Seismic Soundings Of The Deep State Through Stone Walls

It seems to me that more and more of the ‘news’ is generated, does not arise from normal community or individuals. Also, that more and more of the government’s arguments reduce to “trust us, we are screwups, it isn’t intentional”.

This and the many followons published by Gatestone Institute have to be managed news. Sara said that she and her friend decided to seek safety outside the station with police officers, who were themselves helpless. “I never experienced that a policeman says, ‘I would love to help you, but I can’t.’ That was really the worst,” she said. “Who should I turn to as a woman? What should I do?”

?Helpless policemen.  Were their radios off?  Did they have no cell phones? Surely Germany has backup on backup for emergency situations?

Stinks to high heavens.  Managed news.  Stage manage the events making up the news.

Another version of what they did in the Ukraine, manufacturing the anti-gov opposition and $5B in development funds, paying their local agent provacateurs.  There were a bunch of NGOs involved, encouraging democracy left and right.

This was easier.  We would be naive to think otherwise.  You cannot be too cynical in these evaluations, even if the stage management wasn’t so visible at every stage, the tweets directing the refugees and the threats of enscription and loss of income driving the men out of all the ISIS areas.

Keep in mind, ISIS is our guys.  We pay them.  We supply them weapons.  We call them whatever new name they need this week, but the same guys with the same controlling groups over a long time.

And that is what they don’t want you to remember, pay attention to, interpret the rest of the world in the context of.

I remind you all of the times we folks who think about trends and sequences and precedents have been correct in our cynicism.  We didn’t win in Iraq.  We didn’t win in Afghanistan.  The wars are expanding.  The ME is truely fubared.

We just weren’t cynical enough to understand that was the goal, nor that we citizens no longer had any power over our government.

That is what 9/11 proves.  The power of the deep state to guide political opinion, the experience and confidence to run those risks, to coordinate national governments in complex operations and prevent political repercussions.

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