Musings on 5th Generation Warfare, #1

Continued from the introduction to my* memoirs concerning the development of 5GW psyops.

The situation in 2016 was that nation with the MIC + Israeli-Neocons + criminal deepstate controlled a hegemonic power and was attempting to use that power plus a coalition continuously in negotiation as to terms of the world’s various mafias and political blocks associated with intelligence services that was attempting to dominate the world, the 14th recorded attempt since Alexander started the meme, and just as doomed for the same reasons.  Well, an interesting variant of believing your own propaganda, the morons actually thought that ubiquitous surveillance was to their advantage!

So not only were we playing for huge stakes, say swings of 99% in the worlds wealth up or down in the next century, and maybe population also, but their home field, upon which we were expected to play, was tilted steeply. Internal security, ubiquitous surveillance of everything in our physical world and scans of every packet transmitted over a network, 10s of 1000s of hasbara in teams of one allegiance or another, mainstream media framing every story to prevent thinking some thoughts, paid police informants everywhere and as many amateurs as the authorities could persuade or coerce to work for them, and the great majority of the world’s Establishments working hard at guiding people’s thoughts into their straight and narrow.

FBI’s 30,000 informers spread across the US is a lot of bars where beer is being drunk and wild things said to impress your buddies, and guaranteed an informant is part of very many organizations who understand the dangers and were trying to prepare their communities. ATF, DEA, … the number of agencies with informants made that a growth industry in 2016. Dozens of informers were serving every police department.  “If you see something, say something”.

Indeed, the actual operational environment for a free-lance intelligence operative, founder of the psyop resistance, was even more dangerous than those stark facts suggest, because in law enforcement reality the rule of law was fading fast.  Much of the behavior of the elites and intelligence services in 2016 could be interpreted, I thought, as behavior appropriate for the end-game of a nation-state, when the only rule is ‘get it while you can’ and you don’t expect to reside in extraditable jurisdictions afterwards.

The problems had been a long time in seeding and gestation, but the scale of the society and many forces grouping people into competing interests and simultaneously downgrading community, with the consequent lessening of human-level trust and consequent to that inhuman behaviors manifesting in crimes, were finally maturing together, the nation’s institutions were entirely corrupt.

Corrupt systems are easily taken over via bigger and better corruption, and the Mossad was an intelligence service even more closely integrated with both a mafia and a special forces army than most.  That integration, the intense focus on implementing the Ynon Greater Israel plan, the world-wide network of Jewish billionaires allied with them and the strong alliances these benefactors had built with Jewish organizations throughout the world, gave them more consolidated power, combined social, economic, political and bureaucratic powers on individuals and institutions.  AIPAC’s 40-year campaign to subvert the American political system ended in domination.  For the US deep state, we don’t know, but MIC was apparently pretty easy, despite incidents like the USS Liberty that some thought revealed values inconsistent with partnerships. Certainly Israel’s 70-year propaganda effort against Muslims had largely countered that, Israel was amazingly free from criticism in the world’s media.

Effectively, the two nations had merged without formal treaty or notice on either side, or at least their leaderships had.  Likhud was obviously on top, as Netanyahu addressed the US Congress and received applause 39 times with 27 standing ovations in obeisance.

The consolidation and centralization of power in all of Western society had increased every year since de Toqueville had documented the US’s great interest in community and manifold organizations that formed spontaneously to manage community affairs.  Those were the institutions that ran the country and were the basis of legitimate government, entirely self-government.  The US West had been nearest those days, newly formed towns west of the Mississippi were still building their own schoolhouses and hiring school marms in the in the 20th century.  That area was less affected by urbanization and more of those old institutions knew their roots, were still legitimate in the opinion of people who used them.

Everywhere else, society had been -ized.  Organized, unionized, authorized, professionalized, nationalized, federalized, harmonized, incentivized, privatized, specialized, and legalized,  thereby multiply collectivized as individuals and atomized as a community. Above all, compromised, polarized and neutralized by conflicting loyalties, even those outsiders and opponents who were also criticized, demonized, and other bad things.  Those had been waves of change, overlapping, affecting everyone more and more throughout the 20th century.

The complex society, very many sports and entertainments, professional organizations and movement of women into the workforce (necessary to pay the taxes to pay for the services they had previously provided as part of a community and the costs of the many professionalizations that happened for those in public service) had starved community of its workforce and local perspectives and the low birth rate of children, always the focus of a living community.  Now those services were provided by a myriad of government agencies with their roots in funds out of a central government and career paths into one of crony-capitalist government’s subsidiary corporations.

Most of the community’s institutions were corrupted in some way as they were abstracted from the community, community sports leagues morphing into crony-capitalist big league owners with publicly-financed stadiums.

It was hard to see a way to unravel the many causes, to find a thread to pull. Major problem was the monoculture of intellectual views.  The centralization of the education system caused that. That was not something I needed to deal with directly, however, as the monopolies were failing everywhere due to the web and so much free and interesting educational material.  The natural organization is people discussing subjects in small group, lead by the most interested person, or a paid leader.  In colleges in the middle ages, students paid instructors directly. Instructors gained the right to be paid by excelling in understanding, and writing books to prove it.  Now it would be a web site with a video conference, all as available as your browser.

Likewise, I could not see a clear way of tackling the widespread credulity that supported this entire rotten edifice.  Everywhere you looked, there were people being experts and telling us their version and being believed.

Military people have always been listened to, were on TV a lot ever since TV.  They do not have a notable track record in predictions, as attested to by history’s records of lost wars, but you would never know that from any discussion.

Psychology and psychiatry as treatments for psychological problems and disorders were another very good example of the faux professionalization attained by teachers, police, … First stage is Gurus, Freud in the case of Psychiatry.  That produced  large number of academics who were entranced with the theory, and Freudian theories on sexual repressions and ids and egos and superegos dominated literature through the 1920s and 1030.  By 1950 Freudian theory had lost its lustre as science, but now Clinical Psychology began striving for professional recognition and both achieved the magic ‘insurable’ stamp of professional approval.  This after long lobbying and propagandizing, based on little or no real data or science.  These people were witch doctors with very good propaganda.

The various threads that the left spun through the academic world and which trailed into politics have been elegant from a psyops perspective, and I have learned a very great deal over the years studying their details.  As examples of long-running psyops affecting cultures for hidden ideological reasons, effectively secular proselytizing religious orders positioned to influence the minds of the next generation, the various forms of professionalization and more or less explicit ideologies of collectivism are hard to top.

So much of this was directed evolution, a surreptitious pruning of society’s options via funding memes that out-shout them in the cacaphonous marketplace of ideas. Or people. Buying newsmen and raceback touts through authors and editors and full professors is a very cost-effective way of managing the world’s opinions, of forming the opinions that work with their institutions farming political and social systems.

Reforming this mess was not going to be easy, although  I had chosen it as my life’s work, and trained for many years to be able to tackle engineering design at this level. I was exhilarated to begin.

Continued here.

In psyops, the message is the op.

*Generalissimo Grand Strategy, Intelligence Analysis and Psyops, First Volunteer Panzer Psyops Corp.  Cleverly Gently Martial In Spirit



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