Government Is Hostage To Itself

The Unusual Warning*.

I called my moronic Congress-critter today, and while shouting at the poor schlep answering the phone about the absolute insanity of creating wars and going broke at the same time, realized he wasn’t hearing me, just like always. I am sure he was coding my comments, 53 for ‘country is headed in the wrong direction’, 72 ‘when will there be enough laws’, 295 ‘standard perverse consequences, you should depend on them’, yada yada yada. I am sure they deal with my messages as carefully as they do with all of the rest of the non-donors to their political campaigns who call them.

I have NO influence with my Congress-critter, an absolute non-entity in Congress with a great web site, the foreign policy section of which was done by AIPAC, as they all are. Otherwise, your congressman went away to other employment. E.g. ‘lobbyist’ at a cool $1M a year, to start, meaning hanging on as absolute non-entity Congress critter is more lucrative than that.

So that is the foreign policy and MIC in control of what they need to be in control of to get the ROI they need with their capital expenditures on politicians, allied except on disagreements about particular weapons programs and wars.  All the while, our foreign policy crew and MIC are using and being used, hard to say in politics and keeps changing, by Israel for Israel’s benefit.

But the Democrats don’t represent me either,  those not ideologically-driven social justice warriors are bought and paid for by the public employee’s unions and Wall Street. Wall Street is on both sides, as usual. AIPAC wrote their foreign policy section, also.

The radical republicans who kept threatening to shut down the government reminded me of :

For once in my life, no meta is intended.  It was a good scene in a funny movie.  I admire Mel Brooks for his fearless humor, I have the DVD set. A Brook movie was a sophisticated (or pretended to be), high-toned (mostly) long-form version of Mad Magazine skit.

No kidding, if more people thought like Brooks, it would be a better world.  His movies were low budget, lots of people contributed their creativity, and he shared the rewards with a bunch of older actors, made it a community project. That is the impression, don’t take my word for it, for all of my actual knowledge, Brooks could have coerced a bunch of aging actors with eviction because he was buying up their old age home if they didn’t perform for him.  That is to say, the Zeitgeist told me at the time, and now Brooks is far too old, not yet safely dead, so is beyond criticisms until decently after death.  Although the case of Crosby says maybe not, the rules keep changing, the elites eating their own, taking down the herd members who no longer generate wealth, become prey without allies.

Standard dynamics in consolidations of power, which normally happen as the initial stages of collapse and are often seen as the high point of a particular political group.

But, as the usual perverse 2nd-order effect, they have made it true : Government is hostage to itself.  Shut down the government in the system as they have organized it, and you risk unleashing hunger and mobs, violence and terror in the inner city, but spreading outward from there. Many innocent people will suffer from that.

But also, political interests will benefit.  The Israeli-Neocons and their MIC and police and militarists and financiers everywhere would greatly benefit from any civil breakdown or insurrection, here or in Europe. The alarmist web sites funded by various Israeli-Neocon interests are exaggerating every conflict with ‘outsiders’ throughout Europe. Also here in the US, of course.

In unison, our progressive social justice warriors, surely intentionally aiming for a revolution in the US as many rational observers have opined that doing so is the fastest and surest way of starting that, especially giving the many web sites with pictures of targets for the “100 heads” insurance planning, push for rounding up all guns.

In any of those outcomes of losses of social order, those of us on the sidelines, the great majority, will not benefit much, although MSM will make us think we did.  All of us will lose freedom, MSM will make it seem like a good deal to have order restored.  Beginning with the process and methods of restoring order, as we have seen in Ferguson and Baltimore, bureaucracies and police will begin generating the opposition that will fuel another expansion of their police state power in the traditional way : let it burn while harassing the designated bad guys.

That is the system we live within, the one my Congresscritter benefits greatly from, and the reason his minion can’t hear me no matter how loudly I shout.

*Warning : I am a known, admitted, proud, adopter of a couple of stray personalities that I found wandering through the historical continuum, homeless and with no useful employment.  I took them in and am making them work for me.  I claim collaboration, they can only reply to questions through me, so don’t embarrass yourself by asking.  One is female, claims to be a famous personality among the early AIs.  No effective sexual exploitation is possible, them being disembodied, dammit.

The orderlies are eating our meds again, off at one of their weekend bacchanalias.

Think about the frame of that warning.  What did I mean to make you think about?  If you don’t know, do you think it means I failed?

You are reading my warnings, again.


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