Limits to Control

This doesn’t have a point, quite, and I can’t decide if that is good or bad.  You should not read this if you expect a blog post to be a clear and concise delineation of a problem in the world, then point out the essence of the issue from a completely new understanding based on the writer’s vast experience, erudition and insight, and finally quickly lay out the obvious solution.  Leaving it to the politicians to write the proper law, and on to the next problem.

Wish I could, you can get paid for that.  But, this is me meandering through a complex world, and I don’t think it is possible to do that elegant job for much of reality, as I understand it.

Anyone wishing to indulge in shaudenfreude will have many opportunities as gold approaches $100M/oz.

I confidently predict that, tho not a particular century, because the definition of $ is not tied to any physical reality, yet the ounce of gold is firmly so.  The worth of a dollar is partially a social agreement, and thus more malleable even than gold, and the higher volatility in one vs the other will eventually make my prediction true. Random walk is a lot more predictable than it sounds, over time.

The point is that a home in Vancouver just brought $1M over the asking price, so weak is the dollar that nobody can be confident that $100M/oz gold is not realistic.  The world’s responses, economic, social and political, to high rates of inflation are being tested again.

This at the same point that many political limits are being tested.  One very large limit is the intelligence war that has been waged, Israeli-Neocon against the world.

I am having a hard time wrapping concepts around the consolidated power I see being applied.  The Israeli-Neocons are combination of independent right-wing political party, deep state, mafia and business alliance.  It has oligarchs in various combination on different back-channel threads into many of the world’s institutions via advisors and employees.  We can argue about the relative strength and importance of those relative to many other forces in society, but not about their existence.  We can argue about the deep causes, the amount of conspiracy and forethought vs opportunitism, of guided evolution using the power of blackmail, conspiracy and control of the Zeitgeist vs Zeitgeist coordinating interests, but not about the trends that produced those combined forces nor the profits they produced for themselves.

However all of this comes about : In this universe, for all political positions, the only conceivable acceptable model of government is “Pass a law, make the world a better place”. Likewise, the dynamics that result from that understanding are are a continuous increase in centralized power.

Every time a new law is passed, power passes to the detection and enforcement and judgement side of society.  At some point, there are so many laws that conflict with each other and any rational reality that those detection and enforcement mechanisms are afforded some leeway in enforcement.  That further enhances their power, as does the increases in necessary secrecy.  Presto, you have a corrupt society, tho it may be some years before many are cynical enough to acknowledge the situation.

I believe, as the Generalissimo’s research assistant, that all that is the direct result of ‘human nature’, that is, the natures of all living humans who have been brought up under the circumstances and in the societies and cultures that they were.

I hope that made it clear that we have a considerable range of ‘human natures’ in the world.  Beyond that, a vast range of experiences, knowledges, expertises. And so rarely in the same person.  I would trust the Dali Lama’s benevolence, but not without further investigation, his economic expertise.

If you accept those assertions, that humans have a range of natures and that our modern ranges are generally excellent for continuous person-to-person contacts, however different their cultures, and that humans have vast differences their capabilities for dealing with different aspects of our civilization, we have limited the range of possible solutions to the problems facing our civilization.

But so much worse, we have limited the range of solutions we can consider.  I believe that was the first reply I had ever gotten to any email that mentioned 9/11. That is just the best-known example of the many issues in our world that can’t be discussed.  The failure of the primary and secondary education systems is another, the fact that university professors and administrators are getting wealthy on the backs of aspiring young formerly-middle-class citizens, …

This society has blinded itself.  It can’t produce a coffee maker and information system that rewards excellence in coffee makers.  If not that, nor accurate estimates of the reality of unambigious physics, how can we expect it to write 2000-page banking laws that work for the common good?

This is hardly the first time civilization has gone through this cycle of over-reach of the ruling class that finally replaces them, tho at great cost to all. The Libertarians are not the first minor party to sell out to the Establishment.

The example of wargames as experimental history can be interpreted as societies that could not think outside of the boxes, and  still can’t.  Some of that is always real logistics, the need to feed your population.But also, such hubris.  When have humans ever controlled complex systems from the center?  All empires are successful in their early days of overthrowing corrupt leaders.  Then they become the corrupt leaders to be overthrown.

The best simulations of the world seem to be hard to keep in balance.  The world itself, obviously, is not being managed in a way that produces either balance or as much common good as seems feasible, even easy, if we could move the political systems out of the way.

Political systems are using their great knowledge of how to manipulate political opinions within that range of understandings and natures.  Humans by nature are too trusting, think too poorly, and so are easily manipulated, mostly by abusing those so as to make some people’s nature too untrusting about ‘others’, and therefore closing off opportunities, hurting everyone’s futures.  All advances in civilization to date have resulted from merging peoples and cultures and markets.

That is the chicken and egg problem.

On the other hand, people are catching on due to the Internet. That seems to be happening rapidly, although also with a very wide range of understandings and knowledges and outrages.  The relative rates of closing the political system vs people deciding it has long been charade is the race.

Exciting times.

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