Elites Can’t Trust Each Other

The standard failure of elites is when they stop believing in themselves because they can’t trust each other.

In the early days of any new group, young and full of ideals, the early jockeying for power still decided by words and eloquence as well as economic interest, things get done because the goals are shared.  In the late stages of empire, cascades of failure clear, the same group are now divided by different interests and rivalries arisen from streams of program’s revenues and changes justifying larger political efforts.  As the rivalries increase, the can reach to the level of ‘policy coup’ to quote the immortal description of General Wesley Clark for an event that killed 3000 people who assumed they were under US protection and missed all of the 4000 people who were in fact under Israel’s protection at the time.  In fact, signs in the stairwell were ‘Return to your offices, the situation is under control’ as guide to those who assumed they were under the protection of the US government.

Most people can’t talk about it, too sensitive and no upside.  But it doesn’t mean they like it, nor that they fail to understand the implications.  Bloggers discuss those, and we are having an effect.

To me, the whole story of how House of Cards got made was the new strivers turning on the sins of the older generations, digital elites blatantly making their names and first real wealth trashing the reputations of their just-recently-successful oligarchs such as Hillary Clinton.  As I saw that wave of NetFlix and other independent producers roll by I commented that I thought it was the end of her style of politics.

So of course the Status Quo of the political world, the wise, or at least rich, men of the two parties, try very hard to prevent any deviation from the orthodoxy that funds their political habits. AIPAC, more laws and prisons, more wars and ways of killing from afar. Every candidate that they judged ‘acceptable’ competed for the highest scores with AIPAC and the sure-to-follow bankster, deep state funds and MSM support.

How can these things be good for  Jews?, I have been asking myself since I became politically aware. (Sadly, not before I began having political opinions.  Wisdom, comes slowly.) And they are not good for Jews, nor for Americans, much less anyone else on the planet.  How can war and killing be thought good? Good for whom?  But never discussed.

The artists are always the early signals.  You can have 100s of Mearsheimer and Walts publishing and make no progress against the consolidated power of the Status Quo guiding the momentum of ecosystems fueled by massive spending programs. Or perhaps only no progress that shows up in the questions in polls carefully designed to find what was needed for the next political move by one mafia or another.

House of Cards was one of the cultural artifacts of the early loss of the US ruling elite’s ability to justify itself.  Smart people grasping how to profit from the public’s growing disenchantment, they signaled the opportunity for Trump and Sanders long before the political system allowed itself to notice.

And after 4 years of episodes, every one of which generated lunchroom conversations of politically-aware people “wow, can you believe those people? Is there nothing they won’t do for more power?” and mappings from the episodes into the news before them, US political opinion is much different than when Obama came to office.  The cynicism of the American people grew monthly, and the answers from the elites for the increasing problems of failing wars, failing economies and rampant corruption were not satisfying.

House of cards and Claire and Henry Underwood became common references in many kinds of blogs for many topics.

I don’t watch much of that kind of stuff, my wife talks me into one every other year.  I lasted 2 years on the Underwoods.  I predict there will now be many shows echoing the themes in state houses and precincts and FBI units and counter-terrorism squads and DEA units.  This will be a new trend, and I shall now think about how to make it a psyop.

You know, the Chinese were right.  Curses are exciting.

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