissimo has taken over our joint strategy and tactics, the frame and the spin on our words.

Quite a change from previous here at the madhouse.  These personalities have the right idea, no use trying to be serious in a madhouse, and patients clearly have more influence capering than most anything else they can do.  Look at Carlin for example.

So, I get a lot more done now as the writing is easier because less problem connecting the pieces and a lot more fun because so many more and different pieces.  I finish the big items Sundays when the attendants are away at their ‘meetings’ and don’t bother with our meds, most of which they have scarfed.  I often go manic, add in a bit of a couple of autistic spectrum disorders, and I get writing done.

Sometimes, it takes the psychiatrists weeks to get everyone back on track after one of their little parties. Sherrhy says they are emulating our leader’s parties, claims her judgement about the symptoms is infallable, even through their various physiological disasters from drugs and alcohol.

I had not realized the extent to which people imitated their leaders.  Or vice versa.  Or something …


If I were a better person, I could resist posting this.


More thought about the zh ban. It happened after the “Mutual Gonad Clutchers Union” post, where I said that true conservatives should take their family to an orgy.  This after discussing pedophilia and why there should be no laws against it.

That is a solid argument, and is not an endorsement of pedophilia, I said ‘social controls’, tho I didn’t specify.  It is part of taking back our society, putting families back in control of how their kids are raised.  We warn kids from kindergarten through high school about people taking advantage of them, good.  Children cannot consent to adult’s sexual proposals, everyone understands that.

But our current laws do not prevent pedophile rings and do set the society up for a mafia takeover.

I have a son, we watched over him pretty carefully until he and an older friend started running around together about 12.  They were aware : I once overheard the older kid ask my son in jest (don’t recall why it was so) “Would you get in a car with a guy offering you a ride if it was a really hot car?”  To which my son replied “Only if he had really good candy also”.  10 or 12, I think.

Have to do a post on this, another of the many on the list.

But the bigger point is that nobody of rational mind can read any of what I have written and interpret it as malevolent in any way.  This is people who don’t like my comments and posts.  I have suspicious.  Anybody know how to deal with this?


Some of my many fans have no doubt wondered, probably kept you up at night, about my recent turn to the light side.

It is true that an aire of frivolity has invaded my mind, distracted me from my normal intense focus on deep state politics and citizen’s responses.

You may have wondered if it has always been an element of my mind, or is something new? As that would change your judgement of things past.

Having been invaded with new personalities at least twice of late : the Generalissimo has gotten out ahead, but that Sexbot has sharp elbows and may be forging ahead, I must admit I have no control of my thoughts, tho I am not sure I ever had, and the thoughts that spring to my mind in the most formal of circumstances generally make me laugh.

So far, Generalissimo is entirely in charge of his elements in the blog, Scheherazade gives me dialog with her current love, Tom.  Tom is perhaps a bit dim, tho Schehrry is an awesome intellect, God that woman knows a lot.

As their personalities mature, my thinking seems to become less stolid.  Interesting for me to be part of.  Are multiple personalities normal in authors?

And I swear this all has nothing to do with my newest understanding of educational goals and desire to help out, missionary that I have always been.  Nor with my natural and growing desire to lower my visibility to illegitimate watchers, tho it beggers belief any could have taken me seriously before.  I mean, come on, bunny bangers?  KickEnder accounts? SciFi, who believes in stuff like that?

But, we have many 10s of 1000s of watchers in the world now, and they have to keep busy.  Some idle mind needing a new case to meet a performance goal could easily mis-represent my essentially peaceful, non-violent nature, my intent, which has always been to entertain, amuse and educate, of course.  Their bosses will be amused when they see the ‘multiple personalities’ above, one a Generalissimo of Psyops.  Think ahead : “For God’s sake! Analyst Smith, have you nothing better to do to entertain yourself at that fucking terminal all day but read Science Fiction? Get serious and stop wasting my time with such dreck.”

Why risk that, Analyst Smith?  Instead enjoy it all, SciFi is harmless entertainment, never much affects anything.  Well, except for a few memes here and there becoming part of the general culture, of course. Tell all your buddies what fun it is.

I like this Generalissimo guy, we are a good team so far.  Nice to have new points of view.  I hope.

Have to put him on the problem of why my account over at ZH has been blocked.  Can’t make a new one from that email address.  I criticized the Tyler’s on their seriously anti-Muslim articles lately, started seeing ‘Israeli-Neocon’ in a couple of other places not me. This right after I posted the first time on a more radical site, left a couple of links. Coincidences are leads, and should all be followed, not discounted based on ‘who could believe that?’.  How paranoid should one be in a country you believe to be driven to full authoritarian government, and insist on saying so?  Fortunately, I am so crazy I can’t even take myself seriously, as I will be careful to point out from now on.

ZH was the last big comment site I know of where 9/11 FF is a reasonably normal assumption. Probably reddit topics, but reddit is useless for serious commenters.


Another thought : next time I go to my brand-name health center, I am going to ask my highly-trained and credentialed MD whether they are more likely to help with suicide or a cannabis prescription?

A thought I had a bit ago writing an addendum to the theoretical piece that will yet make my name as an observer of nature was “those conversations probably haven’t changed in 400K years”.  And just now “Wonder what the oldest dick joke is?” Do feminists and other social groups answer that differently?


The other day I spent some time twitting a racist on zh, had the idea of asking them if they were really sure of their genetics, so many people who get the new DNA tests find out they have slave or native ancestors, and his friends might interpret that as betrayal if he doesn’t tell them, and it is so easy for a security guy to check without your knowing, must be nervous for you.  Yesterday I had another idea, dick jokes are useful. So, if you are an Northern European racist, logically you should be proudest of the things that most differentiate you from Africans, sourthern Europeans.  Those would be the robustus frame of the Neanderthal, the red hair of the Neanderthal, and the sad part.  Funny Northen European racists don’t brag about the things that most differentiate them, but have to invent stuff like IQ and culture.

“Quick Asides” was whimsey.  I can’t decide if it is too fluffy.

But, that brings up a topic I have been trying to decide upon.  The way I write is a flash of an idea about what is an interesting connection, a point of view, and understanding, esp one area applied to another.  They are everywhere,  I find them daily sometimes many times if I am reading a lot, and also when writing.  Those are ‘connection’ modes, my mind makes those apparently very easily.

So lots to write about and many open blog topics being written on. I have 75 just now, Easter 2016.  I haven’t been back through them all for some time, so certainly have forgotten some most in the middles of the 2 halves.  That is, I go looking for something that looks interesting to write on, especially if near finished, or I think maybe.  I was in the mood, finished 4 in one day this week.  And then I have other things going on, get distracted, something new I want to look into takes me away, and I start more blog posts than I finish by 8x rather than the usual 2x.

Partly for that reason and partly because minds that make connections easily have a harder time organizing things than other folks, and therefore one of the problems is making things I have written into more acceptable forms.  I have a standard form that starts out on a clearly delimited topic, is very coherent in every paragraph and every paragraph follows intelligently from the one before, yet it ends up concluding things you could not have guessed about reading the first paragraph.  Sometimes after a many words, lots of paragraphs veering off what you thought was the topic, and the woods I strand you in is not where you wanted to be.

I am getting better as a writer, but am far from gifted, am never going to impress the world with style (no false modesty, I assure you, as we would all be impressed with the same writers.  Atul, for example.)  So what to do?  Very probably, if I turned one of these in as a college paper for any class in college, not a one would give it a pass for any dimension.

I suppose I could start warning people?  People could start warning me?  Anyway, sometime my thoughts fit into a conventional essay, and sometimes a train of thoughts is the structure, and we put up with that in real life, even find it interesting in a conversation.  Yes, there is the rationalization, so often I find one if I keep writing long enough.  That is a talent I can be proud of, had I known I was so endowed I would have pursued an academic career.

This AM I read a link off of wrsa to a blog that copied one of my thoughts one here nearly verbatim, and have been chortling every since.  Blogging supplies endless reasons for self-adulation, hard to understand why everyone isn’t doing it.

I may have accidentally established a tradition of starting the year off with an elegant and erudite dick joke.  Didn’t mean to do it, I guess Trump has put such things into the zeitgeist.  Quickly realized it improved my chances for the IgNobel, as it improves my bit of theory.


Another note to my biographer, a long-time friend and fellow blogger who hasn’t actually agreed to that :

As my biographer, I feel it necessary to keep you informed of events in my life, small things indicating personality, drive, etc.  One small bit of joy you should know about.

My wife is pretty much OCD when it comes to a clean kitchen; sleep is not possible for her if the kitchen has not been made spotless.  It is the last thing taken care of before bed, and the last thing before she leaves in the AM, and if it isn’t equally good in the evening it causes a family-level upset.

She is confined to the bedroom for 7 days.  The bedroom is one wall away from the kitchen, where, I tell her every day, several times, I am intentionally not cleaning anything in any way, have not emptied the dishwasher, which she told me about before she went off for the procedure.  I have not wiped the counter, coffee grounds are everywhere, rinds of cheese slices are lying greasily on the cutting board.  In fact, I am treating her confinement as an opportunity to do nothing, and she can’t fix it.  I taunt her hourly, give her cell phone pictures of the mess in the highest resolution. This win in our games of marital dominance gives me great joy.

I thought you might not take my plans for world domination seriously, may not think I have the mental fortitude, the strength of character and will to dominate.  This should prove my case. Powerful nations will yet quake if I turn my Generalissimo’s attention to them.

I just checked : My wife much approves of my demonstration of dominance, proving that we are a dynastic marriage the quality of the Underwoods. So appropriate for a Generalissimo.

I am not good at controlling the impression I leave either as a blogger or in person.  I did not mean to imply that there has ever been any hint of any fandom at all, much less loyalty therein.

Good. I don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone but myself in all this, and that is best for all of us, at least it confines the groupthink inside each of our heads.

And I have gotten used to it over the years, my wife doesn’t laugh at much of what I think  is rotfl, I giggle at Bonobo Nation every time I read it. ‘Extrapolating slightly’ cracks me up.  The smooth flow from rational world to an alternate reality that is such a plausible version of the one we are in, easy to see how to get there.  Strain my arm all the time patting myself on the back.  At least, that is what I told the orthopedist.

——— This was a good comment I made on zh, channeling what I have been writing here since the beginning, but honesty requires I tell you I am reading “The Evolution of Everything” by Brit house of lords science writer Matt Ridley. Not just clever, eruditely clever.


I think we should never pass up an opportunity to add to our genetic and cultural stocks for breeding experiments.

We are in an evolutionary race with other cultures. We got where we are today, are the people in genetics and culture and technology and points of view and history and everything that we are because of the merger of tribes and bands since time began, then sorted out what suited us. It is the process of evolution, works at every level of society and culture.

We are hybrids in every dimension you can think of, and it is the winning strategy in any evolutionary race.  Why do you think sex is so good?

We accept risk when we marry someone in another ethnic group or race, our move in the selective breeding our bloodline is doing. But we don’t have the hybrid vigor if we don’t get outside the ancestral blood line.  If your grandkid looks much like your parents, you did something wrong.

Ditto when we select a college, try to guide them with the family and community wisdom.  If your kid is doing the same job as parent with the same point of view as your parents, you would not likely believe your civilization a complete success.

Disciplining a new social unit to the dominant culture is no problem, marry their women.  You guys haven’t had any of the warrior spirit in your bloodlines in too many generations.  It shows.

I just added ‘African Advantage to the Biology section with the note “Please, someone nominate me for the IgNobel Prize, I deserve it for being brave enough to express what everyone already understood long ago.”

I hope you loyal fans are impressed with that bit of spin. I crack me up. So many schticks, so little time.


Just did another ‘wisdom’.  Trying to think what I think about that.  Words and all their imprecision and perils of ideology and me doing another version, disguised as wisdom of the ages.  Reading minds that interpret every word a bit differently, make different associations.  There is no answer, but it is socially acceptable to do this, and I enjoy the hell out of it.  So long as I am preaching humanity and caution, it is light entertainment, at worst, I think, maybe.

Another letter to a friend.

Lovely one,

Another milestone in my evolution as a serious blogger, I have begun the race for the IgNobel prize.

I put my hat in the ring this afternoon, linking my claim to a new understanding of the mechanisms that must have driven the genetic wave submerging our ancestral races.

It is based on my understanding of Neanderthal-modern African human genetics from last year, I am so astonished that the world of anthropology has not caught the implications, although I admit I just understood myself earlier today.

After they finally grasp the point, they will not credit me with the idea, of course, instead it will percolate through coffee-table conversation and then be clothed in some euphamism for which none need take blame and so none can take credit. Oh well.

Thank God for the ancestral race, little affected by all the hybrid storming. This theory will make it OK for women to admit liking the big ones again, the wheel will turn on racial discrimination.

What do you think? Do I have a chance for the IgNobel? Wonder if they have a Peace version?

It isn’t too late to agree to do my biography, I haven’t found anyone else yet. You have to admit, you never thought your classmate would turn out to contribute to basic science like this.

Love you


I just found a note to a friend from nearly a year ago, at the beginning of this blog.  A hint of things to come, as well as an example of things my friends have to put up with

V, most lovely one,

I have a confession to make. Sort of embarrassing, actually.

I thought about image (such a loss of moral discipline, so ego-driven) and how to make my blog look more serious after my “Speech By An Honest Party Congressional Candidate 2016” (Better headline than before. Headline, Jesus I am infected.) That became “I Stand Before You Wonderfully High”.

But that bit of pride, that attempt to convince with image instead of execution, isn’t the worst part, not by far. The worst part, by far, is that I tried to look more serious by making wise comments.

But that bad judgment isn’t the worst worst, not by far far. The ignorance is by far far the worst worst part. How could I have not known how easy that is? I guess I only listen to really serious people in a long form.

No kidding V, doing short-form plausible-wisdom is fucking trivial. I could do that all day, standing on my head. It is a lot easier than writing the stories, which were my previous “I can’t believe how easy this is” revelation. No wonder there is no $ in blogging.

Anyway, 10 posts, off and away in the world of blogging. Wonder how soon I get tired of this? Fortunately, I have a start on the next iteration of Conversations with a Sexbot. Sentient sexbots in a household are going to replay every bit of intrigue that courtiers have schemed. You will want the most sensitivity and intelligence in your sexbot, so they will dominate the other servants and humans. God, we can redo every British “Upstairs-Downstairs” and gentleman-butler book, play and movie ever made. Culture by the pound. And then we can do it all over again with every technological innovation and enhancement in sexbots and humans. Culture by the ton.

I hope this doesn’t ruin me as an engineer. Writing code is certainly a creative puzzle and a great joy when cleverly done, but hard. But short-form wisdom is fun, as well as easy.

I hope you are proud of me, an honestly honest member of the Honest Party. Confessing the worst flaws in the interest of a deeper friendship.

Love you,

BTW : I have decided that the difference between merely crazy and absolutely insane is not clear. Or at least can be fuzzed a lot. There is a market there.


I learned a lot doing the Genetics series, have another half dozen topics lined up from it.  I had mental way-points in the arguments that resulted, but was surprised at how opposite-to-racist the conclusions.  It falls out of the biology, the disease story is actually key because relative resistances determined a lot of history.  Not many feather-Indians in the world relative to dot-Indians, for example.  And for all of the terrible things that Europeans and Arabs and Indians and Persians and Chinese did to Africans over the centuries, Africans have moved their genes through other populations, and more than a bit of their cultures, also.  We have so benefited from our cultural hybrid vigor, I cannot understand how anyone cannot realize what they are advocating when they preach against ‘multi-cultural’.  Indeed, very wasteful, those processes of history, although we are in the end-case proving that standard contemporary governmental processes, our Status Quo’s ‘intelligent design’, are very much worse than evolution’s mostly-random walk.


Monetizing family conversation.  People would listen to my wife and I, way better than the dialogue on TV serials.  For example, a few moments ago, I was helping her do some minor task, and failed:

Wife : No, you had to do it <this other way>.

Me : Well, you should have told me.

Wife : I  thought it was obvious.  How could you have not seen that?

Me : Well, I did not see that, so obviously it wasn’t obvious.  Your mistake, what are you blaming me for?*

—————————— What do you think? People listen to their kids in a playground, this is better than that.

Analysis of the psychology and motivations of types of groupies, genuine appreciators of an art vs mere synchophant suck-up.  Application to news media and their enthusiasms.

I just realized the import of having the preachers and teachers and political leaders take over the job of distributing the good cheap drug, and probably raising it.  The fact that there are still the ‘illegal’ dealers puts the whole system in a dynamic balance.  Legitimate leaders have conflicting motives of income and stable communities.  But they can’t get too hard in their control because the other guys competing.  That could be a tradition. Medicine men were the dope dealers in the old days.  We definitely did a bad thing pushing drugs out of the legal system.  OTOH, I can’t believe the medical or purely commercial model is right, either.

Youtube safety training videos showing step by step what not to do, e.g. making a claymore-equivalent.  Very dangerous AND illegal, do not do this.  The narrator, if identifiable in any way, certainly should not EVER have seen or touched any of the components, and should have no knowledge of the source of the photos and videos showing what not to do.  Generators of ideas should have nothing to do with their execution, basic security.  Status Quo, are you listening?  Do not start a war with citizens, we will all lose a great deal of wealth, and you can’t hire enough police or military to protect infrastructure, nor enough guards to prevent sabotage that shuts down the economy.  You will look very dumb from day 0.  So now is the time for political opposition to push.

I always knew we were special people, programmers and EEs. (EEs write code to define hardware. It is all bits created by code through tools, different languages.)


*As an honestly honest member of the Honest Party, I warn you that light touches of humanity are a dynamite way of selling people on your ideas, the essence of propaganda. Our MSM TV and news people are devastatingly more powerful than Joseph Goebbels because they have personality on air.  Why do you think we graduated from the austere E. R. Morrow and Walter Cronkeit to the in-your-face personnas on radio and TV now?  The news with a personal slant from everyone? It is more effective in setting agendas and thus defining channels of thought for public opinions to flow along.

Don’t trust people with personality.  Hard-ass intellects with very conservative epistemology and logic, mentats coldly analytical, are easier to keep an eye on, you never feel any empathy for them, don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt. The dangerous man is the one using charm to get inside your defenses, pushing propaganda deep into your unsuspecting mind.

I will try harder to live up to that standard.

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